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Letters to the Editor, May 11-13, 2011


Driving by Buffalo Run Ranch near Woodland last week, I witnessed a gruesome sight. Several sad bison in a small pen with mud and manure to their knees stared back at me. No grassy areas exist. Two newly-arrived calves stood at their mothers’ sides in this muck with no dry areas to lie down.

This was not my only pass-by. I take Bench Creek Road frequently and see dejected-looking animals kept in a deplorable state on this ranch.

Thursday I traveled to Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake near Ogden to view free-ranging bison in their natural environment. The difference between these conditions and unfenced, rolling terrain of native grasses was shocking.

I feel compelled to urge the owners to treat these noble beasts in a humane manner if they MUST keep them.

Pigs would be a better choice for the mud and manure at this Woodland ranch.

Ani Robertson

Park City

White line doesn’t protect pedestrians


I have a home on Highland Drive and have recently seen the plans for the trails construction along the road. I support having a combination hard trail and a soft trail for the project. The trail would safely connect all the other accesses used by a broad user base for recreation and transportation.

I did the Walk for Safety on 5/7/2011 and found on a Saturday how much traffic chaos there was with the varying types of traffic on it. In one case, a cyclist was surprised to find himself head-on with a couple of people including children walking in his competing space for pavement. At the same time he was boxed in by a passing car on his right. The passing car had another oncoming car that swerved into the shoulder lane on the other side of the road. The cyclist was going downhill having an extremely hard time slowing down. He had a look of panic on his face, being faced with a situation outside of his control. The people wanted to jump into the ditch.

I couldn’t help but wonder how much worse this would be with a 3-foot snowplow-created line of icy crud right where the people would be walking in the winter. In the winter, everyone walks right on the road because there is no other place to walk. The choice for only the soft trail would not be maintainable in the winter months.

I watched one older person almost fall as she moved onto a 45-degree loose-gravel ditch to make room for a car going by.

Why scrimp on a main connecting trail by making it either hard or soft? It needs to be accessible even in the winter months (six months out of the year). The hard trail could be maintained in the winter.

Participating in the walk last Saturday, I was extremely nervous being 15 inches away from trucks and buses going 35 mph, even when carrying red flags and with 20 other people in tow. There is no way I would want a child to even be near this road without a better separation from bicycles and cars than a white line.

Cary Evans

Park City

Heartfelt thanks from Maddux family


On behalf of Christopher, myself, and our three boys, Devon, Cameron, and Grayson, I wanted to thank a few people so instrumental in making the evening of May 5 an amazingly memorable and poignant celebration amidst an incredibly devastating and sad situation.

Hilary Hays, PCHS principal, organized the entire evening, staying in constant and emotionally sensitive communication with me, always planning and checking on every last detail in making the evening as heartfelt and special as it was. As if running a high school wasn’t enough, she put in so much extra time all week getting everything organized as well as making sure Christopher’s students felt secure in their endeavors to persevere through their grief to make the poignant video and photographic journey shown that evening. Mere thanks cannot possibly due justice to her tireless efforts.

Likewise, Dave Hallock, Eccles Center production manager and dear friend, was also instrumental in providing us with such a memorable evening. The evening’s speakers, Joe Ellis, Hal Smith, Anita Booher, and Craig Watson, shared such wonderful stories of days gone by at PCHS. I thank you for the laughter you provided us.

For their behind-the-scenes support, I’d also like to thank PC youth lacrosse and Ute football coaches, players, and board members for showing Cameron and Grayson what it means to be a part of a team in Park City. And to Samantha Walsh, PCHS intervention counselor, thanks for setting up the Care Calendar to make sure we don’t go hungry. (Yes, Christopher did all of the cooking in our home.)

What an amazing community we live in. I feel so much love and support and am so grateful for all of you who are thinking about us at this time in the present and in the future.

