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Letters to the Editor, June 23-26, 2012

Bringing people together in support of important causes


Nancy Garrison would be an excellent addition to Park City’s school board. Her involvement with local nonprofits has been very successful because of Nancy’s ability to organize and work effectively bringing people together in support of important causes. Her dedication and focus in seeing a project through are valuable skills that would be a great benefit to the school board. Extensive experience volunteering in the community, as well as being involved in the school district as her children made their way through, ensures that Nancy will be a knowledgeable, hardworking representative in this important role.

What a great place we live in that there are so many people willing to throw their hats in the ring during this election season. I support Nancy Garrison for the Park City School Board in District #2.

Linda Karz

Park City

Donna has the discipline to make the difficult decisions


Now more that ever we need to elect a person with the training, courage and discipline to make the difficult decisions that face our country and communities. Donna McAleer has all these qualities, plus a willingness to work as hard as is required to protect the lifestyle and rights of all the residents of Utah.

A patriot among us, Donna is a graduate of West Point and served a tour of active duty. She earned an MBA from Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and came in just short of qualifying for the 2002 U.S. Olympics Bobsled Team. Donna authored an excellent book, "Porcelain On Steel," about women in the military. She has been the executive director of the People’s Health Clinic and coached the Park City High School girls’ volleyball team.

Donna has served the residents of Summit County with distinction and we are lucky to have a candidate of her caliber to support in the coming Democratic primary election. On June 26th, please take a few minutes to vote Donna McAleer for Congress.

Randy Spagnoletti

Park City

‘The most intelligent, insightful and dedicated person I know’


Last year, while navigating the many challenges of opening a new business here in Summit County (the Park City Gun Club), I sought out the assistance and counsel of the most intelligent, insightful and dedicated person I know: Roger Armstrong.

Recently, I realized that the same admirable skill set which makes Roger such a capable partner in business would also make him an ideal member of the Summit County Council, and so I would like to share my experience with those who don’t know him quite as well as I do. Roger’s thoughtful approach enables him to gain a full understanding of all sides of an issue; he not only listens to what everyone has to say, but he goes the extra mile to investigate, develop information, and be sure he’s well informed. His analytical skills enable him to pierce through the issues to develop efficient solutions. His inclusive and persuasive style is then instrumental in developing a coalition of support necessary to get good ideas implemented. His persistence and dedication don’t let him rest until success is achieved.

With qualifications like this, Roger is exactly the man we need on the council to help us preserve the beautiful character of this county that we call home, while thoughtfully managing growth, adding jobs, and improving our economy. I hope you will join me in voting for Roger Armstrong.

Daniel Labov

Park City

Experience tailor-made to solve our most pressing problems


There are a lot of good people running for County Council who have a variety of backgrounds. There is one candidate, however, whose background and experience are tailor-made for helping solve our most pressing problems those dealing with growth management.

Max Greenhalgh was instrumental in creating the county’s first general plan and development code in the 1970s while serving as the county planning director, as well as the general plan and neighborhood plans we cherish today. These planning documents, so eloquently written to document our community’s preservation and smart planning goals, were adopted during his tenure as chair of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission that ended in 2005.

I feel our existing plans embody the heartfelt wishes of the community to preserve the qualities that make living here so desirable, such as open space, preservation of the environment and wildlife protection. These documents are not anti-growth nor anti-development. They are written to help manage and plan for the inevitable growth and development we are facing. Recently Max helped the community and CAGE defeat the CORE Zone, which could have allowed high-density development anywhere within the Basin. Most recently, as chair of BOSAC, Max has helped preserve thousands of acres of pristine open space including the Hi Ute Ranch, Quarry Mountain, and the recently announced Gilmor property adjacent to Round Valley.

Vote for Max in the June 26th primary. It’s a vote for our values, for smart growth and it’s a no-brainer!

Art Lang

Snyderville Basin

Dedicated to the community, analytical and approachable


Every now and then as a community we get lucky. You just hope your luck holds. Our community got lucky when Roger Armstrong decided to run for the Summit County Council.

I have come to know Roger and his family quite well. Roger is dedicated to this community and he is exceedingly analytical and also very friendly and approachable. A gentleman’s gentleman and a terrific listener. He and his wife Beth, who sits as a very dedicated and valued member of our local hospital board, are both very active and valued members of our community.

What more could you ask for in a County Councilmember?

Joe Tesch

Park City

Eric Oberg has a vested interest in Park City schools


Eric Oberg is an exceptional candidate for School Board District 2.

A budget crisis is the perfect time to instill discipline in answering these questions: Are we spending effectively? Does what we are doing have a tangible impact? Is it addressing a pressing need? Can it be measured to see if it is doing what was expected?

