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Letters to the editor, May 8, 2010

Reality Town was a big success

Thank you to all the parents and those in the local community who helped with the Treasure Mountain International School Reality Town this past week. The 8th grade students had a fun time while learning how hard it can be to make ends meet with their Reality Town "family."

A special thank you to Park City and Sunrise Rotary for their assistance which helped make the event a success. We greatly appreciate everyone’s help.

Carol Librizzi, Susan Eckstein, Nancy Lagnese

TMIS Reality Town Co-Chairs

Thanks for the help with Haiti


I am so thankful for everyone’s support and help in putting together my Haiti Benefit Concert this last Friday. Thank you so much to all the local businesses that donated to the drawing. Yellow Snow Ice Cream, Flippin’ Burgers, Redstone Cinemas, Park City Bread and Bagel, Park City Pizza Co., Park City Market, Booster Juice, and No Worries Cafe and Grill. Thank you so much!

Also, a big thanks to Rebecca Webber and Traci Evans at Ecker Hill Middle School. Thank you to all the volunteers and performers who came and donated their time. The performers, Mike Paine, Lora Veater, Nicole Adrienne, and Kole Christensen, did such an awesome job! Also, thank you to the Park Record, Park City TV, and KPCW for advertising my event. It was a lot of fun!

Thank you so much!

Karsyn Robb

Hellander is the conservative


My name is Pamela Smith, (State Delegate, County Delegate of Morgan County, Precinct #1), and I have lived in Mountain Green for the past 16 years. I love where I live because I am surrounded with like-minded people who love our country and our state, and who want to uphold the Constitution of the land. As a state delegate, I feel the great responsibility to research and find the candidate who will best represent the values my community and I hold dear. I am very excited to see a candidate for District #53 that really shares the same ideals as I do. That candidate is Jon Hellander.

I have spent many hours at the state legislature this past session, and it was amazing to see the vast spectrum of ‘conservatives’ who failed to uphold conservative and Constitutional values with their votes, even from our own District 53. I am deeply concerned about the fiscal responsibility of our current representative. It was Alexis deToqueville who said, "The America Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money."

I was alarmed and disappointed to see that Mel Brown had personally voted for 120 million dollars in tax increases since 2008 (HB196, HB359, SB239, and HB419). Mel also voted for a state controlled Health Care System (HB188). I have spoken personally with Mel on a number of occasions. He defended his voting record and felt that his votes to increase taxes were necessary and good.

As I have spoken with Jon Hellander, I have found him to be a fiscally conservative business owner who has the experience and integrity to stand by Constitutional principles. Jon listens and provides sound ideas and solutions to the current challenges Utah is facing. He is committed to vote for principle above expediency.

Please take the time to study Mel Brown’s voting record. It speaks volumes of the vast difference between these two candidates for District 53. I believe Jon Hellander is the candidate who will stand for what we in Morgan and the surrounding areas espouse.

Pamela Smith

All hands on deck!


The Park City Sailing Association recently held its first fundraiser and introduction to our Junior Sailing Program that kicks off on June 14. We wholeheartedly want to thank Park Record for taking the time and interest to cover our organization as well as Maxwell’s East Coast Eatery in New Park along with the many generous donors and buyers from our silent auction.

From the Record’s first story about us, that dates back to August 08 we have grown from just over a handful of members to over 70. During 2009, the Record along with PCTV and KPCW helped us get our story out to the community, along with the PC Ambassadors assisting us in the 4th of July Parade.

Our goal for the summer of 2010 is to introduce junior sailing to our community as a viable alternative to the traditional programs. Our fundraiser generated lots of interest and it brought rain gutter sailing to Park City. Over $4500 was raised through the silent auction and racing.

Without the support of the local media we could have never accomplished this. The junior program slots are quickly filling up but there is still room to sign up. Our adult Laser racing begins on June1st. You can learn more at http://www.sailparkcity.org.

Thanks for all of the support.

Ken Block

Republican tent needs repairs


The Republicans need to repair their own tent.

