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Letters to the Editor, June 9-11, 2010

We need a plan for Main Street


First of all let me state that our business has been a vocal proponent of "pedestrianizing" Main Street since the Olympics. In addition, as early as 2004 while going through our multi-year approval process with the Planning Commission and City Council, we publicly stated that the city needed pay attention to what was planned at Redstone as it was going to be a real competitor for Old Town. In both cases the discussions fell on deaf ears or were summarily dismissed.

So I watch with amazement as "dining decks" are built on Main Street — without permits and with what seems to be no plan. We were thankful to see your editorial acknowledgement that Main Street as a business core is in real trouble and your pointing out that the regulatory climate of Park City is a major obstacle to every business owner trying to make a living here. We applaud Mr. McComb for protecting his business but we are concerned with your support for his proceeding forward without a building permit and your call to overlook this since "patience is not his strong suit." Today you reported that other restaurateurs are moving forward to get their decks on Main Street — even ones that have no street-level presence at their property.

Does lack of personal patience and a bad winter season give business owners in Old Town a hall pass to ignore the codes and laws? I have never been accused of being patient and there were no sales records here this winter. So do I also have a "hall pass"? Does every shop owner on Main who is impatient get a hall pass to build a deck in front of his or her shop to do whatever they want? Does every property owner in Old Town who is impatient with the process to get a building permit get a hall pass?

Main Street is a critical (if not the most critical) business element of our resort community and at this time it is not healthy. The answer is not a set of "experiments." The answer is not ignoring reality by blaming "the economy." The answer is to face the problems, get solutions and get about fixing them. I do not mean endless studies and consultants. I do mean getting citizens with "skin in the game" around a table and knocking out and implementing a comprehensive plan for Main Street — not years from now but months from now.

We continue to believe that the best solution is convert Main Street to a pedestrian zone that is vibrant, fun and full of activities. Year around. During the 2002 Olympics we did just that and Main Street captivated the imagination of everyone that experienced it.

Bill Shoaf

The Sky Lodge

Children’s fair sets new records


The Soaring Wings Parent Teacher Student Organization sends a special "thank you" to our corporate sponsors for a record-breaking 17th Annual Park City Children’s Fair. "Thank you" goes out to Aloha Ski and Snowboard, Park City Municipal Corp, PC Printink, Park Silly Sunday Market, Spencer’s Grill, and Whole Foods. Thank you for making the fair an enormous success!

Rachel McHenry

Park City

Cartoon exposed bias against Israel


Thank you for running the cartoon exposing the bias of the UN against Israel. Israeli leaders have never called for the annihilation of their neighbors, much less on a weekly or daily basis. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Mike Barnes

Park City

Find another way to skip the sermon


One way to get out of listening to the pastor’s sermon twice is to pass out. Not a tactic that I would recommend; however, it worked It’s nice to be a member of a community where there are so many kind, caring people including the Park City firemen and paramedics. Thanks!

P.S. Remember to stay hydrated, especially now as the temperatures climb.

Mary (MJ) Rehn

Park City

A fair day for a party in the park


It was a fun-filled day in the park on Sunday for our 17th annual Park City Children’s Fair. The weather was perfect and every child and parent had a huge smile on their face!

I would like to thank the following people who helped organize this event. We couldn’t have done it without them: Rachel McHenry, Sharain Newman, Sandy Geldhof, Vicky Fitlow, Jennifer Infurchia, Melissa Fischer, and all of the families and teachers of Soaring Wings Montessori School. What a success!

Lina Singleton

SWPTSO Fair Chair

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