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Letters to the Editor, June 27-29, 2012

Can we count on Mitt to save us?


Except for the notable exception of the Great Depression, it must have been nice back in 1933 when our government wanted us to believe that fear itself was all we had to fear. Today, though, government doesn’t seem satisfied that we fear only fear itself, that a "nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror" is sufficient to keep us in line.

If we’re not able to find fear beyond fear itself by ourselves, they seem happy to fill in the blanks to where some real fear lingers flying commercial, immigration, bird flu, swine flu, Asian flu, flu, Obama’s religion, your own religion, torture, rendition, Catholic priests it just gets worse.

What we need is a War on Fear courageously waged, but who will take the helm? Can we really count on Mitt to save us?

Nick Wright

Park City

Breast-cancer survivors were treated like VIPs


Image Reborn Foundation wishes to acknowledge Park City’s kind and generous contributions which make it possible for us to invite local and international breast-cancer survivors to our beautiful town for life-renewing retreats. This past weekend we honored, welcomed, and hosted two survivors from Orem, two from Canada, and one from Japan at our retreat at the luxurious Chateau in Deer Valley. Not only did the Chateau graciously donate the accommodations for the survivors, their staff treated our attendees like dignities.

Mitt Romney had plenty of VIPs visiting Park City, but the retreat participants felt they were also warmly welcomed as VIPs as they enjoyed their weekend stay in our friendly town. Thank you for extending your services, smiles and hugs, Park City!

With appreciation,

Keiko Ito

Interim executive director, Image Reborn Foundation

Drivers need to slow down in neighborhoods


While I was home on vacation recently, I noticed a couple of cars going pretty fast in my neighborhood. I think that because there are many little kids who run around and play outside with their bikes and scooters, people should be more aware and slow down while driving in their neighborhood. Having cars go slower in neighborhoods will further prevent injuries to little kids, elderly people, and even you. the time you have read this, I hope you will take notice about neighborhood safety. Thank you for your consideration.

Paloma Gohary

Park City


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