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Letters to the Editor, July 7-10, 2012

Canyons comes through for People's Clinic


The brainchild of Canyons leadership once again provided a boost to an organization that provides medical care to the community’s uninsured. Because the Canyons always puts on a good show, nearly 1,000 cars parked at the Cabriolet parking lot and nearly 6,500 people attended the many activities throughout the day on Tuesday. The net proceeds of the parking will be donated to The People’s Health Clinic.

Thanks to the efforts of many Canyons employees and volunteers, the July 3 event proved to be a success on many levels. Canyons is a great example of supporting its employees and a local nonprofit at the same time. On behalf of the clinic and our patients, we thank the Canyons for its partnership and cooperation to make our community a great place to live.

Brooks Harbertson

Development director, The People’s Health Clinic

Consider laser shows instead of fireworks


Canceling the fireworks was a wise move. Communities in California, Arizona and Colorado are looking at laser light shows in the future rather than exploding fireworks for their celebrations. Thinking back on the few laser shows I have seen, they were spectacular. Park City and all of Utah might consider that same possibility for the future.

Jim Miller

Park City

Dog rescue illustrates character of our town


On Monday, July 2, I was driving down Highway 224 with my friend’s two small dogs in the back of my SUV. I had been watching them while my friend was on vacation and was taking them home. I had the windows in the backseat down, expecting these little poodles to enjoy the breeze. Unbeknownst to me, one of the dogs climbed through the dog gate, over the backseat and either jumped or fell out of the open window and onto 224. I didn’t find out until a few miles down the road when a driver behind me who had seen it happen flagged me down.

the time I got back to the scene of the incident, several cars were stopped on the highway, a sheriff’s deputy was directing traffic, and dozens of people were on their hands and knees trying to capture this frightened little dog and prevent it from running into oncoming traffic. In my panic and rush to collect the dog, I forgot to thank all the people who contributed to this happy ending. If they hadn’t stopped to help, I’m certain this story would have ended tragically with me delivering some very bad news to my friend.

I feel so fortunate to live in a town where people’s first reaction is interrupt their commute and try to save a dog from being hit by a car. They could have just as easily kept going and gotten to their destination on time. To those people to assisted in the safe capture of Suzie Q, thank you! You’ll be happy to know she’s been reunited with her family, she is uninjured, and she will be wearing a dog seatbelt anytime she’s in my car from now on!

Amy Roberts

Park City

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