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Letters to the Editor, March 3-6, 2012

A compassionate community


In the past few weeks I have been reminded of how fortunate I am and how much I appreciate being born and raised in the amazing community of Park City.

A month ago I was training in the super pipe at PCMR. I had spun a 540 out of the pipe, landed, but then fell in the transition. all accounts, it was an unremarkable fall. But the damage was a fracture of the T-12 vertebrae, massive ligament damage which ultimately meant surgery to fuse two vertebrae, two rods, four screws put things back in place. All my hopes and plans for the winter changed in an instant. But in the hospital I realized how lucky I was I wasn’t paralyzed and had no head injury. In my doctor’s words, I had dodged a bullet.

The outpouring of care, concern, thoughts, prayers and the show of support has been amazing! There are so many to thank: My mom, dad and little brother Tucker, of course, my rescuers, the PCMR Mountain Patrol, the staff at the mountain clinic, the Park City Fire Department paramedics who delivered my mom and me to the University of Utah Medical Center, and my coach and friends who stayed by my side. Then there is the amazing team of caregivers at the U. Medical Center for their competent and compassionate care, and finally Dr. Darryl Brodke and his crew who so competently put me back together.

Then I received more proof of how precious life is and how fast it can change. On the day I was released from the hospital, I learned of Sarah Burke’s catastrophic injury. To all of us in the free-ride world, Sarah was royalty. An amazing athlete, Sarah was calm and kind to everyone around her, especially the younger girls like me. She completely shaped free-skiing by fighting for the sport she loved. Her passing devastated the entire free-ride community.

Finally, thank you to all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers, for the cards, meals, flowers, gifts and so many balloons! To our awesome friends and family, to all of my friends who visited me at the hospital and at home over the past few weeks and sent messages from around the planet, to all the wonderful Parkites, and to the many total strangers who sent words of encouragement: Park City is an incredibly caring and compassionate community and I feel blessed to be a part of it!

Blake Peterson

Park City

Senate resolution does not favor SkiLink


I applaud the Senate legislators who sponsored the resolution that enables our resorts to better plan the future. Carl Fisher of Save Our Canyons is incorrect in stating that the resolution bypasses the public process. It’s time for opponents to stop making false statements about the Senate Concurrent Resolution 10 (S.C.R. 10) and SkiLink.

SkiLink is an entirely separate proposal and facts need to be separated from fiction:

No expansion. SkiLink is aerial transportation to make existing terrain more accessible.

No circumvention of the public process. Proposing legislation is the public process. SkiLink would be subject to Salt Lake and Summit counties’ jurisdiction. All zoning, environmental and land use reviews would be followed.

No wilderness encroachment. SkiLink does not cross proposed nor designated wilderness.

No harm to watershed. The same environmental firm that Salt Lake City trusts for its environmental studies concluded SkiLink would not impact water quality.

SkiLink IS about creating an unprecedented Utah ski experience equal to the best in the world. It is an aerial transportation proposal. It’s irresponsible for those opposed to this or any project to disseminate lies as a basis for their opinion.

Tom Richardson

Ski Our Canyons Responsibly

Park City firefighters hosted quite the tour


In the new, high-tech "firehouse central" on Bitner Road, firemen rock. We, the senior citizens of Summit County, know!

On February 28, 2012, the fellas hosted us to an educational luncheon which was also filled with kudos as to the viability and savvy of the senior population.

Besides learning about the many facets of their work, we were given a guided tour of the facility. You should check out the newest in vehicle-exhaust control in preventing cancer.

My only suggestion is that they need some good local art to grace their empty living-space walls!

Many thanks to all for a most enjoyable afternoon.

Joni Phillipp

Retired nursing director, Deer Valley and Canyons (ParkWest)

Open carry of firearms is already legal


Please quit printing erroneous stories and editorials that claim that House Bill 49, currently being debated in the Utah House, will permit the open carry of firearms. Open carry of firearms has been legal in Utah for years. HB 49 simply prevents municipalities from filing frivolous charges like disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct in an attempt to dissuade people from exercising their already legal right to open carry a firearm.

John Watson

Layton, Utah

Three amazing days in the Park City schools


It’s been an inspiring three days in the Park City School District.

On Tuesday, the inaugural District Science Fair was held. Over 400 5th-9th grade scientists presented 200 projects. Gym 2 at PCHS was filled with projects that ranged from "Skittles Statistics" to "Are You Distracted?", an experiment based on surveys of our own local driving and activity habits. More than 90 kids had their projects picked to go on to the Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair at the U of U. Almost as impressive was the large group of teacher and parent volunteer judges who devoted their entire day to the fair.

On Wednesday night, more than 240 orchestra students took part in the annual "String Thing" at the Eccles Center. It’s the one concert of the year where the Ecker, Treasure, and PCHS orchestras play together. Special guests were the student musicians of the Weilenmann School. A wonderful addition were the musicians of McPolin Strings, a new after-school program open to all district 3-5th grade students free of charge. Listening to ALL 240 students playing "Ode to Joy" was, well, joyful!

Fast forward to Thursday night, when almost 300 band students gathered for the annual "Bandapalooza." Similar to the String Thing, it’s the one concert of the year where all the 6th-12th grade musicians play on the Eccles stage and show us why they’re an award-winning group of musicians. The music is wonderful, and it’s as much fun watching the younger kids look up to the older ones a terrific experience for all.

These amazing events are the result of visionary people in our district, countless hours spent (the science fair was over a year in the making), and the inspiring dedication and commitment of students, teachers, administration, parents, and volunteers. You are too numerous to mention, and as a parent of three PCSD students, I thank you!

Another common thread running through these wonderful opportunities for our kids is PCEF. Each of these programs has been given partial or entire funding from the Park City Education Foundation. We have been your trusted resource for improving education in our district, and these are great examples of your donations being put to work. We thank you for trusting us with your contributions, and ask that you to continue to help us with our mission of raising capital to support high-impact programs that advance student achievement.

Jennifer Billow

Events and marketing manager, PCEF

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