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Letters to the editor, May 22, 2010


Having the honor to serve as a Republican delegate to this year’s convention, I was shocked to see what is happening in the political environment. Like Sen. Bennett said, "The environment right now is toxic."

I was dismayed that the delegates from District 53 came close to replacing one of the best representatives this district has ever had. Mel Brown has been a strong voice for Summit, Rich, Daggett, Wasatch and Morgan in the four years he has represented us. Even in the years he represented district 72 in Midvale, he worked for rural counties. His opponent, who is probably a good individual, would not represent the interest of our diverse community.

I can only see John as a puppet for the Patrick Henry Caucus. He was nominated by Ken Sumsion, one of founders of the caucus. It seems this group is for limited government, except when it comes to paying for schools in areas that we don’t live in. Don’t we pay enough for our own schools? Do we, the people of District 53, need to pay for the mistakes made in school districts of the Wasatch Front?

Rep. Brown has fought against equalization for schools in his district, because it is unfair to citizens of rural areas to pay for schools in urban areas. It is unfair, because the local school boards have the authority to raise their taxes to pay for their problems. When people living in the Jordan School District decided to split the district, it left one side poor and one side with a larger tax base. Now, members of the Patrick Henry Caucus want to fix this by taking money from Park City, Kamas, Laketown, Mountain Green, Manilla, and all the other beautiful places in district 53 and handing it over to the Jordan School District. It is not our place and it is not our problem.

If you want someone on the hill who can fight and will fight for the interests of Summit, Morgan, Rich, and Daggett, and Wasatch Counties, then send Mel, not a puppet.

Ron Boyer

GOP State Delegate, Coalville

A banner week


A thrill of a lifetime occurred this week when I returned home from 3 National Tennis Tournaments, where I saw a 10 foot banner attached to my front patio. It was from the Racquet Club under the spirited guidance of Laurie Lambert. Dozens of signatures and works of congratulations were spread throughout the colorful banner. I wish to thank all the tennis players for that giant banner and the lovely words of support. Making a sign of such proportions and design was indeed a masterpiece/

Lucy Dettmer

Park City

Farewell, Jennifer


Jennifer Kaylor is moving from Park City. While the community may be more familiar with Jennifer’s husband, Pastor Bob, of Park City Community Church, Jennifer’s move is a loss to our community as well. It is not unusual for the pastor’s wife to be one of the unsung and unseen members of a church and community. They are often found in the Sunday school programs, attending to coffee hours, and helping with rummage sales. They quietly go about their work while the spotlight and attention go to their spouse.

I am honored to say that I know Jennifer. She is quiet, but she is also open and welcoming. She is not going to be in the spotlight; but if you are lucky, she might play her trumpet for you. She laughs easily. I’ve never heard her criticize anyone. She is a devoted mother and wife and a person of deep faith. It has been a privilege to spend some time with Jennifer, and I know she will be a blessing to her new church and her new community. Pastor Bob Kaylor, wife Jennifer, and children Hannah and Rob will be moving to a new church assignment in Colorado this summer.

Thank you, Jennifer. We will miss you.

Cheryl Popple

Park City

From Bullying to Threats


At the Summit Water Company’s shareholders meeting on April 27th I arranged to get the documentation to substantiate my comments during the public input portion of County Council Meeting.

I then called the County Attorney to make an appointment with him and his assistant, Dave Thomas, who had made statements at the meeting that were not true. The Attorney has jurisdiction to look into such matters and I wanted his assistant present when I accused him of being less than forthright. On the phone he said the Council was not harassing the Summit Water and "they were right in everything they are doing". He said that if the County loses its appeal against Summit Water about their taxes (courts favored Summit) that the County will go after those individual taxpayers who have water shares in Summit Water and put the assessment on their property tax bills AND..if I didn’t like that, I could speak to the County Manager. Why would he involve a newly hired manager in something the ‘elected officials’ have been responsible for? I will see Mr. Jasper next week and I need to think him for that because it is the only one-on-one meeting I have been able to get with any county official.

I was so upset about the County threatening to assess the shareholder’s property taxes that I called Summit Water’s attorney. He told me he didn’t believe it was legal but this is what the County has been threatening to do and we will probably have to take it to court AGAIN! They won’t let up and now the bullying has become threats!

I will not let this go seems we have some elected officials that are out of control and people need to know.

Cherie Hooten

Park City

Education isn’t free

A few days ago I was watching a report on CNN about how an illegal alien thought it was unfair to her being deported 3 weeks before graduating from college. She had been educated K -12 and college in the United States. I could not help thinking how unfair it was to the American taxpayer paying $4,000 a year for 12 years to educate a Mexican citizen. Just her 12 years of education cost taxpayers $48,000. CNN estimates that 66,000 illegal aliens will graduate from High School this year. The education of those 66,000 illegal aliens cost US taxpayers $3,168,000,000 . If 66,000 graduate each year there must be 792,000 illegal aliens in our classrooms each year. At $4000 per child that equates to $3,168,000,000 spent on illegal alien education each year. A few weeks ago KSL had a news article on closings of 4 Utah Charity Hospitals due demands put on them by illegal aliens.

We should be spending our tax dollars and providing government services for citizens. American citizenship should not be granted to people bornhere whose parents were not American Citizens. It’s time for Utah to have an immigration bill that will provide for workers visas, and require proof of citizenship for education and government services.

Robert Avery

Park City

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