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Letters to the Editor, May 9, 2009

Put Racquet Club on the block

Dear Editor:

Here is a suggestion to City Council to help ease the budget crunch: Sell the Racquet Club. The Racquet Club loses money every year which has to be made up with taxpayer dollars; throwing another 10 million at it in upgrades (money that could be better spent elsewhere) won’t change that. I know that the free membership for city employees is a nice perk but I would guess that not every city employee takes advantage of it. It would be much better to give the cost of a membership in a for profit club to every employee to spend as they see fit and have the city get out of a money losing business that directly competes with private enterprise.


Tom Hurd

Park City

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Thank you Park City Village

Dear editor:

I would like to say thank you to all the Parkites who have shown support and concern for my family after the sudden death of Larry.

As long time residents of Park City, we are so grateful for everyone’s wishes. Thank you to all the Parkites for supplying food, drinks, flowers, cards, notes and services while we had so many out-of-town guests. There is no way we could say thank you to each and every one of the local Parkites but, here is my humble attempt, THANK YOU.

Pat Horyna, Tim Horyna, Matt Horyna

Park City

Let bikes in skate park


Do the Park City Police have nothing better to do than kick bicyclists out of the skate park? At least four police officers were involved with kicking out a couple of bikers today (Tue. 5/6). There must not be a single thing that is going on in Park City that requires their attention.

The next closest skate park that allows bicycles is in Oakley. Why aren’t bikes allowed in the skate park? The Park City skate park is a great idea for keeping kids occupied in a drug-free environment. Why not open it to ALL kids? Sincerely,

David Reynar

Park City

The Follies goes on!

Dear Editor:

In spite of the flu, shoulder season and people fleeing town, the Follies was once again a tremendous success. When you are turning people away at the door, desperate for a ticket and the theater is packed inside, you know it’s a community favorite. Every year the Follies team tries to bring the community together to laugh, bond and have fun and I think we succeeded.

Our utmost thanks to the sponsors who, in these trying times, continue to support what we do. Our Presenting Sponsor for many, many years, The Park Record, as well as KPCW, Wasatch Beer, Park City Magazine, PCTV, Mike and Nann Worel and Wells Fargo. To the Egyptian board for giving us the go-ahead. To the volunteer cast who put in long nights to pull off a good show. And to Shelle Jennings, our accompanist, who polishes us, brings us up to a higher level, and makes us sound really, really good.

The Park City Follies exemplifies the unique character of this town. It is a special community and deserving of some hearty laughs.

Terry Moffitt

Park City

Goodbye from the man we loved to hate

I was standing in the parking lot behind the post office, training a parking enforcement officer, when a husky man walked briskly towards me. He announced himself as a prominent lawyer, stretched out his hand with gusto, and exclaimed with a booming voice: "I want to shake the hand of the most hated man in Park City!" I replied: "So would I." We shook hands and after a short, yet jovial conversation, the solicitor, honoris mangnum, walked on to possibly even greater adventures.

If I really was (or still am) the most hated man in Park City, the people I have met over these last 11 years, three months, and 20 days, were able to disguise such feelings towards me. I perceive that I have made many friends, had countless pleasant interactions, and am leaving Park City, on the occasion of my retirement, with the kindest of feelings.

Thank you, everyone, for a lasting, memorable experience. My best wishes of success and inner peace to you.

Hans J. Frohlich

Manager, Parking Services (Ret.)