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Letters to the Editor, June 20-22, 2012

Ecker Hill PTO was amazing this year


Ecker Hill Middle School would like to extend a big thank you to our amazing PTO this 2011-2012 school year!

Please picture an airplane up in our beautiful blue skies with a bright white Thank You PTO written across it. That’s how big we wish to thank you all! So much support, from a hugely successful Red Ribbon Week, beautiful National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony, amazing Teacher Appreciation dinners and gifts to our End of Year awesome student activities and celebrations.

Thank you, Cindy Vernon, for leading the PTO with such caring, energy, love of kids and support for us all! A special thank you goes out to Kerry Morgan for organizing our amazing 7th grade end-of-year activity. The students had an amazing time and we couldn’t have done it without you. Our PTO rocks!

Marie Shepherd

Ecker Hill Middle School

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Tania will work nonstop as education advocate


About 10 years ago, while watching my young children play outside in the neighborhood, I saw a woman walking down the street towing a wagon with her two young kids and we struck up a friendship that has lasted for over a decade. I was immediately struck by her intelligence and understanding of issues that were important to me, especially education.

Our oldest children were at McPolin Elementary School at the time and we loved our neighborhood school. A priority for her was to get involved at the school. I was impressed that someone new to town with young children would jump right in, roll her sleeves up and get to work. She has been doing this ever since.

Tania soon became a member of the PTO, the MOMS group, Community Council, Education Foundation, Park City Leadership and a myriad of other local groups that enhance Park City. She is a true advocate, taking on issues that are hard, and is not afraid to take a stand. I admire these qualities and, along with many other Park City parents, have elected Tania as my "go to person" for all issues relating to education in Park City.

I can’t think of a better time to make it official and make Tania an elected "go to person" as a member of the Park City School Board of Education. I urge people in her district to get to know her and to give her your vote (you can find her on Facebook: Tania Knauer Park City Board of Ed). She is running for Precinct 3 (Park West, Park Meadows South, Quarry Mountain, Ranch Road South and Silver Springs). She will be a voice on the school board that will be strong and she will work nonstop to advocate for education in Park City just like she has been doing for the last 10 years as a parent.

Kathy Meyer

Park City

It’s time to shake up the school board


When I heard Tania Knauer was running for Park City Board of Education, I said, "It’s about time." Tania has been involved in so many committees, councils, events and classroom volunteering over the years that she has already established a wide network of educators and administrators. She is an asset we need to put to use on our school board to address many of the issues facing our district right now. She also has an MBA with an emphasis in finance; this will be beneficial.

Our school board needs new voices; we need to reconnect with our teachers and improve communication with the community; we need to question some of the decisions being made and assure taxpayers that the budget is being managed in a fiscally responsible manner. Tania will roll up her sleeves and start working on day one with little to no learning curve. She has tireless energy and tenacity and is not afraid to take on any issue. She is an organized team player and a consensus builder, all qualities necessary on any board. Tania grew up in the home of a public school educator. She understands that our most valuable asset is our teachers.

If we want to bring our district back to the level of public education we have all come to expect in this community, we need a strong yet compassionate voice. I hope you will join me in voting for Tania Knauer for Park City Board of Ed, Precinct 3, on June 26.

Jan Zinn

Park City

Roger is balanced, fair and knowledgeable


Please vote for Roger Armstrong in the primary elections on June 26th (early voting until June 22nd, weekdays 12 p.m.-5 p.m.).

I have personally known Roger since I first moved to Park City in 2007. He and his family were among my first connections in the Summit County community. From the beginning, it was clear that he was an avid supporter of the wonderful people and lifestyle of Summit County.

Roger is the kind of person I believe we have long sought as a member of our county council. Fair and balanced in his approach, Roger brings both his intellectual skill as an attorney and his genuine enthusiasm for our way of life to the issues we face as our community grows.

I had the pleasure of serving with Roger on the board of Park City Day School. There, the board turned to him for guidance on the key strategic issues and also for his ability to synthesize the viewpoints and clarify discussions to help the group reach consensus.

