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Letters to the Editor, March 30-April 1, 2011

Candy Erickson will be missed


It is with a great deal of sadness that I, and I’m sure all Parkites, learned of Candy Erickson’s passing. Candy was truly a caring and kind person, and wonderful to be around. As a community leader she understood our challenges and worked diligently on our behalf. She was everything a public servant should be. We will miss her kind smile and I think Parkites should count ourselves lucky to be the beneficiaries of her hard work and contribution to our well-being. Our thoughts go out to Bruce and her family.

Michael Kaplan

Park City

Trout Unlimited supports lease plan


Recently, The Park Record reported that the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest has approved a plan for oil and gas leasing on the Uinta portion of the forest. The issue of oil and gas leasing in the Strawberry Valley and the Diamond Fork is something that Trout Unlimited (TU) has been involved in since 2004 when oil and gas leasing began in the area. In recent years, TU and its members have pushed for a responsible energy development plan on the Uinta National Forest, where fish and wildlife habitat remains largely intact, and we support the decision by the Forest Service to put in place a balanced approach to future oil and gas leasing.

The decision by the Forest Service is the result of a five-year effort by the agency to develop a plan that would allow for oil and gas leasing in a way that is compatible with existing uses. To this end, the Forest Service incorporated protections for important natural resources on the forest, including the nationally recognized trout fishery in Strawberry Reservoir and the work that has been completed to restore Utah’s State Fish, the Bonneville cutthroat trout, in the upper Diamond Fork.

Measures that the Forest Service will require if oil and gas development occurs on the Forest include the avoidance of riparian areas, no well pad or road construction in back country roadless areas, and water quality monitoring to ensure that activities associated with oil and gas development do not increase the sediment in streams.

With these and other protections in place, the Forest Service plan allows increased opportunities for oil and gas development. In fact, the decision will more than triple the lands available for oil and gas leasing from about 207,000 acres to nearly 736,000 acres. using today’s directional drilling technology, the industry will be able to access oil and gas on nearly 70 percent of the available forest, and with improving technology, that percentage will only increase over time.

Trout Unlimited has long recognized that oil and gas development represents an important use of our public lands and that through cooperation, land management agencies can foster responsible oil and gas development that also protects the fish, wildlife, and hunting and angling values that our public lands are cherished for. TU believes that this new leasing plan strikes that balance.

Robert Dibblee

President, Utah State Council, Trout Unlimited

City needs more parking, not less


I was surprised to read of plans to build an ice rink and park, along with installing new sidewalks and a large television screen as a means to draw traffic to Main Street, eliminating a parking lot in the process and adding overhead expenses for taxpayers.

The biggest drawback to shopping on Main Street is the very lack of parking spaces, which is not addressed and in fact made worse by this proposal. Instead of an ice rink (and the cost to maintain, staff and insure), how about a garage? Let’s get real. It’s not about skating, parks and television; it’s about parking!

Howard Ward

Park City

This is how Utah promotes business?


What was the state Of Utah thinking with the liquor bill? How stupid to run a business like this: close profitable outlets and make liquor harder to buy and then expect to continue to get the same income? Also, let people sell their liquor licenses rather then managing them in the state’s best interest?

For a government that promotes the state’s business climate, you just shot yourself in the foot. I would sign a petition to have the governor recalled and anyone in legislature who voted for it.

I hope my representatives will do everything in their power to reverse this.

Roger Stephens

Park City