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Letters to the Editor, June 12-15, 2010

High school is truly inclusive


Last week my son Brian graduated from Park City High School. Brian has Down Syndrome and we are proud of his accomplishments. We would be greatly amiss if we did not take the opportunity in this public forum to thank all of the staff and students at Park City High School. The teachers and students have treated Brian with such kindness and respect. A special thanks to Dana Reilly and Tara Bacon for the great job they do in working with the special-needs population at the school. Thank you to all the staff and administration for making a commitment to be a truly inclusive school. We would also like to thank the dedicated peer tutors that work so hard with these kids. It speaks well of a community to have teenagers so willing to give of themselves in such a selfless way. Brian has been so enveloped in love and friendship from all of the students at Park City High School. As his parents, it has meant the world to us. Brian will miss you. Thank you so much.

Don and Mary Mealing

Park City

All dining-deck permits are in place

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Much has been said about the new dining decks, and all that we have heard from the public is very positive.

In my attempts to help revitalize Main Street and add something good and positive to the area, I seem to have ruffled some feathers and would like to apologize for doing so.

Mr. Shoaf of the Sky Lodge’s comments in the Park Record recently: "So I watch with amazement as ‘dining decks’ are built on Main Street — without permits and with what seems to be no plan" have no basis in fact.

To set the record straight, here are the facts regarding the chain of events: I have been working with the city officials since March of this year to procure permits and permission to build these decks. I hired an architect and a contractor and have worked at length to get permits and all my ducks in a row, so to speak. In April and May I went before the City Council to get approval for the dining decks which was granted by the council. My impression was that the council was excited to see the transformation the decks would bring to Main Street. I have worked tirelessly with Historic Main Street Business Alliance (HMBA), Ron Ivie, Tom Bakaly, Tom Eddington and other city officials to make sure the decks were built to code and that the safety of the diners was protected. City officials were positive yet made sure all the guidelines to protect the city were in place. This took time. The proposal given to the City Council was professional and thorough. All the required permits and inspections were in place before the decks were used.

There are other restaurants who would like to participate in this endeavor and some have begun this process to present their own dining decks on Main Street.

The City Council placed the placement of the decks in the hands of the planning department, and where a business in not located directly on the street front, the planning department must approve where the decks are placed. The decks will be alive and well from May through October for a 3-year period to give businesses a chance to see how this works out.

There is definitely a "plan." Any restaurant who wishes to participate may do so with the permission and permits available to them from the city.

I hope everyone goes to their favorite restaurants to see what the experience is like. I think you will find it a very positive one indeed.

Steve McComb

Cisero’s Ristorante

Bistro 412

Public works dept really came through


The recent warm weather reminded us how vulnerable we are when Mother Nature stretches her wings. As a resident in Weber Canyon I experienced the recent flooding up close and personal. All too often we are quick to criticize the public service workers when we feel things are being neglected in our limited vision. I, too, am one of those individuals.

The Summit County Public Works Department really came through. Tim Richins and his team, with limited resources being stretched ever so thin, worked their asses off to minimize damage to personal property and public infrastructure. When it is all said and done, we will hear about the cost and how much damage was done. But without the dedication, determination and kick-ass attitude demonstrated by these guys, it would have been much, much worse. From one public servant to many others, THANK YOU!

Oh, and by the way: In all the time I failed to see any of our elected Summit County Council members on site. Do they share the dedication that their employees do? Take a lesson from Oakley’s mayor, Blake Frazier. I know he did not sleep much during the event.

Leo Williams


Ecker Hill PTO was a real treat


This is an open letter to the Ecker Hill PTO.

You have been absolutely wonderful to all of us at EHIMS this year, and I would like you to know how much all of us appreciated your efforts. My favorite of all of your treats was perhaps the smallest, but was definitely the biggest surprise. Imagine the joy and excitement we felt when on the next-to-last day of school, while trying to manage locker cleaning by all the kids on our teams, what should appear but PTO members with delightfully decadent treats in hand! Personally, I have never had a tastier, more welcome treat than those ice-cream sandwiches. Many of us were so thrilled we didn’t even stop to discuss the calorie count! So to all of you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and stomachs) for all you did this year!

Libby Wadman

On behalf of the Ecker Hill staff