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Letters to the Editor, July 21-24, 2012

Thanks to eagle-eyed Parrott who found wallet


I want to thank Richard Parrott, who is a driver for the Park City Transit, for rescuing my wallet that was lying in the middle of the street in Kimball Junction last Thursday morning. He was driving one of the buses and, instead of just continuing on his route, he stopped his bus and picked up my wallet and turned it in to the transit’s lost and found. My wallet and I were reunited the following day: cash, cards and all. (Apparently, I forgot to take it off the roof of my car before I drove away from Park City Coffee Roasters.)

I cannot express how grateful I am to him for taking a moment out of his busy schedule to be the Good Samaritan.

Thank you, Richard!

Sharka Fabian

Heber City

Six weeks of recycling all went in the trash


I am livid at the cavalier attitude of Allied Waste concerning tossing all of the first two weeks’ recycling in the landfill. Why didn’t they announce beforehand that those weeks would be a "grace period"?

I let my contract with Curb It Recycling expire the first of May and stored all my recycling in my garage for six weeks waiting for the countywide program to go into effect. Then I carefully packed it all into the designated recycling container, only to learn that it had all been trashed. If I had known their plan I would have held it back another two weeks.

The county should fine Allied Waste and the fine money should go to support Recycle Utah. If Allied doesn’t clean up their act literally soon, then I think their contract should be terminated and the county should hire Curb It Recycling to do the job. I used them for a few years and thought they did a consistent and commendable job.

Janis Chudleigh

Park City

Don’t take out your frustration on collectors


On the third week of the new trash pick-up system here in town I have been amazed by my neighbors. Having read the rants in the past editions directed towards Allied Waste, you’d think that by now the residents of Park City would have figured out that our cans have been switched and that recycling will be picked up every other week.

As simple as that would be, so many people have either refused to acknowledge that there has been a change to how trash and recycling is being collected or are staging their own form of protest by setting out a hodge-podge in front of their homes. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out, but until it is evident that the residents can get it straight, we can expect that all of the recycling is being contaminated and will continue to go to the landfill.

Please take the time (1 minute at most) to review what cans to use and when your recycle pickup day will be and see if you can form a new routine on your trash day and please try to refrain from taking out your frustration on the collectors themselves. They can see better than you just how poorly people are adjusting to this change.

Thank you,

Bret Anderson

Park City

Allied made best move under circumstances


I just wanted to address the letters that Mr. Saurer and Mr. Eckels wrote in this past Wednesday’s paper.

I read their letters and was a bit shocked at how quickly they were to criticize Allied Recycling. I, however, saw this event from a totally different perspective. I felt as though Allied did a great job in notifying its customers regarding the new cans and the cans that were going to be swapped around.

I live in Willow Creek, and in our neighborhood, we changed our recycling can to garbage and the garbage can to recycling. The packet that was received in the mail was very precise in the instructions. However, as I walked through the neighborhood on our regular garbage day, there were only a handful of people who followed the simple instructions. Many of the cans were left unmarked and in some cases the new labels were switched around. I wondered what the poor sanitation drivers were going to do.

I think Allied made the best decision they could considering the circumstances, although it just about killed me because I am an avid proponent of recycling. No matter how you look at it, it was just not possible to get out and check all of the cans. If our "recycling" ended up in the landfill, or cans sat unemptied curbside because they were not labeled correctly, I see it as no fault of Allied. It is instead the fault of those who made the age-old mistake of just simply not following instructions! Don’t be so quick to blame the "big guy." Take responsibility for yourself and move on, and maybe next time you’ll read the instructions!

As for Allied, thank you for providing us with your convenient curbside recycling service. You do a great job!

Thank you for your time, and take time to recycle!

Trudy Cohen

Park City

Organizing trash is not that complicated


So we have our new trash bins and the old large ones are meant for recycling. I just want to say that it is not difficult. My trash bin was only half full this past week. I have a family of five and this is what I do: reduce, reuse, recycle.

1. I watch what I buy. No drinks packaged in plastic. Our home water is filtered and that tastes fine. We try to eat real food and little prepackaged stuff. Drink mixes are good. Never accept water in plastic bottles from your friends and business associates.

2. Use your imagination. I save large plastic containers to store leftovers. You can also use them to store nails, screws, and other workbench items. Fill plastic containers with the excess water that normally goes down the drain and water plants. Use your plastic grocery bags for bathroom waste bins, lunch bags, etc. or food storage. Better yet, take your own bag to the grocery store.

3. Recycle what you can. Never throw away an aluminum can. Every new can produced is created from large quantities of bauxite, which is probably negatively affecting a person living in a third-world country. Save some trees. Water your lawn less and put grass clippings in the back corner of your yard. Use for mulch in the fall.

Thank you, Summit County, for our recycling program. Thank you to the Recycling Center for taking everything the county does not accept. I will donate and bring my metals and profitable recycle items to you so that you can continue to exist.

Kristin Egan

Park City

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