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Letters to the Editor, July 3-6, 2010


There has been much written recently about the defaulting of Premier Resorts (PR), both pro and con. The letter-writing activity began anew on April 27 after The Park Record published an interview with Barbara G. Zimonja, wherein she explained that it was the economic crisis of 2008 that resulted in Premier Resorts’ inability to remain solvent and was consequently forced into bankruptcy. She explained: "The revenues that … [we] were counting on to pay employees and owners … failed to materialize." "This [bankruptcy] destroyed us," said Zimonja. That article prompted over two hundred comments to be posted on the Forum. As a result, Richard Pack, upset at these negative comments, wrote a "Guest Editorial" on May 8 in support of Ms Zimonja. Therein he opined, "That’s not the Barbara I know."

Since Ms. Zimonja was in charge, and she was happy to take credit when PR was growing, it is natural for her to attempt to explain why PR defaulted. However, let us not forget that two other individuals, Bradley T. Goulding and Alan K. Flake, were also "at the helm." Where are these two individuals now?

What about the victims? Many former employees of PR reportedly claim they did not receive compensation owed them. Additionally, many rental property owners reportedly claim that PR still owes them money. Do Flake, Goulding and Zimonja have assets to make restitution? Many believe that the three of them collectively own multiple outrageously expensive properties and even a mega-yacht, which can be used to compensate victims. Why should these three be "sitting in clover" when many hard-working people have claimed to have suffered?

How can justice be served? Let’s give Flake, Goulding and Zimonja their day in court. As "Lets Rally" of Sandy, Utah, wrote in Comment #204 of the Park Record Forum: "Where is the attorney who will lead this charge?" The answer is simple: local attorneys Joe Tesch and Joe Wrona have teamed to do so! If you think that Flake, Goulding and Zimonja have victimized you, and you want them to pay up, and you wish that justice be served, then contact one of these attorneys today. Also, if you think you were criminally victimized, please contact the Park City Police and help them with their investigation. It is time that we band together to let the three of them have their day in court. Only a court can determine what is true. Why wait?

Allan Wegner

Park City

Fletcher family says thanks


On behalf of the Fletcher family — thank you all for the heartfelt support and memories of dad you have shared. It is comforting to know he is holding a special place in so many hearts. Extra big kudos go out to Larry Warren, Kelly Gee and Dana Williams, who helped us remember all the wonderful times Mel had shared with so many friends; to Elk Meadows Assisted Living Staff and Apple Gate Hospice for their loving care of my father; and to Jen Kelly, Gary Yates, Lesley and Mark Burns, for the much needed assistance and emotional support for putting the memorial service together.

Jillbette, Rex and Peggy Fletcher

A great day for the animals


It was a great day for the animals last Saturday with the grand opening of Friends of Animals Utah’s Rescue & Rehab Ranch just outside of Peoa. FOAU would like to thank everyone, both two- and four-legged, who showed up to participate. Several hundred supporters came to tour the new facility and celebrate its opening.

A special and sincere thank you to all of the volunteers who helped get the building ready for the opening along with parking, cleanup, and acting as FOAU ambassadors the day of the event. All of the volunteers who help with events, the animals, fostering, Furburbia, fundraising and many other tasks are what makes our work to save the animals possible. FOAU is fortunate to have had continued support from the local community — individuals, businesses and other organizations for the past 20 years. Together, we continue to work toward the goal where there will be no more homeless pets.

Charlene Brewster

Friends of Animals Utah

Ranch Committee Chairperson

Does Silly Market favor restaurants?


Several weeks ago I submitted a letter regarding undisclosed changes regarding vendors at the Silly Market. That letter is unanswered and I ask the same question again:

What is the specific agreement between City Hall, Main Street Business Alliance, and Silly Market?

It is my understanding that longtime vendors are being eschewed in favor of Main Street restaurants. I would like clarification on the subject as every single major market in the country has a collection of food vendors who are NOT restaurants, who offer food with a flair, and are not simply an extension of the overpriced options already available in the area.

Thank you,

John Anderson

Park City

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