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Letters to the Editor, March 5-8, 2011

Holding a Round Up takes many hands


On Feb. 19th, Mountain Trails held its first annual winter fundraiser, the Round Valley Round Up. Despite some rigorous weather conditions, the event was a huge success and showed huge support for our trails! When you watch over 280 racers line up at the start line, in white-out blizzard conditions, you can’t help but get a little emotional.

A huge thanks and much gratitude go to all those individuals and organizations that made this event possible. An extra special thanks to the National Ability Center for hosting our event. Gail, Jan, and Larry made sure everyone was comfortable; nonprofits helping nonprofits. The arena was the perfect venue for the RV Round Up and a much needed haven from the blowing weather.

Even Michelle Deitrich’s digital art classes gave it their all and designed a killer RV Round Up logo. I had an especially fun collaboration with these talented art students. Many creative and awesome designs were submitted and a logo was born. Thanks, Michelle, for giving us the opportunity to tap into your young artists’ talent.

And finally, many thanks to all the hard working volunteers for the event: braving the storm for hours on the course with aid stations and the start/finish details, setup and breakdown of the course and party, and generally making it a great event. Our small and dedicated MTF staff of Dawn Bowling, Ginger Ries and Rick Fournier and board members Greg Balch and Tom Peek continue to work tirelessly to promote our trails. It couldn’t have been done without them.

Charlie Sturgis

Executive director, Mountain Trails Foundation

Businesses, artists stepped up to plate


Park City is truly a community that gives in abundance. Arts-Kids was overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity by local shop owners, our artists, and businesses who joined to help us have a very successful and fun Step Up to the Plate 2011 event Sunday night at the Newpark Hotel.

Our thanks go to Mayor Dana Williams who was a masterful M.C. and Rich Wyman who played delightful background music. The eight restaurants went all out with their delectable appetizers, which were all winners. Montage presented a beautiful and delicious cake for the dessert. Best Buy and Frontier Bank contributed employees as volunteers along with many friends of Arts-Kids who helped out. The energy and conviviality generated a warmth and sense of community that was invigorating. A good time was had by all!

Thank you for helping us to celebrate youth and creativity, Park City!

Pat Drewry Sanger

Founder, executive director, Arts-Kids

Friendship group resolution is a sham


I am writing to shine a spotlight on a resolution currently scheduled for a vote March 4, without debate!

The Utah State Legislature recently introduced a resolution, SJR 21, to create a Utah-Turkish friendship group. This seemingly innocuous bill provides Turkey political cover for their anti-democratic and intolerant record on human and religious rights by using the Utah State House as their validator.

The first clause of this resolution claims that Turkey cherishes freedom, democracy, and human rights. The second clause goes on to claim that Turkey is committed to peace, liberty and secular as well as religious tolerance of others.

Turkey’s tolerance and human rights record come up empty when faced with the truth.

Wednesday’s Associated Press story, "Turkish police crack down on journalists," has the most telling line from Turkey’s Journalists Association, "Free press is being intimidated in Turkey."

This is one of many examples of Turkey’s abysmal human-rights record which includes the mistreatment of its Kurdish minority, the occupation of Cyprus, the destruction of Christian churches and the continued denial of the Armenian genocide.

It is unthinkable that the State of Utah can engage in a friendship agreement with a country when that friendship is not based on truth and does not reflect Turkey’s behavior towards the United States and our values.

Sarkis Bekearian

Orem, Utah

Bill White deserves James Beard award


Congratulation and three cheers to Bill White Enterprises for his nomination to the James Beard Foundation’s 2011 Restaurateur of the Year award.

I can’t think of anyone else so deserving of this award. Bill has given the Park City community the "best of the best" when it comes to choices in dining. If you haven’t visited his six establishments (Grappa, Chimayo, Wahso, Ghidotti’s and Windy Ridge Cafe and Bakery), you are missing out on the finest cuisine in town. When you’re thinking of dining, Bill offers the best variety for all to enjoy.

Good luck, Bill!

Jackalyn Silva

Park City