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Letters to the Editor, July 27-29, 2011

Let's try minding our own business


During this "Season of Civility," I encourage you to try minding your own business. If you really think about it, most of what we get upset about is none of our business and we can’t change it anyway. Getting upset about the little things we cannot change and that will not change only leads to personal anger, rage and a really bad day. How much pain do we cause ourselves by minding "their" business? We let ourselves be miserable over things they are doing. That’s why I am trying to mind my own business.

Here’s an example: I was driving in my car and came to a four- way stop. Another driver pulled up after me, slowed a bit, then gunned it through the intersection, cutting me off as he made a left turn in front of me. Feeling the anger bubble up from within, I felt the urge to say my favorite expletive as he sped past. What I really wanted was for that driver to change, to obey the rules, to respect that I was there first, but the only thing that I could really do was change the way I experienced the situation.

While it was true that I got to the stop first, was it really worth making myself miserable over the actions of another? Instead, I decided to mind my own business. I found something good in that person: "I liked the color of his car" and "he had really awesome sunglasses."

It’s the same with most things. As we let go of things that we cannot change and mind our own business, we start to feel the weight lift. We can only change ourselves, from within, by listening to our thoughts and not attaching negative feeling to them.

Make a decision to let it go. Start to question your thinking, because that is the only thing you can change.

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Civility — THINK about it

Colin DeFord

Leadership Park City Class 17

The lighter side of redistricting


We call on fellow Parkites to fully support Senator Waddoups’ redistricting plans. We rather like our county being divided into three districts and are very excited to share our voting privilege with others in faraway lands.

Jodi gets to vote with Vernal while I, on the other side of the bed (king size, of course), exercise my franchise with friends in Logan.

Shame to Messrs. Glasheen and Wright, our Republican and Democrat party chairmen, who oppose our disenfranchisement. They are sissies. We ask only a few minor changes:

First, you have included us with Catholics. We assume this oversight inadvertent. We are not Papist.

Second, there are gays in our district (can we say that word in print?). Again, an accident we are sure. A little quick work will remedy the missive.

Finally, a few individuals belong in no district. We suggest an at-large area, much like purgatory. This might include such vile and un-ladylike people as Dana "Hussain" Williams and Liza the Simpson. Mr. Butwinski is also a candidate for this district. Individuals with anatomical parts in their name can hardly be Christian. Oh my heck, let’s throw Diane Foster in there as well just for giggles and before she tries to better our environment again.

We, like Ms. Hooker (congrats, Julie!), believe civility is key. Just not to the above.

Bob and Jodi Derber

Park Meadows

Summit County shows off its talent


The Park City Summit County Arts Council and the planning committee extend a deeply heartfelt thanks to all our Summit County communities for supporting the second Summit County Arts & Artisan Show and Sale conducted on July 16 in Oakley. We were so proud to help show off Eastern Summit County talent in such a beautiful setting.

We had a total of 30 artists from Oakley, Kamas, Coalville, Marion, Henefer and Park City. A variety of work made up the show: pottery, photography, a children’s book, glass art, jewelry, fabric art and oil, acrylic and watercolor painting. More than 350 people attended the event. Community support made this success possible, and we extend our appreciation.

Rhoda Stauffer

On behalf of the Art Show Planning Committee

A quintessential Park City celebration


On July 15th, we hosted our first free parking-lot concert as part of our Full Moon Concert Series. The event featured the PATWA Reggae Band and benefited The Egyptian Theatre and Mountain Town Music. It was by all counts a quintessential good Park City celebration enjoyed by over 200 kids and adults alike. Food was generously provided by Wahso Asian Grill and Silver Rose Bakery. I would like to thank PATWA, the Riff Raff Band, Randy Barton, Brian Richards, and all the Park City residents and visitors who attended and contributed to such a wonderful evening.

Larry Hart

Owner, Riffs Acoustic Music

Vandalism offset by act of kindness


Six years ago I applied to the state of Utah for a license plate with the word "gay" on it. The state turned me down so I called the ACLU and we won. You all know me and my story. My plates now say GAYSROK. For six years I have just been waiting for my car to be vandalized. Well, tonight (Monday) it was. People spat on it in the indoor, owner parking lot at the Resort Center. But this letter is about the wonderful person who took the time to leave a note under my wiper that read:

"Thank you for not being a bigot like the rest of our state. You rock!"

I would like to thank that person for his/her act of kindness and open-mindedness.

Beano Solomon

Park City