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Letters to the Editor, November 10-12, 2010

Loads of thanks for loads of clothes


The clothing drive for Anything Goes One was an overwhelming success. Several carloads of clothing and other helpful items (including everything from baby kits to sleeping bags) have been donated to The Road Home Family Shelter.

I greatly appreciate the support of The Park Record newspaper, KPCW, The Winter Sports School, and of course the contributors who donated so much to make the drive a success.

Thank you,

Katie Bernhard

Park City

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Generosity benefits theatre arts group


Many thanks to all attendees at the fundraiser for the Theatre Arts Conservatory, hosted by Robert and Maggie Skloss at their home Sunday afternoon. The event was a wonderful success. Thank you all!

Laurel Ross

Park City

We struck a chord with the voters


I would like to express my appreciation for all of the overwhelming support I received from my incredible wife, Jennifer, and our two resilient children, Zoe and Bodie. It was awe-inspiring meeting thousands of Summit County residents personally while going door to door during my first campaign for Summit County Sheriff. There is so much to learn about politics, and up until about eight months ago, I had never stepped foot into the political arena.

We were outspent nearly three to one by a two-term incumbent. Yet we struck a chord with the voters and made this a close contest. We fought a war of ideas. We believe now as we did throughout the campaign that Summit County’s relatively low rate of crime is a reflection of the good people living in Summit County. I still feel very strongly that our sheriff’s department should be approachable, professional, and available to serve and protect our citizens.

Some people think we were too aggressive in pointing out our county’s failings and believe in good faith that an "intimidating aggressive" police force creates a better quality of life. I, however, believe there is another way to achieve this better quality of life. Based on the vote, there are a lot of you out there who agree with me.

receiving over 42 percent of the votes in Summit County, it is clear to me that very important issues have been raised, and our community will be holding the Summit County Sheriff’s Office more accountable for their actions. If this is true, then my hard work was not in vain. Summit County, thank you again for such a humbling, incredibly educational experience in my run for your sheriff.


Dax Shane


If you didn’t get enough Halloween


You’re invited to try the cool sport of curling at the first ever "Saturday Night Curling Fever" a Learn to Curl event Saturday, Nov. 13, from 7:30 p.m to 9:30 p.m. at Park City Ice Rink. All abilities age 11 and older are welcome and ’70s disco attire is encouraged.

The Park City Curling Club invites you to try the coolest game in town — this time with a disco theme, music, and ’70s disco attire. Instructors will show you how to deliver the stone, how sweeping adds glide to the stone, and explain strategies for scoring. All you need is clean sneakers, loose and warm clothing, and gloves. Remember standing on ice gets cold.

Admission is $15 per person and includes equipment, popcorn, commemorative pin, tickets for a drawing and prizes for "best disco getup."

Reservations are requested by November 10. Contact info@parkcitycurlingclub.com

Debbie Basrak

Park City