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Letters to the Editor, November 14-17, 2009

Canyons helipad is not a sound idea


(This is a copy of a letter sent to the members of the Summit County Council.)

We, and friends who cannot be at your November 10 meeting, wish to express our deep opposition to a proposed helipad at the base of The Canyons, and indeed about a helicopter-skiing operation being allowed to continue to pick up customers on any regular basis at The Canyons for flying them into the Wasatch backcountry.

In The Park Record’s article of November 7, Rusty Dassing of Wasatch Powderbird Guides was quoted (re the helipad) as saying, "It’s a convenience for our Park City-based customers." Powderbird’s website shows them having a mailing address at Snowbird, Utah, and a telephone in the 801 area code.

Many of us in the Park City area do not consider that company’s convenience worth the regular noisy disruption of the lives of so many of us full-time residents who moved to this area through the years to enjoy what is here, including its quiet. Those who have lived in bigger cities well know how disruptive helicopter noise is. Please do not sacrifice the peaceful lives of your taxpaying, voting constituents here in Summit County, for the noisy disruption this company wants to regularly bring here.

It was further mentioned that Sun Peak homeowners have "criticized noisy choppers providing sightseeing tours." However, please realize that helicopter noise extends MUCH farther than homes in an area immediately adjacent to the takeoff and landing site.

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The Canyons sits in a natural band shell: The natural backdrop of mountains behind The Canyons funnels sound directly toward the McPolin "Big White" Barn and on beyond there, straight into a number of neighborhoods including Park Meadows.

The noise of helicopters going into The Canyons, and departing there, will affect many more neighborhoods, including Pinebrook and the remainder of Snyderville Basin.

We respectfully suggest this company should arrange vans to shuttle their paying customers, rather than inflicting their helicopter noise on residents.

Barbara and Charles Neal

Park City

Congress needs to act for the people


With passage of a health-care reform bill by the U.S. House of Representatives, Congress has the chance to show it can act in the interests of the people rather than indulge in more destructive, divisive, polarizing partisan politics.

There is much wrong with the present system, which got its start decades ago during a very different era and a very different economy. The evidence that the present system does not work for the average American is all around us and much has already been said about it.

If Republicans, who oppose any substantial change from the present system, are so confident it works, I call on them to leave their taxpayer-paid and gold-plated health plan. Let them just try to obtain a private policy for themselves (or better yet, have their spouse apply privately, to avoid any taint of special privilege). I have the feeling it will leave them shaking with righteous indignation and rushing to reform the system they so adamantly defend because they are insulated from its consequences.

Pete Nixon


Keep partisanship on editorial page


Making a political statement about the gala for the People’s Health Clinic is even beneath The Record’s low, and dropping, standards. Entitling your recent article "Obama Would Approve" — an article about a gala that had nothing to do with politics — is simply ridiculous. Would you have entitled the article "Bush Would Approve" two years ago, or is it your view that only liberals favor privately funded health clinics for the indigent? Your blatant partisanship doesn’t just bleed over from the editorial pages, it engulfs it.

Charles Cunningham

Park City

Put all Quinn’s contracts on Web


Concerning the partnership between Park City and the Boyer Company for a proposed development of property at Quinn’s Junction, I ask only one thing: that all contracts of any kind between the city and Boyer be made available on a website for all citizens to review.

Carl Young

Park City

Try keeping out the Learjet liberals


Let me get this straight: Acres and acres of pristine forest were clear-cut to carve Park City out of the beautiful Utah wilderness for basically two purposes:

1) To coax scads of Salt Lake valley residents to load up their 4WD SUVs with people and ski gear and putter up Parley’s Canyon day in and day out all winter long; and

2) So that the Hollywood types could climb into their private jets or a convoy of limousines every February and come to the film festival, spewing greenhouse gases all the way from 90210 to 84060;

And now the City Council wants to save the environment by having us turn off our cars while we’re waiting at the drive-thru? Wouldn’t it be massively more effective to pass a resolution discouraging all those big-spending tourists and Learjet liberals from coming to town? I’ll do my part by making sure that I don’t visit Park City unless absolutely necessary and encourage all of my fellow valley-dwellers to do likewise.

Isn’t saving the planet wonderful?

Brent Tenney

West Jordan, Utah

Enthusiasm for ski swap is amazing


I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the success of the 37th annual Park City Ski Swap. As a rookie in charge of the swap, I was amazed by many aspects of the event, but mostly the enthusiasm, participation and commitment of everyone involved. We are defined by the fact that we live in a ski town and we are predominately ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Nowhere is this more apparent than the Park City Ski Swap where more than 4,000 people participate in organized chaos for great ski and snowboard bargains.

Over the course of the Friday-Sunday period, more than 24,000 items moved in and out of the Basin Recreation Field House. Those who came to the event can attest that it was an opportunity for buying great equipment, selling their items, and socializing. Many were not aware that this was a fundraiser to support the Park City Ski Team’s annual fund which helps pay for staff, vehicles, facility costs and other club infrastructure for the kids.

The most amazing part about the swap was the enormous contribution made by hundreds of volunteers. The volunteer hours alone contributed to over 1,000 hours of labor for admission, security, cashiers, floor sales, equipment check-in and check-out, and parking control. This event could not have happened without our volunteers or the phenomenal effort and expertise of the PCST staff and athletes.

Also, a thank you goes out to Cole Sport and Jan’s for helping with our equipment check-in process — we checked in more items than we can remember in recent history — the Basin Recreation staff for installing a new floor cover and the local retailers for allowing us to park, post signs and alert the community of our event. Finally, the biggest thank you goes out to all the skiers and snowboarders in the community who participated. We hope to see you next year!

Jesse Hunt

PCST director