Eric believes a school board has two key priorities. First is the student (academic excellence), and second is the taxpayer (budget). "We owe it to both to demonstrate effectiveness on both fronts." And, he notes, we need better measurement tools to accomplish the task.

In California, for example, many schools and districts have developed their own foundations to augment the state budget. The elementary school the Oberg twins attended had a $220,000 annual foundation fundraiser budget. Eric took the fiduciary responsibility very seriously to make sure money was directed where there was a compelling need and make sure those dollars were spent in the most effective manner possible. They funded a Technology TOSA, a half-time Literacy TOSA, Accelerated Reader Titles, half of Accelerated Math, Art Masters, and Extended Library hours.

Erik and Ericha moved to Park City from California as their children entered second grade. He served on the PCSD data committee in 2010-2011 school year, and on the PCSD Joint Educator Evaluation Committee in 2011-2012. This school year the twins will be moving on to Ecker Hill. He will have a vested interest for all four years of the upcoming term.

And in case you are wondering why you haven’t seen his name on yard signs, which only add to visual clutter and end up in the landfill, he has chosen instead to make a monthly donation to the PCEF in the amount he would have spent campaigning.

Alex Butwinski

Park City

Led adoption of Basin General Plan, Development Code


We support Max Greenhalgh for County Council. We have worked with Max over the years in numerous planning-related capacities. He is a consensus builder and problem solver. His biggest contribution was leading the effort to formulate and adopt the current Snyderville Basin General Plan and Development Code. These documents endeavor to protect our lifestyles and preserve what makes Park City and the Snyderville Basin a special place to live. Please join us in voting for Max in the Primary Election on June 26.

Greg and Julie Lawson

Old Ranch Road

Tania Knauer: a bright woman who first listens, then acts


Tania Knauer is one of those women you come across infrequently in life. She has that rare combination of intelligence and common sense, tenacity and patience, fairness and fierceness, and open-mindedness and strong opinions. It is this balance that makes her a great candidate for the Park City Board of Education, District 3.

I met Tania when we shared a round table on the McPolin Elementary Community Council in 2006. Since that time we have followed each other around at other community councils, community get-togethers, and various other committees. Tania stood out to me at all these forums as a person who genuinely listened to whomever was speaking, and responded in a manner that everyone in the room knew their input was at least considered, if not valued and incorporated into the ultimate decision.

In addition, Tania was frequently one of the few in the room who had actually done her homework in advance of the meeting: reading all the documents, budgets, minutes, etc. (and with a microscope). As such, she had the knowledge to question any flaws in someone’s presentation or data, not in an effort to be malicious, but with a passion to reach an informed and intelligent decision.

Tania’s knowledge base is vast, her understanding of the written budget and the budget process is solid, and her ability to retain information and relay relevant facts in a concise and understandable manner to both expert and layperson is a gift. She is unselfish and honest, and genuinely understands what it means to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money.

I strongly endorse Tania Knauer for Park City Board of Education District 3.

Margaret Grosse Hyatt

Park City

A vote for McAleer, Knauer and Garrison


The voter turnout in Summit County, particularly in western Summit County, has historically been very poor. We have some excellent candidates for school board, county council, and a congressional seat that have invested considerable time in this election cycle learning about and discussing important local issues. Please give them their due respect by getting out to the polls to vote next Tuesday, June 26.

Among these candidates is Donna McAleer, candidate for the 2nd Congressional District. Donna is a dynamic leader with extensive experience in business, the nonprofit sector, and the military. Donna is also a wife, mother and volunteer who will bring passion and first-hand knowledge to critical discussions on topics such as education and the environment. Donna McAleer is a reasonable, intelligent voice that will serve the interests of our community well in Washington.

I also support Tania Knauer and Nancy Garrison in their respective school board races. Tania has been actively involved in the Park City School District for ten years. She often challenged me on critical issues while I served on the board. While we did not always agree on solutions, her calls and emails led to thoughtful dialogue centered on what was in the best interest of our students and staff. Nancy Garrison will bring a skill set to the board that includes extensive finance, staffing, and benefits knowledge. What impresses me the most about Nancy is her calm, level-headed approach, which is critical during often emotional discussions on school board matters.

We are fortunate that we have a number of qualified candidates from our community who are willing to serve. Please show your support by getting out and voting in this year’s primary election.

Kim Carson

Past president, Park City Board of Education

Candidate, Summit County Council Seat C

Leadership, activism, passion, common sense


The residents of Summit County have the opportunity to elect an extraordinary candidate for County Council. Sean Wharton, a lifelong resident and a business owner in Eastern and Western Summit County for over 30 years, brings unique qualifications to the County Council race.

