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Letters to the Editor, June 2, 2010

Spring athletes will find funds

Dear Mayor & City Council,

This may be a tardy thank you but is none-the-less heartfelt!

I wish to extend to you a warm thank you on behalf of all the Spring Season Park City athletes and their families and their coaches for your support and financial approval of the "Snow Removal Program at Quinn’s Sportexe". The $8k necessary for Clint Daley to purchase the snow buckets will be used thoughtfully.

I applaud your prudence in educating yourselves on how many Spring Season athletes actually reside within Park City limits and how many are in the county limits. Tasking Tom Bakaly, City Manager, to judiciously seek equitable percentage funding partnerships with the County Recreation and School District organizations for the ongoing operational costs of snow removal at Quinn’s is a elegant strategy. Tom has a proven track record of strong negotiation skills and I hold every hope that he will be successful!

Bob Derber, member of Park City Soccer Club, hopes to successfully bring $3,000 to the table from the Spring Season athlete clubs (Park City Soccer Club, Park City Lacrosse Organization & Black Diamond Soccer Club) which will leave only $10k for Tom Bakaly to form financial funding partnerships from which the City can service the ongoing operational costs in FY 2010-2011. Bob Derber has also offered his services to Tom if they are desired.

I have requested the zip code demographics of the PCHS athletes (including the PCLO) from Doug Payne and have also requested the Black Diamond athletes’ zip code demographics from its Club’s treasurer, Lisa Cummins. Bob Derber is following up with demographics for the Park City Soccer Club members.

no later than June 10th’s Council Meeting, Bob and I should have the requested city zip code vs. county zip code athlete information assembled for you and Tom’s perusal to utilize in his ensuing negotiation treatment.

Last but not least, thank you for leaving the City Council’s "door open" to revisit possible operational funding of Quinn’s Sprotexe Snow Removal Program in February, 2011 should Tom Bakaly’s attempt at financial partnerships fail.

Carol K. Tesch

Park City

Call out the Thought Police!

Richard DesVaux has spotted people in Summit County, on the very doorstep of Park City, whose political ideas differ from his. They are, he says, devout Christians, Tea Party Movement members, and, worst of all, believers in strict construction of the Constitution. The horror, the horror.

President Obama has set in motion programs that will raise the national debt to record levels. Many Americans object. Jacqueline Smith has apparently organized some of those individuals as the STAR Forum. That makes her a community organizer, just like Obama used to be. What’s wrong with that, Mr. DesVaux?

The Constitution, with which it appears Mr. DesVaux is unfamiliar as to both content and history, endows all Americans with the rights to express their ideas freely. The Tea Party Movement, harking back to a protest against unfair taxes, the Boston Tea Party, have organized to express the idea the U.S. will be better served by less government and lower taxes. That a media clown like Glenn Beck happens to agree doesn’t make their ideas wrong.

The Constitution was drafted in 1787, which was not quite 300 years ago, as Mr. DesVaux asserts, and the identities and beliefs of the mostly Christian white men who drafted it are the subjects of copious historical documentation. Some were, indeed, slave-owners. Some were vehemently opposed to the institution of slavery. There were compromises in the Constitution so that a single country could be formed, subsequent disputes and compromises, a Civil War, and some Constitutional Amendments, all of which pretty well put the notion of slavery to rest. None of that is what strict construction is about. It is about being true to historic values that have served us well and, today, controlling the irresponsibility and over-reaching of this administration.

Bruce Margolius


Prom was misrepresented


I was sad for the students, staff and parents that worked extremely hard to make this a safe, affordable, and memorable prom only to have it disparaged by the Park Record. Prom can be as expensive or as affordable as you make it. No one has to rent a tux to go to prom. This year’s trend was tuxes but it has been suits in the past. The girls can swap formals to get around buying a new dress. The all inclusive ticket price of $80 seems a bargain compared to renting a limo, dining out, not to mention the prom ticket. Jess Morrison’s policy of underwriting prom for those who cannot afford it has enabled many students to attend prom that wouldn’t otherwise. The bussing option has been very helpful in allowing kids to attend without having to rent a limo or driving a car. This prom format also encourages singles and groups to attend without the pressure of finding a prom date.

Park City does not currently have an affordable venue that can comfortably host 550 kids for dinner and dancing. I am so impressed with the student council’s dedication to putting on the best, most affordable prom for the juniors and seniors at Park City High School. We can look at ways to make prom more inclusive but that doesn’t mean we make this rite of passage less remarkable.

Connie Whitworth

PCHS PTSO President

Thank you to the Park City community

Last month Recycle Utah held its 3rd Annual fundraiser at Squatters in Park City. For the past three years Recycle Utah has reached out to the community it serves and asked for help. This year, again, the community responded and helped Recycle Utah raise enough money to purchase a used biodiesel truck. With this truck we can better serve our community by coming to your homes or work sites to pick up your reusable building materials.

Thank you to the amazing sponsors who support our goal of making the greater Park City area a zero-waste community in the near future. Thank you to those who generously donated items for our silent auction. And a special thank you to the Raymond Family Foundation for their generous matching grant and to Squatters for once again making this event possible.

We live in an amazing community where the common values of the people who live here are evident in the many, many non-proifts we support. Our sincerest thank you from the Recycle Utah Board and staff.

Christie Babalis

Vice Chair, Recycle Utah

Thank you to the Jeremy Ranch PTO

The teachers and staff at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School want to thank the Jeremy Ranch PTO for treating us like ultimate "Movie Stars" during Teacher Appreciation week! We were thrilled each day with special lunches, breakfast, and dessert bars throughout the week including many special touches! We loved the film holder gift and all the other "extras" that made us feel so appreciated! We can’t possibly thank them enough for their thoughtfulness and going above and beyond on a thoroughly amazing week!

Barb Hansen

Park City

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