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Letters to the Editor, November 17-20, 2012

Boycotting Park City, and Deer Valley too


David Siegel, who threatened to fire his Westgate Resorts employees after President Obama won a second term, may have it right.

At least I hope he does. You see, people of all political persuasions will boycott Park City and Siegel’s resorts since Siegel tried (successfully?) to intimidate his employees into voting for Romney.

I will never come to Park City or Deer Valley again. I am boycotting the entire community for harboring and nurturing this kind of business owner.

I’m glad to hear that Siegel announced he will be retiring as well. May we never hear from him again.

Mark Lawson

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A pantry serving pets of low-income families


The Park City Pet Food Pantry is a new, local nonprofit that has been very successful in the last few months. We would like to thank people who have supported us since out launch. We have received over 500 pounds of dog and cat food since October 27th, opening day.

The Pet Food Pantry is working with The Christian Center, Park City Animal Clinic, and Petco to provide food and services for pets with low-income families in Summit County that would otherwise be moved to shelters.

If you would like to contribute, you can donate cat food, dog food, animal care products, or money. Please donate at Treasure Mountain, Petco, Park City Animal Clinic, or the Christian Center. Anything and everything is accepted and appreciated. If you are part of a family in need, come pick up food at the Christian Center. Nobody is turned down, so stop by if you need anything.

Maddie Morgan

Park City

Extend anti-bullying campaign to politics


This was the most disturbingly negative election we have ever had, from the local to the national elections. When I read a letter to the editor about a candidate, I want to find out what the candidate can do for our town. Any negative comments that candidate immediately loses my vote. We have instituted a great program of anti-bullying. How about extending it to our political comments.

Gerd Holmsen Aguilar

Park City