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Letters to the Editor, May 21-24, 2011


What is happening to our once great republic? The NLRB is suing the State of Utah for passing a law that makes union organizing a secret-ballot matter, and they are preventing Boeing from opening their $2 billion B-787 plant in South Carolina because they say it is purely an attempt to avoid dealing with unions in Washington State.

Our borders are wide open. And the president is about to enact, by executive order, amnesty for illegal aliens (to get 20 million more liberal voters). Massive gun-ownership restrictions are imminent. We are watching plans to have homosexual indoctrination in public schools, and the fed is staunchly defending abortion on demand. We are now treated like criminals going through security at the airport. Our debt is mushrooming by almost $4 billion a day, with out-of-control spending in D.C. — our debt and unfunded obligations now totaling $128 trillion. The declining dollar is about to be removed as the Global Reserve Currency. We have a military presence in 150 nations and are now hated by almost everyone the world over.

What are our leaders doing about these very seriously threatening conditions? Virtually nothing — but making matters even worse. We are in big trouble! And unless some dramatic changes occur almost immediately, the free and powerful nation we once knew will be gone.

Captain James C. Green

Heber City

Rotary helps fund scholarship program


Wow. Intermountain Masters would like to send out a huge thank you to the Park City Rotary for their generous donation to the Intermountain Masters "Ski with a Masters Legend" scholarship fund. The hard work and effort put out by this amazing group of people make it possible to help nonprofits like ourselves to continue our work in this community. Our scholarship fund has a critical impact on future ski racers in a sport that is increasingly challenged by rising costs, reduced training opportunities and the financial struggles of families. Donations like this help inspire our group, the Masters, to continue the volunteer work necessary to keep this program alive through the inspiration and support of people like the Park City Rotary. We are a lucky community indeed.

Amy Lanzel

Chairman, USSA Intermountain Masters

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