I know there are people who could not attend the service, so here are the thoughts I shared at Christopher’s celebration service last Thursday:

Christopher always knew life was precious. He believed in the priceless value of each and every day. His students and friends will recall his firm belief that no matter what you do with your life, make sure you wake up every Monday morning doing what makes you happy and fulfilled.

I wish there were some words to comfort all of you whose hearts are breaking with this sudden loss of your teacher, your mentor, your colleague, your friend. For such a private man, he touched the lives of so many. Please know that you all touched his life as well.

We chose to celebrate Christopher’s life this past Thursday, May 5, because he gave us so much to celebrate. He is the pillar of strength in our family and the driving force behind our family adventures, which led to the invaluable memories we will hold onto forever. Our strength comes from family unity and having fun.

Christopher kept his illness a secret from most outside our family because he didn’t want anyone or anything to redirect the daily comings and goings of life as we all knew it. He knew how devastating his diagnosis was, not just for the family but for his students, as well. We are so sorry we didn’t get to tell you, to prepare you that his time with us became suddenly limited. What we thought was still years to be together became only days and hours, suddenly and overnight.

Thank you for rallying together to show your love and support for this amazing man, teacher, friend, husband, and father. There is so much comfort for Devon, Cameron, Grayson, and myself in knowing he will live on in not only our hearts but yours as well.

Sharon Maddux

Park City

Household waste costs us all money


In response to your May 4 story, "Recycling Costs Money," I would like to offer a thought. As the article points out, it is not just recycling, but getting rid of household waste that costs money ($9.62 for garbage, $6.46 for recycling per household). We are currently paying these costs, but they are buried in our property taxes so we don’t have visibility into what we are paying and have no incentive to reduce what we throw out or whether we recycle.

If the County wishes to preserve the life of the landfill, the least expensive way to do so for the taxpayers is 1) have a line item on your property tax for garbage collection/recycling (like SL County), 2) allow the taxpayers to choose the size of garbage can at their residence (pay for what you throw away) and 3) allow the taxpayer to choose whether to have a curbside recycling bin or use a drop-off center, like Recycle Utah. In this manner a taxpayer can reduce the amount they throw away (and are charged for garbage disposal) and choose the convenience of curbside recycling or the more comprehensive solution offered by a drop-off center.

We are fortunate to have a County Commission that has been supportive of recycling efforts, both curbside and drop-off. I would be thrilled if they could give me the choice to reduce the size of my garbage can and my tax bill with the new solid waste contract.

Jeramy Lund

Board chair, Recycle Utah

KPCW board is in awe of Larry Warren


I am writing on behalf of the board of trustees of Community Wireless Inc. to publicly express the board’s appreciation for its general manager, Larry Warren. Larry took the helm of KPCW one year ago and since that time has improved virtually every aspect of KPCW. It is a pleasure to hear his voice on the radio, and an even greater pleasure to witness the outstanding work Larry does behind the scenes to make KPCW that special voice of the community. The board is in awe of Larry’s achievements this past year, and we look forward to even greater things from Larry this coming year.

Way to go, Larry. Keep up the good work.

Joseph E. Wrona

Chairman, board of trustees of Community Wireless Inc.

Curling bonspiel is international event


Park City Curling Club’s 2nd Annual Bonspiel (tournament) rocked the Ice Rink last weekend! Teams from California, Idaho, Colorado, Utah and Canada made this a truly international event of friendly competition and camaraderie.

As always, Park City welcomed the world with generous hospitality-like VIP service at The Park City Peaks Hotel and our top-notch Ice Arena and staff. Park City merchants’ generosity is endless — Park City Golf Course, Jake Hanley — Jeremy golf pro, Deer Valley Resort, Silver Star Cafe, Park City Bread and Bagel, and Steve’s Bad Ass Coffee. Many thanks also go to the National Ability Center.

Many volunteers helped, but most deserving kudos go to Curling Club founders and directors Deb and Greg Basrak — who have now put Park City on the North American curling map!

Annie Sundquist

Park City

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