Most important, Roger truly understands the conflicting challenges of sustainability and growth that Summit County faces. He is well versed on the issues and potential impact of landowner rights, business-owner needs and tourism demands. He recognizes and values the resources that make our community such a desirable place to live, from open space to view sheds to animal habitats. Finally, Roger recognizes the importance of education to current students and the vital role a top education system plays in drawing new residents.

If a knowledgeable, thoughtful, invested council member is what you seek in your representation in Summit County, please vote Roger Armstrong for County Council. And please vote in early voting or the primary election this month!

Melissa Garland

Park City

Wharton understands Summit County’s cultures


We have a Democratic primary election this year and, since I am retiring, I want to share with you my thoughts. Of course, I’m voting for Donna McAleer for Congress. Her opponent is a nice guy, but she’s made of tougher stuff and she’s older and smarter.

For County Council, I’ve decided to vote for Sean Wharton. Four years ago I promised to help him come up to speed. He has worked very hard these four years. His opponent is a very smart, pleasant man, but Sean has some qualities that make him better qualified for the job.

Sean knows how the county works because he serves on the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission. He knows our codes; he knows both General Plans and he works well with our Planning Department staff members. They know him and they like to work with him. His learning curve is not a steep one. He’ll be productive immediately.

Sean has served on Recycle Utah’s Board of Trustees since he came up with an idea to divert food scraps from our many restaurants to feed pigs on his acreage in Marion. He hired a farmer and enlisted restaurants. His innovative idea has diverted organic waste from our landfill while fattening his pigs.

Sean understands the county’s goals of economic development and diversity. He started as a struggling son of a single mother in Park City. He bought a house in Old Town; he learned to cook and got a job at Deer Valley, rising to become a chef for the famous Seafood Buffet. He bought a cafe in Kamas and started Gateway Grill. He established other food service outlets at Canyons and Deer Valley. He’s full of bright ideas for other entrepreneurs.

Sean has a heart of gold and lives his ethical principles. He and his wife had a young son when they learned that his seven cousins were in the foster-care system, destined to be adopted separately. They made a decision to adopt all seven siblings so they could remain a family unit.

Sean understands the several cultures of Summit County. He is a uniting force.

Please unite with me to vote for Sean Wharton in the Democratic Primary.

Sally Elliott

Park City

Roger is thoughtful and a good listener


I recommend a vote in the June 26th primary for Roger Armstrong, running for Summit County Council. I have had the privilege of getting to know Roger over the last year through discussions on education, the arts, and the well-being of our children and our community.

Roger is both a thoughtful and a good listener. He is a skilled negotiator, creative problem solver, and committed to managing and addressing the challenges Summit County is currently facing. Just like you, Roger wants to preserve the lifestyle and environment that we value so highly here in Summit County.

I urge you to join me in voting for Roger Armstrong. The primary is an important part of the election process. Make your voice heard and vote on June 26th.

Abby McNulty

Park City

Inexperience, ambition won’t carry the day


Letters of endorsement are seemingly plentiful and make for interesting reading. Most authors are sincere and forthright in their support of their chosen candidate, citing attributes and qualifications for public office based on personal knowledge as friends neighbors, business associates, etc. Others are not so honest, obfuscating political ties, and worse, hiding familial relationships, of which one would expect they would be proud, not duplicitous. This is a small community and such questionable actions in the long run will not take you far.

That brings us to our choice for the Park City School Board, District 3 Paul Marsh, and our reasons why. Paul is a neighbor; we know his wife and children, we have worked together on projects in our community. We know him to be an astute businessman and a former educator of some years. We share no political affiliation or family ties. Our decision to support him is based solely on his personal integrity, his educational credentials and work experience in the field of education, his business acumen among other qualifications.

These are all attributes required to manage the multimillion-dollar business that is the Park City School District to the best advantage of its children, their teachers, parents and taxpayers. This is a critical post in a time of crisis. Inexperience and good intentions will not carry the day. Neither will political ambition and its bureaucratic baggage. Surveying the current field, we feel that leaves only Paul Marsh as the candidate who can accomplish the monumental task at hand. We want to give him that opportunity.

This is not a popularity/political contest. These are our children, their future and our tax dollars to take them there. Think about that as you vote. See you at the polls on June 26th.

