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Letters to the Editor, May 19, 2010


Like many Summit County political junkies, I was caught unawares by the Cinderella story of Jon Hellander’s near upset of longtime GOP stalwart Mel Brown. I have to admit, as a county delegate, I was less than impressed with Jon’s stump speech. Whereas Mel proclaimed his defense of Park City’s schools in the face of repeated legislative threats of capital equalization, Jon enumerated his Constitutional principles. It made me wonder whether this man was running to represent District 53 or angling for a seat on the Supreme Court.

All things being fair, the delegates seem to have been somewhat influenced by the STAR forum, social networking gone activist through Glen Beck’s franchise politics. I don’t mean to belittle Jacqueline Smith; she’s an impressively energetic and smart woman to the point where I wonder why she’s not running for District 53 rep, but seriously, Glen Beck? I’m just a fiscal conservative who believes in limiting government with respect to our personal lives, so that puts me just right of Che Guevara in Mr. Beck’s book. But to me Glen Beck is a theatrical showman. Deriving your political principles from this man is like deriving your moral principles from Howard Stern. They both serve the same role in society as highly paid media jesters who make gazillions by acting deliberately provocative for the sake of drawing in viewers which attracts advertisers who pay more gazillions – lather, rinse, repeat.

When it comes to localized politics, Glen Beck is irrelevant. He may serve up extremism as honest, average- Joe common sense, but the sketch comedy and put-upon humility evaporate into a gaseous socioeconomic mysticism, complete with arcane chalkboard diagrams charting our grim approach toward apocalyptic doom. It’s a formula that works on TV as a way to connect commercials for all-natural male potency formulas but loses something in translation to the job of effecting public policy in Summit County.

So I don’t think Ms. Smith is doing Mr. Hellander’s campaign a whole lot of good by hitching his wagon to the Fox Network horse. The great thing about local politics is its focus on practical issues, since everything is pothole close to the ground, like schools for example, and at the end of the day people care more about how their kids’ schools actually operate rather than whether public schooling itself is a giant Marxist plot meant to brainwash our children into Godless multiculturalists.

My advice to Mr. Hellander is this: If you’re really serious about representing me and the rest of District 53, step away from the likes of Carl Wimmer and Glen Beck and step up to the mic and explain to us exactly what you plan to do in office. In specifics, not platitudes. We all want a statesman and wonder why we only get politicians. Maybe it goes back to the timely words of an obscure Scottish philosopher I discovered by watching the Glen Beck Show; He asked this: Are you ‘promoting the interest of the state from the selfish but useful passion of making yourself considerable in that establishment which you seek to aggrandize?’ A tough question, so it’s no wonder that one that didn’t make it onto a tea party bumper sticker.

Martin Jedlicka

Park City

Police aren’t paying attention


I am just wondering if the Police Officers care that this wonderful town is being overrun with little "gang" members.

Yesterday I came across a large amount of Graffiti.BSG X13(Sureno 13 street stuff) I let dispatch know, and not a single person came to check it out. I believe Park City is worried about their tourist image and does not care whether the residents are suffering or not. Please enforce something that matters.

Michael Larsen

Park City

PTO gives teachers TLC


To the fabulous and dedicated parents of the Treasure Mountain International School Parent/Teacher/Student Organization:

Thank you for the treats, the breakfast, the lunch, the snacks, the candy….and your faithful support this year as well as during Teacher Appreciation Week here at TMIS. You make our job even better.

The "jolly" faculty at TMIS

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