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Letters to the Editor, March 9-11, 2011

Snowshoers storm McPolin Farm


The Full Moon Snowshoe at the McPolin Farm on February 18 was just too much fun for words. This really special event is limited to 75 people and sold out in six days! Where else can you enjoy great company, food, music, and snowshoe the beautiful McPolin trail in the moonlight for just $15 a person?

This wonderful community event could not have happened without help from our friends in the community. Special thanks to White Pine Touring for the loan of snowshoes and retracking the farm, to Park City Library for selling the tickets, to Kumbayah for the delicious chili dinner, and amazing entertainment by Dana Williams and Motherlode, not to mention the delicious hot chocolate and coffee donated by Ted Russell with Starbuck’s.

More thanks to Denise Carey and the Friends of the Farm committee and their dedication to bringing fun and affordable community events to the farm.

Hope to see you at our next event, "Your Barn Door is Open," the annual square dance and pig roast on Saturday, June 25.

Julie Tuttle, Greg Peters

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And the Friends of the Farm Committee

Keep Round Valley open for everyone


This letter is written in response to your recent article, "On the snow, and into a skirmish," and editorial "Round Valley: tribal warfare or tranquility?"

I am an avid and longtime resident, member of Mountain Trails Foundation, and hiker in Round Valley. This beautiful valley has offered us an open, peaceful, natural place that lets us be in nature without the kind of rules that take away from an individual’s freedom of experience.

Then last year, the grooming started, in a low-key, non-invasive way, as if to say, "Don’t mind us, we’re just doing a little grooming; don’t worry about a thing." Now, this year, the cross-country skiers appeared in mass. All of a sudden they want to make a proprietary claim on Round Valley, suggesting that hikers and dogs should be confined or displaced because the trails have been groomed? Are they suggesting grooming exists and has thereby granted skiers domination and exclusive use of the trails? That, I find insulting. Haven’t they claimed the entire golf course for the whole winter, verbally insulting and abusing any shoe-footed person who dare take a walk there on a sunny day? That cannot be the fate of Round Valley.

Further, I will not be confined to a limited portion of the valley. I am happy to continue to share the trail with courteous skiers, dogs, hikers and bikers. This conflict arose with the new population of skiers, and if they want to "take over" as opposed to "join in" life in Round Valley, then an easy solution is to stop grooming and let things return to a natural state of being. Or, these skiers can acknowledge that they are going to have a mixed-use experience when they choose Round Valley, and enjoy the day. For those who prefer a purely skiing experience, without dogs and people on foot, the golf course awaits. Round Valley should remain open for the enjoyment of all.

Karen Colson

Park City