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Letters to the Editor, November 14-16, 2012

What would Park City be without nonprofits?


We are all so fortunate to live, work, and raise our families here in Park City. Part of the magic that makes this community so special comes from the community support and hard work put forth by the various nonprofit organizations in our town. We ride and hike trails provided by Mountain Trails, love our animals adopted from Friends of Animals, watch our kids play Basin Rec soccer, socialize at Mountain Town Music concerts, see cows and horses on open space provided by Summit Land Conservancy, and the list goes on.

On November 16, 2012, The Park City Foundation and all nonprofit organizations are inviting all of us to support the community, organizations, services, events, people, and places that we love. The Park City Foundation has been a tremendous ally to our organization on so many levels and I urge every community member to join the fun and support his or her favorite organizations on this special day. Visit http://www.livepcgivepc.org to learn more.

Mike Ruzek

Executive director, The Speedy Foundation

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How Republicans blew it in the Nov. 6 election


The sole reason Republicans lost the election was their push to take away rights from other people. Millions of other people. But it seems they are taking absolutely the wrong lesson from defeat, and still can’t see what they did wrong.

Instead of reaching out to growing demographic populations who might be swayed by the grand old philosophy of small government and fiscal conservatism, they morphed into an American Taliban repressing women’s freedoms, and let loose some ruthless efforts to bust other peoples’ rice bowls. That is a no-no, worthy of a time out.

In Congress and every red state, Republicans went after people’s jobs, women’s rights, gay rights, voters’ rights, collective bargaining rights, and health care. They resisted immigration reform and help for veterans and the unemployed, while sticking their noses into everybody’s bedrooms, doctors’ offices, and workplaces. They stalled the jobs stimulus bill and would let the auto industry go bankrupt because their hatred for the president was more powerful than their patriotism.

Shameless voter suppression finally got them sent to the woodshed. Patriots stood in line for hours come hell or high water to protect their American right to vote. Time for some soul-searching.

Sherrie Goff

Pocatello, Idaho