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Letters to the Editor, May 18-20, 2011

Medical Center staff offered compassion


I wanted to express my sincere and honest appreciation for the outstanding care provided to my husband, Christopher Maddux, and to my entire family, as well, for the last days of Christopher’s life this April 2011 spent in the Park City Medical Center. Everything about our experience at the Park City Medical Center was noteworthy and to be commended.

I don’t even know where to start to say thank you because everything from the fantastically designed facility, which felt like an extension of home, to the genuine, loving, and professional care shown by absolutely everyone we came in contact with, was something for which I will hold as a cherished memory for all of my life.

Even my boys and I were cared for by the staff and volunteers with such compassion that our last days and hours with Christopher were among the most peaceful I could ever have hoped for. I have never known a medical facility to be so supportive and thoughtful as a whole and on so many levels. The entire atmosphere created by the staff and volunteers is inexplicable as the spirit of this facility transcends anything I’ve ever known, much less expected during such an emotional, medical crisis.

While normally end-of-life days in a hospital are full of memories that one may choose not to relive and think about, our time there is actually a memory that provides me peace and comfort for a closure that I never could have imagined. For that I wish to thank all those who surrounded us with so much love and consideration, some of whom happened to be community friends and many of whom were once strangers. You are all an amazing group of people dedicating your hearts and souls in your professional lives to others. My family and I will always treasure your efforts and success in helping us through our incredibly painful situation.

Sharon Maddux

Park City

Park City Singers’ amazing show


On Sunday, May 15, we had the opportunity to hear the Park City Singers Spring Concert at the Park City Community Church. It was a delightfully entertaining evening of music from an array of Broadway shows. The chorus is made up of individuals from our community who range in age from teens to those in their eighties. Debra Lynn Cook, the chorus director, was a joy to watch and her enthusiasm for the music was evident as she brought forth an amazing performance from the singers. Shelle Jennings was also a highlight of the evening as she accompanied the chorus with her virtuoso piano skills.

Thanks to all of you who give your time and talents to bring such beautiful music to our town.

Judy and Dan Brophy

Park City

A community of different voices


KPCW runs on volunteers, and as general manager for a year now I’ve seen the value they bring to our "Community Voice." Different music, different senses of humor, different interests and ages all make the blend that perfectly reflects Park City. We had a chance last Friday night to throw a party at the No Name Saloon for all our great volunteers, including members of our Community Advisory Board, our Board of Trustees, and our board operators — the women and men who keep you entertained during our music hours. Since our volunteers work alone in the booth, it was the first chance for many of them to meet each other.

I especially want to thank Frank Dwyer, Jesse Shetler and Ron Wedig at the No Name for being generous hosts. It was a great party and great venue. You too helped bring our community together by bringing all of us at KPCW together for some fun.


Larry Warren

General manager, KPCW-FM

"Your Community Voice"

Here’s the scoop on dog droppings


I am writing on behalf of a Pinebrook-area family to show my support of their efforts in trying to educate those around them about the importance of cleaning up after their four-legged best friends. A few of the concerns surrounding dog waste being left on our trails and not being scooped, carried and canned are as follows:

Bacteria such as E coli and fecal coliform are found in dog waste. Dog waste that is not scooped gets washed into our water and these bacteria can build up in the water to levels that make the water unsafe for human contact.

Excess nutrients from dog waste contribute to algae growth and algae blooms which kill off aquatic life and destroy the ecosystems in our streams, lakes and reservoirs.

This is a very brief explanation of problems associated with dog waste in our waters. With the number of dog owners in our watershed this is an issue that we all must work together to address. For more information there is a great article at the following link: http://www.usatoday.com/news/science/2002-06-07-dog-usat.htm .

This problem is large enough that it will require the efforts of all of us in the watershed. Please support local families in their war against dog waste in our watershed. When you hike around the Pinebrook area with your dogs, please bring your own bags (Recycle Utah sells biodegradable bags at the center located at 1951 Woodbine Way in Park City) and pick up the poop.

Lars C. Christensen

Upper Weber Watershed Coordinator

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