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Letters to the Editor, June 9-12, 2012

A perfect day for a fair in the park


On behalf of the teachers of Soaring Wings Montessori School, I’d like to thank our students, parents and the Park City community for supporting our 19th Annual Park City Children’s Fair. It was a perfect day in the park and we surpassed all previous records in raising funds, all of which will be donated to local and global child- and environment-oriented organizations chosen by students such as Recycle Utah and Swaner Nature Preserve.

Over the past 19 years we’ve focused on keeping the fair small and child-friendly so our students can feel ownership of the funds they raise and then spend the following school year, personally donating back to the community. It’s immensely gratifying to see the effort on the parts of hundreds of people throughout Park City and surrounding areas who contribute to this effort.

In particular I’d like to thank spectacular parents Rachel McHenry, Jenny Samuelson and Sandy Geldhof, fantastic teachers Michelle Aldrich and Leah Linebarger, and the incredible families of SWMS, past, present and future, who turn out year after year to support this effort.

Thank you, Park City, for your unwavering support. It has been a grand 25 years and we look forward to the next 25!

Duna Strachan

Executive director, Soaring Wings Montessori School

Leash laws protect people and animals


I, like many people in Park City and Summit County, were glad to read the article in the newspaper written by Sarah Moffitt and quoting Brian Bellamy of Summit County Animal Control announcing the increased patrolling for violators of the leash law. It said that they will be increasing enforcement on the trails, but I also think they need to increase enforcement on streets and in local parks.

I also think that law enforcement needs to take notice when dogs are off leash and stop and educate the owners as they are also responsible for enforcing the local, state and federal laws. I still think more enclosed dog parks would be a great answer.

There was a letter to the editor in last Saturday’s Park Record about how we should not worry about the leash law, and that the laws are also the result of urban influences. I say with all due respect that the leash laws were not put in place by recent arrivals to the Park City area, and that one bite to a human being by a "good dog" that was off leash is more than enough.

Urban influences have nothing to do with being a good neighbor and being a responsible pet owner. I came from the biggest urban city, and can attest to the fact that leash laws work and protect people and animals from harm.

Thanks to Brian Bellamy and the officers that will be enforcing the leash law.

Charlie Wagner

Park City

How do we prevent slaughter of wildlife?

Dear Editor,

I know I cannot be the only one who has noticed or is sickened by the recent slaughtering of animals on our roads in and out of Park City. In just the past week I have seen four moose, an elk and several deer dead long the side of the roads. It is clearly too much to ask people to slow down and pay attention to their surroundings.

Have we forgotten that we live in the mountains? Since we cannot get people to slow down, how as a community can we begin to prevent this from being a daily sight? I like many of you have chosen to raise my family in this beautiful community and we need to preserve the wildlife for generations to come.

Erin Grady

Park City

Greenhalgh would help keep this place special


The growth management problems we’ve faced recently, such as the CORE zone debacle, resulted from decision-makers failing to follow our general plan. While serving as chair of the Basin Planning Commission, Max Greenhalgh was instrumental in the creation of our general plan and development code, which endeavor to preserve the natural environment and our quality of life. They were based on extensive public participation and they received broad public support when adopted.

The CORE zone was not consistent with the general plan or development code. Max helped lead the fight to defeat CORE. Please join me in electing Max Greenhalgh to the County Council. He will help guard our gains and keep the focus on the vision of keeping this place special. Vote for Max in the June 26 Primary!

Richard Thomas

Old Ranch Road

Board candidate Marsh has unique skill set


I am writing in support of Paul Marsh as a candidate for the District #3 position on the Park City Board of Education. While there are other candidates for the position, all with different perspectives, Paul Marsh, I believe, is the best qualified. As a longtime resident and parent, Paul’s experience as a teacher and as a consultant/analyst in business gives him unique skill sets. Paul is not a "one-trick pony."

I believe that with his analytical skills, along with his passion for education, Park City could not find a better candidate. Paul will make a difference and have a positive impact on Park City kids. I support Paul Marsh and encourage everyone in District #3 to do as well. Paul Marsh is the best person for the job.

John McDonald

Park City

Knauer would bring energy, insight to board


During the last ten years I have had numerous opportunities to work with Tania Knauer on school and community committees. We have children the same age and share similar professional backgrounds. Tania is one of the most energetic, organized, and insightful persons that I have met in both my occupational and volunteer endeavors. Her career and education experiences have helped her develop excellent skills that will be highly beneficial to the school board:

  • collaboration
  • preparation (she researches and becomes an expert on issues)
  • listening
  • not being afraid to challenge conventional thinking
  • initiative (she has founded several programs in the school district)
  • business acumen

    Tania is highly qualified and will make a true difference as a school board member. Please join me in voting for Tania Knauer for Precinct 3 Park City School Board.

    Margie Schloesser

    Park City

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