Sean currently serves on the East Side Planning Commission as vice chair. In this role Sean sees on a daily basis the needs and challenges faced by business owners, farmers, ranchers and residents. Sean is known for executing his responsibilities as a planning commissioner with care, diligence and a common-sense approach. Sean understands the diverse needs of our county; particularly those needs that are not always common between East and West.

As a successful business owner, Sean has firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by fellow business owners. He has the unique perspective that only someone with his experience can understand and appreciate.

Sean has a history of supporting the community through volunteerism, serving on the Planning Commission and Recycle Utah board to name a few.

Let’s take the opportunity to elect a candidate with the right combination of business and community leadership, activism, passion and common sense. Let’s elect Sean Wharton to the Summit County Council.

Mike Goar

Summit County

Generous, hardworking, well organized and creative


I have enjoyed working with Kristen Brown on the PCHS football team dinner committee. Putting dinner on for over 100 football players several times a year, on time and on a budget, can be challenging, but as the leader of the team, Kristen makes the work fun. She brings a warmth and generosity to the task that gains an excellent response and respect from the committee and the players.

I have seen Kristen in action and been in on the action with her. I’m here to tell you that she is well organized, hard working, creative, and has the personality to pull a team together in a productive and harmonious way.

Please join me in voting for Kristen Brown for School Board District 3.

Judy Rose

Park Meadows

Sound judgment and good common sense


For the last 13 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work and live in Park City and Summit County. During that time, I’ve had the privilege of serving my community through my involvement in several nonprofits, and through those activities have had the pleasure of knowing Sean Wharton.

Sean is a chef who learned his trade at Deer Valley. He has a restaurant in Kamas and a catering business, and he’s always been on hand to help a good cause. In addition to serving on the board of Recycle Utah and in county government, Sean has always been very generous in supplying catering services for fundraising events. He makes no profit when catering for nonprofits, but serves them at cost, or sometimes perhaps even less, to help them help others.

Sean is a decent man with sound judgment and good common sense. For all he has done for our community and for a brand of leadership we know and trust, he deserves to be elected to County Council. The first step is the Democratic primary on June 26; I would recommend to my fellow county residents that they vote for Sean.

Bill Johnson

Park City

Sean Wharton is a fine chef and a fine person


As many people know, I am involved in business ventures in several parts of Summit County, and I have had the privilege of being involved in a number of things with Sean Wharton. I have known Sean Wharton for most of the time I’ve lived in Park City and I have great respect for both his business judgment and his public service. Sean shares some of the passions I have for local production and conservation as we have built the High Star Ranch and Farm in Kamas. Sean uses our local produce as often as possible at his restaurant The Gateway Grille.

Sean is a fine chef who learned his trade at Deer Valley, but more importantly, he is a fine person. He supports many local causes generously not just by writing a check, but by donating his time and services to cater dozens of fund-raising events every year. He knows Summit County as only a long-time resident can. He is thoughtful, fair and has my enthusiastic support in his candidacy for County Council.

Mark J Fischer

Park City

Paul Marsh meets all criteria for school board


In business, board members are typically selected because of their previous experience in the industry: senior management experience running a similar enterprise and their contacts at organizations that could help the enterprise. While school board membership is decided by a vote of taxpayers, I would suggest the selection criteria should be no different.

Paul Marsh meets all these criteria. His degree in education management and many years’ experience as a teacher mean he can discuss educational issues with school administrators as a knowledgeable equal. His long-term ownership of a successful restaurant business suggests he can respond effectively to the needs and tastes of the community, manage budgets and bottom lines as well as taking difficult hiring and firing decisions. His many years coaching and officiating high school sports speaks to his willingness to give back to the community, ability to motivate players and manage parents’ aspirations. Finally, the fact that he has already had four children graduate from Park City schools and has another entering his junior year adds to his in-depth knowledge of the system.

My personal experience with Paul is primarily as the soccer coach of his youngest son. In my 20 years’ experience coaching club and high school soccer in Park City, I have rarely had a more helpful and supportive parent.

I urge you to vote for Paul Marsh in Tuesday’s school board primary and in the November election.

Frank Fish

Park City

Great energy, creativity and intelligence


I understand that Tania Knauer is running for the Park City Board of Education. I write to add my vote of support for Tania. I’ve known her for many years and am impressed with her commitment to public education. In my dealings with Tania she has shown great energy, intelligence and creativity in working to advance the interests of the public schools in the Park City School District. I’m confident she will do a tremendous job if elected to the Board of Education.

I’m running myself for reelection to District 28 in the Utah State House of Representatives. With redistricting, a part of District 28 now extends into Summit County. Summit Park and part of Pinebrook are now in District 28. I look forward to working with Tania and others in the Park City School District who are committed to doing all we can to provide greater support and resources to educating Utah’s children.

Rep. Brian S. King

Salt Lake City


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