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Letters to the Editor, July 21-23, 2010


Regarding Robert Avery’s letter in the 7/17 Record, health care for Americans has been long, long overdue. It’s pretty obvious there will not be total agreement on pro-life versus pro-choice anytime soon. To accuse President Obama of dishonesty sounds like the usual political sour grapes, especially when you consider the dishonesty of the previous administration.

Jim Miller

Park City

Treatment of soldier was appalling


As a former 20-year resident of Park City I have never been so upset by anything I have read in the paper as I was by the guest editorial written by Carla Metzger from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. To think that in today’s world a soldier and his family would be met by silence and boos in a 4th of July parade is appalling. My husband met with the same greetings coming home from Vietnam, but I had thought that this country had gotten beyond those feelings toward the brave men and women who give their all for all of us!

I hope that the people who participated in those actions are ashamed of themselves. They have left a terrible representation of Park City in the hearts of a brave family who should have had a standing ovation as they passed. Only by their sacrifice do those ignorant fools have the ability to act as they did. I for one salute them, and wish their husband/father all the best on his next deployment. I thank them for their service and sacrifice, for the whole family serves with their warrior. I only wish that I wasn’t ashamed of the Parkites that mistreated them. Kind of makes me glad that I no longer live in a town that would harbor such ignorant and vicious residents.

Carol Shackelford

Thayne, Wyo.

The Claimjumper was our ‘Cheers’


Thank you, CJ and Kranny, for saving our Jumper sign. There are not many left that know the story behind our beloved Claimjumper. Most think of it as a vacant building that has become an eyesore. For a handful left in Park City, it was a place we called home for so many years. It was our "Cheers."

Sorry to those who missed out. You will never know what you missed. And aren’t we the lucky ones that were there!

Oh, by the way, I am writing my book. Remember when I said, "I could write a book, but I would have to leave town." Guess what?

Debbie Hansen

Reno, Nev.

Kindness to cat won’t be forgotten


To the kind woman who stopped to help our kitty on Mellow Mountain Road:

We didn’t have a chance to thank you for stopping. Unfortunately, Rikki didn’t make it, but we will always remember your kindness and be grateful for your willingness to help.

Pete and Mary Larsen

Park City

Obama is entitled to our respect


Neither of us has ever written a letter to an editor before, but we feel that a response to Robert Avery’s letter is required. We question the judgment of an editor of a local newspaper in publishing Robert Avery’s letter dealing with national issues and which libels the President of the United States.

The recently enacted health care law is not "Obama Care." The law was enacted in part to remedy a situation where many Americans who did not have access to health insurance died or became impoverished when they or a loved one became ill. It does not speak well for those of us who have coverage to ignore the less fortunate.

I know that many people hate President Obama either because he is a Democrat or black or both. We are neither. We may not agree with all of his decisions, but he is the President of the United States and is entitled to our respect.

The writer does not tell us which states may be indirectly using federal funds to fund abortions. If his information is correct, these programs are likely to be in violation of the statute or the executive order. We assume that if the states involved are violating the law that appropriate action will be taken. However, this certainly is no basis to defame our President by calling him a liar or accusing him of failing to uphold the law.

Richard and Jean Rapoport

Park City

Park is a disaster waiting to happen


I am writing in regards to the Park City Dirt Jump Park. I ride by this park at least 3 to 4 times a week and, as an insurance professional, all I see is a disaster waiting to happen. An open manhole, a broken piece of wood with sharp edges, sharp rocks scattered through out the park. All it takes is one overenthusiastic jumper or a simple fall by a participant and you could not only have a serious injury, but a lawsuit against the city for negligence.

Where is the city’s loss control? These hazards have been there for a long time. I am appalled that such blatant oversight is permitted. Then what about the insurance provider? Have they not inspected this? Our tax dollars not at work!

This is a great park for kids to have fun at and I am all for it. But it should be made safe. Clear those sharp rocks, get rid of that stake and cover up that manhole with dirt or a protective covering.

Like the old saying goes, "It is better to be safe than sorry."

Bill Simons

Park City

Hike put the fun back in fundraising


On Sunday, July 18th, I was fortunate to participate in a wildflower hike at The Colony with about 40 of its residents. We hiked the Mid-Mountain Trail from the Colony to the Lookout Restaurant at The Canyons where we were treated to a spectacular afternoon feast. After a little socializing we hiked back to The Colony. There is no doubt that an outing like this is the way to put the "fun" back into fundraising.

Many thanks to both The Colony and The Canyons for hosting this 2nd Annual "Hikes of Park City" for the benefit of the Mountain Trails Foundation. Your generous support and energy are truly appreciated!

Charlie Sturgis

Executive director

Mountain Trails Foundation

Participants make Silly Market special


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of our community who have come out to enjoy the Park Silly Sunday Market in the first few weeks with us. Whether you have volunteered, shopped, dined, danced, performed or sold your goods, you have made this event the special community gathering that it is. We would especially like to thank our fabulous, outstanding, silly volunteers. We could not do it without you, and so appreciate you coming out every week to assist us in our silliness. If anyone is interested in volunteering, we would love to add to our silly family.

If you have not made it out yet, there are still another 9 weeks and we look forward to sharing new art, music, and entertainment with you each week. Thank you again and we hope to keep seeing you on Sundays where the beer is flowing, the kids are bouncing, the music is rocking and friends are laughing!

Jaimie Atlas and Becca Gerber

Park Silly Sunday Market

Soldier deserves a thousand apologies


I was upset to read the Guest Editorial by Carla Metzger in the July 17 edition of The Park Record. I only wish I had been at the parade and close by the people who were so rude to her family and to the services her husband represented when he wore his uniform. This is the second time in twelve years of living in Park City that I have written to this paper, but I hope that The Park Record receives, and publishes, one thousand letters from this community expressing their dismay and apologies to Mrs. Metzger, her husband, their daughter and indeed the armed services of this country.

Think what you will about any war which has been prosecuted by the United States of America. The men and women of the armed services have always put their lives in harm’s way upon the orders of their political masters. And indeed, there would be no Fourth of July, no silly parade floats, no fireworks, without the Continental Army and the men who were prepared to fight and die to establish this nation.

Dear Mrs Metzger: Please tell your daughter not to worry. She is already wiser and stronger and more important to this nation than the few uncivil people she passed, proudly by her father’s side.

Eleanor K Kelly

Park City

People, businesses are the real treasure


Susan and Jerry Giloman created a special evening when Mary Beth returned in triumph to the Riverhouse. Many longtime and new residents came together to enjoy delicious food and an evening of entertainment with Mary Beth.

After a ten-year hiatus and many accomplishments, Mary Beth returned home and created an evening of inspiration. The stories she and Jerry told describing the start of their relationship, and how Mary Beth’s success grew in part because of the opportunity she was given, helped underscore the important role members of our community play.

We often take for granted the opportunities our outstanding local businesses provide and the talent Park City holds. Both the Riverhorse and Mary Beth are local treasures that help to make Park City sparkle. I thank them for all they do in our community and the many lives they touch.

Jane Campbell

Park City

Fourth of July was a delightful day


Thank you to all in Park City who made July 4th such a special event. The parade was exciting, the "party at the park" was fun and busy, and the mood was cheery.

What a delightful day for a very large number of people. The many volunteers, both Ambassadors and non-Ambassadors, and those who worked on making the parade interesting and musical helped to make this another stellar 4th of July for both Park City residents and the many, many visitors who came for the weekend or the day.

And thanks to the honest people at the park, lost cell phones and wallets were returned to their owners. Amazing in this day and time.

Lynn Badler

Ambassador volunteer coordinator

Fourth of July event

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