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Letters to the Editor, March 28-30, 2012

Hats off to Town Race Series title sponsors


Hurray to Cole Sport and the Corner Store for co-title-sponsoring the Park City Town Race Series. If it was not for their undying commitment to the community and its events, we would not have been able to host the series. These businesses truly get the concept of giving back and they do it subtly and consistently.

Thank you from all of us who enjoyed this year’s town series.

Jesse Hunt

Director, Park City Town Race Series

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Inaccurate infomercial masquerading as news


I am disappointed that The Park Record would publish an inaccurate infomercial puff piece masquerading as a news article ("Academy Dueling in Park City," 3/24/12). To call the "article" misleading would be an understatement. The article contains numerous inaccuracies: First off, Sergei Gritsaev, who I consider a friend, did not move to Park City ten years ago. Sergei’s club, Utah Swords Academy, is well established in his hometown of Sandy, and he is attempting to expand into a satellite location in Park City.

What bothers me more about The Park Record article is the intimation that Sergei is introducing the sport of fencing to Park City. Competitive sport fencing is alive and well in Park City and has been since two-time National Veterans Champion Elaine Aliberti opened the Park City Fencing Academy in 2003. PCFA athletes have competed and medaled in U.S. national championships and at the Junior Olympics, and have represented our country in multiple international competitions. In addition, coach Elaine Aliberti has been selected as U.S. national coach at a number of international events. Currently three Park City Fencing Academy former students are competing in NCAA fencing, representing Duke, Brown, and Princeton universities.

I would expect more accurate "reporting" from The Park Record. For more information on fencing in Park City, please visit http://www.parkcityfencing.com .

Bruce Malcolm

Park City

Park City has its own fencing academy


I just read the "Fencing academy dueling in Park City" article. I thought I would let you know that the Utah Swords Academy is not the local Park City fencing club. Coach Elaine Aliberti has been running the Park City Fencing Academy here for over 10 years. The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Park City Day School. Coach Elaine and the advanced fencers in the club also offer private lessons. The Utah Swords Academy is located in Sandy, Utah, and is offering this introduction to fencing class in direct competition with our local fencing club.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in fencing contact Coach Elaine at the Park City Fencing Academy. We have been involved with the Park City Fencing Academy for the last two years. Coach Elaine is an amazing coach who is truly dedicated to her students. If you are looking for a high quality coach and a fun, supportive experience for your child, contact Coach Elaine to get started. Park City Fencing Academy is even offering a free introduction to fencing class in April. Please support our local fencing club!

Angela Swanson

Park City

Gritsaev family moved to SLC, not Park City


The Utah Swords Academy, as a new business in the Park City area, was contacted by Gina Barker, a reporter for The Park Record, to be interviewed for an article which ran in the March 24 edition. I met with Gina for an hour at the Silver Mountain Sports Club in Kimball Junction while she asked inquisitive questions about our business, teaching the sport of fencing. Gina was very thorough and thoughtful in her interview and I shared information about the history of our academy and about fencing.

A concerned person asked that a correction to the article be made public. That is that the Gritsaev family moved to Salt Lake City 10 years ago and not to Park City. I lived in the Park City for seven years and have many friends and acquaintances in the area. We at the Utah Swords Academy look forward to sharing our love of fencing with anyone, any age, who would like to learn a fast and challenging sport! Please make this correction known in your next edition.

The article also stated that the Utah Swords Academy has approximately 100 students attending a variety of classes. These numbers are a close approximation and do fluctuate as new sessions begin. However, these are our students in the Salt Lake area. Our sport fencing program in the Park City area is a new program and will being for youth on April 3. Our adult program should begin in May.

Many thanks to Gina Barker and The Park Record.

Laurel McFarland

Assistant coach, Utah Swords Academy

Board stepped up to protect Follies name


"PCMR May Lose Lease" "2012 Lowest Snowfall in 20 Years" "Wolf Mountain Property to be Auctioned."

In a community of uncertainty, the Egyptian Theatre is proud to be the home of the Park City Follies, produced and presented on our stage for 13 years running, including our 2012 edition, opening on April 27. All nonprofits understand how hard it is to create and execute a yearly event, let alone a full-scale theatrical production. This past year proved to be more dramatic than usual for our sacredly sacrilegious romp. Members of our board stepped up to provide all of the funding used to protect a moniker that stands for our locals’ most precious, unalienable right: to poke fun at ourselves. Our time and energy will now be spent doing what we do best creating wonders for our stage. We are thrilled to welcome everyone back for one big, fun, tongue-in-cheek escapade based on all things Park City!

Rowland Butler, Pam Carrol, Paul Crowe, Michael Labertew, David Rolfe, Alfred Lutter, Maura Robbins, Paul Tan, Michael Worel

The Egyptian Theatre board of trustees

Randy Barton

Egyptian Theatre director

Spring Grüv raised thousands for clinic


WOW! Thank you, Canyons, for the Ultimate Spring Grüv! The People’s Health Clinic was proud to be the beneficiary of opening day and part of this unique Park City tradition. Thanks to Canyons underwriting, the clinic raised over $2,800 to provide health care to the uninsured in Summit and Wasatch counties. A big shout out to the Canyons team who helped to make this event a success: Mike Goar, Christie Babalis, Todd Burnett, Jim Costello, Dave March and Steve Pastorino.

Jenny Dorsey

Events director, People’s Health Clinic