As a twice elected former Councilmember in a mid size California city (230,000) and serving on the Republican Central Committee in that county I follow politics. The recent Caucus process here in Utah has convinced me to write an open letter to the Utah Republican Party to decry the, at best, lack of accuracy, and at worst political cronyism allowed and even condoned by the party, its leaders and candidates. I attended my local Caucus, having moved from Salt Lake I reregistered as a Republican upon entering the room. There was a large congenial group filling the high school class room. Those conducting the meeting made the needed introductions and explained that the rules had changed from the last Caucus. The new rules concerning who could and could not vote and participate as well as the changes for the selection of the precinct officers and state and county delegates were explained.

Precinct officers were elected. In the process it seemed to me the house was packed by supporters of one candidate who was elected as an officer and as a delegate. That really didn’t bother me because the winning candidate gave one of the best presentations and good answers to all questions asked.

The evening went smoothly with some surprising winners and candidates who withdrew themselves from consideration for whatever reasons. It was Representative Government taking shape.

The problem is, according to my conversations with a person working at the Utah Republican Party HQ, the rules, as they were explained, were incorrect. We were told Independents could ask questions and vote but could not be elected. According to the info given to me from Republican HQ Independents could attend but were not allowed to participate; no questions, no votes and certainly not be elected. I believe this was an innocent honest mistake in my precinct, with no ulterior intent, but should have been avoided by better communications from Republican Headquarters.

As I mentioned I follow politics, including a race in Summit County.

In at least one neighboring precinct meeting unregistered people were elected as delegates by the crowd they brought with them, and the newly elected delegates were then registered as Republicans, after being elected.

In addition, more than one of these un-registered delegates were county employees. They were there because of coercion, or enticement by some other means, with the purpose of being elected by their mob in order to promote the re-nomination of their employer. This little exercise is a clear conflict of interest. It would have been wrong even if they had been registered as Republicans prior to entering the meeting.

When I described this scenario to the Utah Republican Party Headquarters I was told the County Republican Leaders would be able to take care of problems like this. My response was maybe, but, the problem is at least one of the leaders was complicit in the actions.

Will anything happen because of this? Probably innuendo, recriminations and perhaps retribution against those who were honestly working within the system. Also, most likely, mud slinging and threats of legal actions. More than likely there will be further lies and retribution. There may even be trumped up charges and phony Kangaroo Court internal investigations to punish or remove some who wanted the voters to have a choice of other candidates in the race.

Now we see legal proceedings raising major question about donations to the Party. Questions about how much, or because of missing or non-existent receipts what was donated. (Gee, this is starting to sound like our national political scene and the Democratic National leaders) Some, maybe all of these will happen. However, if the GOP really believes it is the nations conservative party as we are told here in Utah and the real Grand Old Party; if they really want the national system put in order The Party will have to clean its own house. It should begin here in Utah, and must exorcise the putrid cancer that is spreading within the body of the Utah Republican organization itself.

Communication must be improved within the party throughout the state. Guidelines regarding conflicts of interest and ineligible participants must be made crystal clear and followed. Conflicts of interest must be investigated and stopped cold. Recording of contributions (and all financial transactions) must be carefully recorded, reported and verified. The Republican Party of Utah must build a better system so we can select the best, most qualified and electable candidates not cronies, party hacks and incompetent incumbents, at all levels.

The Republican Party must stop cronyism and the election of manipulative hacks. We must ensure the election of the best Republicans to office to represent us throughout the State and in Washington.

Nick Rust

Why write the article?


I have never regarded the Park Record as a joke. Also, I happily sign my name (see below). As a homeowner injured by the demise of Deer Valley Lodging I would be pleased to talk to you "for attribution." But I have to ask, what kind of reporter writes a sympathetic article about a possible criminal?

Why not do a follow-up piece on Ms. Zimonja’s partner, Brad Goulding, and tell us what he (and she) did with the money? What is the Summit County District Attorney doing about them? What large assets do they (both of them) still own and what are they worth? What businesses are they in today, and where? What are their prospects of jail time?

This is not an accusation, threat, or attack on you or the newspaper, and not meant to be hurtful, but merely an observation–there is a lot that could be put into a newspaper article about the fall of these two that would be of great interest to readers of the Park Record. Unfortunately, little of that was in your recent article about Barbara Zimonja.