Richard and Joe Ann Weber

Park City

A vote for Max is a vote for open space


Next Tuesday, June 26th, two Republicans will hold a primary election for a chance to run for the Summit County Council. There are few people within our community who have been involved in preserving open space as much as Max Greenhalgh. He has helped in the preservation of the Swaner Preserve, the Hi Ute Ranch, Quarry Mountain, Iron Mountain, Murdock Peak, the PRI parcels at Kimball and Round Valley, several tracts along the I-80 corridor, and the recently announced Gilmor parcel between Trailside Park and Round Valley. Altogether he has helped preserve over 5,000 acres of open space and create 100 miles of trails.

I have had the opportunity to work with Max both professionally and on on BOSAC (Basin Open Space Advisory Committee), of which he is the chairperson. A vote for Max is a vote for open space and trails. Max will be dedicated to preserving the lifestyle we all love and cherish. Please consider voting for Max in the Republican Party Primary on the June 26th. You future depends on it!

Kathy Mears

Park City

Denver used Latino ombudsmen. Why not Park City?


I was struck by The Park Record article on Latino health and current efforts to bring proper health care to that population. While the story seemed to say good things, it sadly seemed like a report out of the past.

More than 35 years ago (in Denver) the National Health Service Corps, a branch of the Public Health Service providing health care to the immigrant/migrant worker population, had problems getting people to come to the free health clinics. They decided to employee Latino ombudsmen (conseheros) to serve as the critical link between the heath-care establishment and the Mexican population. Lack of knowledge, distrust of the white establishment, cultural/folklore traditions and superstition were barriers that separated to the two groups.

The Mexican ombudsmen reached out and slowly guided the migrant population of health-care services. All of the other "official" and expensive outreach programs failed because they were not from their own kind. Latino volunteers were the solution. It worked perfectly 35 years ago and cost nothing. Why not now?

Robert McCleary

Lothian, Md.

Historic Home Tour was a huge success


The Park City Historical Society & Museum’s 15th Historic Home Tour last Saturday was a huge success! Of course we couldn’t have done it without a lot of help and support from so many people. Some thank-yous are in order.

First of all, to our wonderful homeowners who generously opened their historic buildings for the tour. What fun everyone had peeking inside your lovely old homes and buildings. Owners are the backbone of the Historic District and deserve a big thank you from the entire community.

Also to our numerous and tireless volunteers: It takes a lot of manpower to plan, host, and provide docents for this event. You are the glue that holds our organization together and we couldn’t do it without you. A big kudos to our loyal sponsors who helped underwrite the event. How generous you all are! And of course to Zoom who year after year hosts our fabulous awards after-party at their own historic building. The ambiance, food and beverages are always first class and a perfect ending to such a memorable day.

And lastly, thank you to all of you who attended the Historic Home Tour. Thanks for loving and enjoying our historic buildings as much as we do.

Sandra Morrison

Executive director, Park City Historical Society & Museum

Roger Armstrong is a tough negotiator


As a practicing attorney myself I have had the occasion to sit on the opposite side of the negotiating table from Roger Armstrong, candidate for Summit County Council, Seat A. What I learned on those occasions is that Roger is a principled, intelligent opponent who knows how to get a deal done. He doesn’t argue for the sake of argument; he knows the key positions in a negotiation and fights tenaciously but civilly to get the best deal for his client.

Summit County could use a man like Roger on the council. I wholeheartedly support his candidacy.

M. Alex Natt

Park City

Bright and articulate, thoughtful and honest


I urge everyone to get out and vote in the primary election next Tuesday, the 26th. This is a right and privilege we have as Americans that many others do not have.

I hope you will join me in supporting Donna McAleer for the U.S. Congress. I have known Donna personally and professionally for many years once she took over running the People’s Health Clinic. She has invaluable experience and proven leadership skills in health care, business, and as a U.S. Army officer and West Point graduate. She is bright and articulate, thoughtful and honest. She will represent our congressional district with integrity and intelligence. She has creative solutions and innovative approaches to the difficult issues we face. She has a great skill set to help our country move forward to reduce the deficit, grow the economy, improve education and fix our broken health-care system.

Please get out the vote, and vote for Donna McAleer, U.S. Congress.

John Hanrahan, MD

Park City