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Letters to the Editor, June 5, 2010


Champs appreciate recognition


On behalf of the Youth Winter Sports Alliance and our member clubs, I would like to thank Squatters Pub and Grill for their support of our Circle of Excellence Champion’s Reception. The Alliance honored over sixty junior athletes for their outstanding performance this past winter season including Jaime DuPratt and Landon Labrum who received the Leadership Award for their sportsmanship and leadership amongst the junior athletes.

We extend a sincere thank you to Olympic Bronze Medalist, Bryon Wilson, for giving our keynote speech and inspiring our young athletes. Thank you to Squatters for hosting this important event and to all the junior athletes and their coaches for their hard work and dedication throughout the winter.

Best regards,

Meeche White

Interim Director

Road Clean-Up thank you

Summit County would like to thank the Summit County employees, Echo Town residents, and Historical Society members who participated in the 4th Annual Road Clean-up held last Thursday, May 27th. Over 880 pounds of trash were hauled off of N Echo Frontage Road and Weber Canyon Road thanks to the work of over 20 volunteers. The Summit County employees have adopted these two roads as part of the County’s adopt-a-road program and commit to clean them up at least two times each year. This event marked the 4th annual road clean-up and the participation levels keep growing. Thank you all again for helping beautify the community that we live, play, and work in!

Ashley Koehler

Summit County Sustainability Coordinator

Lions pitch in for nonprofits


Thanks in part to generous donations from Allstate Insurance and Lion Craig Cooper, a local agent, and our annual Pancake Breakfast, we have donated over $2,410.00 this year.

With the help of Dr. Bob Briggs, five local children have eye glasses and can see much better. We also collected hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses from our donation boxes around town to give to Dr. Briggs for his humanitarian efforts in other countries.

We sent money to Hope Alliance to help with the orphanages in Haiti, and to LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation) for tents and relief efforts in Haiti.

In addition to weekly food deliveries to the Peace House, we also supplied clothing, diapers and personal hygiene products for their clients and food for their pantry.

We helped five (5) families that have been hit hard with the current economic situation with monies and/or supplies.

Some of our members helped at the Christian Center sorting Christmas gifts for 500 families, donated toys for Toys-For-Tots and donated food to the Christian Center Food Bank.

If anyone would like to attend our meetings please contact one of our members. The Park City Lions Club meets the first and third Wednesday of each month for a lunch meeting at the Rustic Creek Grill in the Park City Peaks Hotel at 12:30 pm.


Carolyn Suchala, Sue Heumann, Florence Kruger, Craig Cooper, Jacque Kruger, Leslie Kruger, Dr. Bob Briggs

Gone but not forgotten


We lost one of the good guys last week as Hank Kiley, father, husband, friend, and mentor, passed away. "Killer" to his friends (for reasons never explained), Hank was a bright spot in any one’s day, and a comfort to any passenger riding in his airplane on the proverbial "dark and stormy night".

God’s Speed, Killer. We’ll miss you.

Chris Haerter

Park City

No new taxes


Thank you PCMR and Jenni Smith for opposing tax increases and city staff raises! Now is NOT the time for such discussions/actions.

Jim Doilney

Park City

From a Fishbowl to a Lake


All of us that live in Park City pride ourselves on the competitive, athletic environment that we have cultivated. It is remarkable that when we set our minds on winning in any sport, we consistently field some of the best teams in the state. In fact, there is really only one obstacle that shackles our competitive teams the relentless winters and their impact on our practice time for outdoor sports. Although we have lived here for eight years I never really appreciated the impact until this year. We traveled with our Boys High School soccer team down to St. George at the end of February for a tune-up prior to the beginning of the season. Keep in mind that our team had NEVER played together on an outside field. The difference between the teams from St. George and our team was dramatic. It was like taking a fish from a fishbowl and putting it in a lake for the first time. It took us most of the weekend just to get acclimated to the larger field let alone play at top form. I remember one of the coaches last year looking at his players in amazement the first time they played outside. It was like trying on glasses for the first time. His quote: "I have no idea where these kids should play I didn’t even know which ones were fast"! That is why we are so supportive of beginning snow removal at Quinn’s Junction Sportex Turf Field beginning in February of 2011. It is time to give our kids the opportunity they deserve to represent our community. Even though we live in the mountains, we still deserve a level playing field!

Mark Capone

Park City

A nod to Summit County Sheriff’s office

Not often enough do public servants get the thanks they deserve. So I’m writing to provide the recognition deserved by the fine men and women of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. Specifically I’m appreciative of the work that the Officers provide on behalf of the youth and their families of Summit County. As a public school principal I know that we can confidently call on either our identified school resource officers or an officer on patrol – assured that we will see responsive, intelligent, firm and fair support from our partners in law enforcement. From issues small to serious the SCSO provides our school with the support we need to guide middle level students to a brighter future. Sheriff Edmunds once told me – only the best will be assigned to work in our schools. That’s certainly been true. Hats off to SCSO!

Greg Proffit, Principal

Ecker Hill International Middle School

More support for snow removal

As a parent of two children both involved with Park City Athletic Teams I can’t recall the number of times over the past spring that a road trip to another part of the state was required to find a field to practice or play, this due to the lack of a quality playing field in our local area. Knowing that such a beautiful turf field is intact and located in our own backyard (Quinn’s Junction) I can only question the reason this field is not offered in the shoulder season to the local athletes for practice and play? There must be many other parents in the same situation in and around the Park City area that would benefit greatly by having this option available. As a member of the Park City area I am in favor of exploring the option of snow removal during the spring season at this field in an effort to offer our local teams a first class facility to practice and play.

Tom Cartwright

Park City