Chris Schaefer

Park City

Pedophilia endemic in religious groups

Dear Editor:

I wish to apologize to any who were rightly offended by my remarks on the pedophilia scandal recently reported in the Park Record. The article was based on a brief side conversation included in a much longer interview on my upcoming departure from St. Mary’s which has been previously reported. The brevity of the article is regrettable.

The issue of pedophilia is far more complex than my few words would indicate. It has been endemic in religious organizations, youth organizations and educational institutions for centuries. None is immune. While the Catholic Church may be the current poster child of pedophilia, it would be dangerously erroneous not to admit the full scale of the issue in our society. The pandemic is now sweeping round the world.

Like other religious leaders in our community, I too have repeatedly addressed the issue within my parish community in settings more appropriate to this conversation, both in the ways we have failed and in the ways we succeed. While much has been made of the scandal, too little has been written about the extraordinary measures undertaken in the Catholic Church in America since 2002 to prevent pedophilia from happening again. Too little has been said about how children of our parishes, schools and institutions are protected and kept secret.

The specter of pedophilia and child abuse lurks in every corner of the world. Its prevention is the responsibility of us all. Would that the measures currently common in the Catholic Church in America were also in place on a worldwide basis, not only the Catholic Church but among us all.


Father Bob Bussen

Pastor, St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Moose manners may save your life

A few years ago in the Uintas, a woman was killed by a moose while trying to save her dog. She did not know how to deal with a disturbed and/or angry moose.

1) Moose cannot see very well. They are color blind and their vision is not as good as human vision.

2) Moose will attack a human only if she is defending her young, or he is bothered by the presence of a human (most likely in the Fall when he is "courting" a female), or if you are giving the impression of being aggressive. Running towards a moose (in an effort to save your dog or to see the moose better) is aggressive. Sneaking up on them (to take a picture or see them better) is aggressive.

3) If a moose is moving towards you, even when moving slowly, s/he will attack you if you do not follow these directions:

Immediately get next to a tree, rock, or lie down under the bushes or in the grass. Do Not Move or make any noise. Freeze! As soon as you are immobile, the moose cannot distinguish you from the landscape. S/He will probably stop approaching you, and will stare at you for 10 minutes or more. It feels like half an hour, but Do Not Move. When the Moose is satisfied that there is no danger, s/he will move away.

A couple of years ago, my friend Celeste met a male Moose on the Lost Prospector trail. He attacked and she ran in panic. She heard the noise of the moose’s hooves approaching very fast. In her panic, she jumped behind a tree and froze. The moose stopped and stared at her for awhile, then went back to his mistress moose. That evening a friend told her that she had done exactly the right thing and it had saved her life.

Last week, two of us were on a trail in Round Valley and almost walked into a Mother Moose and her young twins. She ran across the trail and we hit the dirt and mud and rolled under the brush and froze. She began to approach us. Then she stopped about 15 feet away and stared at us for about 10 minutes. It felt like an hour. For the entire time, she did not move. Her ears were forward (meaning attentive – backward means anger), her breathing was normal; no stamping feet, just staring. This was a good sign. She was waiting for aggression and stood between us and her twins. Then she turned and walked away slowly, munching and showing no sign of interest in us. We stayed in the brush until she went into a patch of trees. Then we continued up the trail and took the first trail that veered away from her territory.

Thank you to my friend Celeste. Her story may have saved my life.

Glenn McConkey, Park City

Ecker Hill says goodbye to Lagoon

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents that came to the PTO meeting to show your support for the 7th grade trip to Lagoon. Unfortunately, the outcome was not in our favor. This longstanding "right of passage" no longer fits into the 7th grade Ecker Hill curriculum. I must say though, that as a PTO member, I was very impressed with the level of dedication of the parents that attended. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to express your opinions and act as a true advocate for your 7th grader’s best interests. This trip has always been a great confidence builder to help the kids transition to Treasure Mountain. It is a tradition that will be sorely missed.

Trudy Cohen


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