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Letters to the Editor, November 21-23, 2012

On behalf of the elk and moose, thank you


One of the great things about living in Park City is that we don’t honk at each other. We’re willing to grant the car ahead of us a little patience because we get to live here and enjoy this beautiful place, and we can be friendly, kind, and courteous.

But on Friday, I loved hearing the horns honk for open space as people drove by the Summit Land Conservancy’s dancing staff at the McPolin farmlands.

Thank you to those who honked for us. Thank you to KPCW and The Park Record for spreading the word. Thank you to the Treasure Mountain Inn for generously hosting the Conservancy’s event. Thank you to Mountain Trails, Mountain Town Music, and High West for sharing their party. Thank you to the Harry F. Reed Memorial Foundation and Summit Land Conservancy board members for providing matching grants.

Live PC Give PC makes a difference. These gifts build more than just individual organizations, and support more than just a good cause. Live PC Give PC builds community: that ephemeral, priceless thing that makes life here so special. The Summit Land Conservancy works to protect the shared landscapes that give context to this community.

On behalf of the unbroken sweep of mountain to sky, on behalf of the elk and moose that enliven these vistas, and for the dogs that love to walk them with us, thank you to the Park City Foundation and to each of you who help save land.

Cheryl Fox

Executive director, Summit Land Conservancy

Among turkey donors, Park City is top dog


Last Thursday and Friday was the 11th annual Park City Turkey Drive held at The Market in Park City and, once again, the event was a big success.

The big picture: We collected in excess of 1,600 turkeys and hundreds of pounds of nonperishable food items. On a local level, our drive provided 400 birds to the Park City Food Pantry located on Munchkin Road which serves both Summit and Wasatch counties. The remaining birds, along with hundreds of pounds of nonperishable food items, were delivered to the Utah Food Bank for distribution statewide. The Park City Turkey Drive has earned the distinct recognition of being the number one "individual" contributor of turkeys statewide to the Utah Food Bank.

This drive is made possible by the many generous members, colleagues and friends of the Park City Board of Realtors who gave from their hearts to support this successful event. You have again shown the depths of your compassion and without you, the overwhelming results and the number of people we are feeding this holiday season would not be possible. To Rick Otto and all his many contractor friends, Mario Ferraro and Barclay Butera and their clients, a ginormous heartfelt thank you for your generous contributions during the Wednesday fund-raising event that pushed this drive into the success category. And finally a great big thank you to the many members of our wonderful community who again supported the turkey drive this year. Together we are making a big difference by "giving hunger the bird." Because of you, over 10,000 people will be thankful you provided them with dinner this Thanksgiving.

The annual turkey drive is provided in its entirety by Mike Holmes at The Market in Park City. He has been our ardent supporter for the past 11 years. For two days Mike and his staff committed their time and resources to ensuring the success of this event. Thank you Mike and Walt for another amazing year.

Every penny collected goes to purchasing a turkey — we have absolutely no overhead so we rely completely on volunteer help. This year, we are grateful again that Rob Lea, Marcus Wood, Janalee Jacobsen, Ginger Skaley, Nicole Johnson, Dondee Shearer-Lykes and Kristy Carlson tirelessly gave of their time and incredible upbeat and high energy to help make this year’s drive a success. They are individually and collectively amazing and loving thanks to them all.

Please thank your Realtor friends for their never-ending support to our community in so many generous ways and we hope you will put the 12th Annual Turkey Drive on your 2013 calendar.

With sincere appreciation and heartfelt gratitude.

Deb Hartley

Park City Turkey Drive

They make Park City a very special community


You just have to love Park City, Utah. Where else can you go and find such incredible community support for all our local nonprofits and have so much fun doing it. A well-deserved hats off to Katie, Trish and their incredible crew at the Park City Foundation for bringing Park City together for this day of giving. I know they are already plotting next year’s bigger and better event and congratulations on doubling this last year’s event.

On behalf of Mountain Trails, our staff and our boards, I want to say thanks to everyone for giving to their favorite nonprofit. There is no doubt about the roles that these organizations play in making Park City a very special community. For Mountain Trails, this was a very gratifying day and a little bit scary. It is awesome to know we have such support from the community and very scary knowing we have to live up to that show of support. We are truly humbled.

Last but not least, a special to the High West Distillery for inviting the public to come celebrate this day of giving at its establishment Great food, great music and great friends: What more could you ask for?

Charlie Sturgis

Executive director, Mountain Trails Foundation

True heroes are people of Summit County


The Hope Alliance congratulates The Park City Foundation and its supporters for a superb job on Friday’s Live PC Give PC campaign. Not only did they exceed this year’s goal by almost $100,000, but they made it very easy for the nonprofits participating in the event.

We were new to Live Give this year and the folks at TCPF were reassuring as we worked our way through the process, hoping for a decent result. We were happily surprised to come in second place for the number of unique donors, thus eligible for a grant. We are grateful, energized and humbled by such an unexpected result.

The true heroes for Live PC Give PC are the people of Park City and Summit County, without whom none of this would have been possible. Consider this: People in Park City and Summit County spent 24 hours donating, encouraging each other to give, reaching out to family and friends from all around the world, and working harmoniously together to make our community a better place. In doing so, our community raised, in one day, more than $595,000 to support 79 local nonprofits whose volunteers, efforts and programs exist to serve others in need. One can only imagine the possibilities for the future if that kind of cooperation, compassion and support were to spread …

Park City, Summit County and all of our friends, we salute and celebrate you for your generosity of spirit and your spirit of generosity. Our thanks to The Park City Foundation, our friends, neighbors, communities, fellow nonprofits and our wonderful Hope Alliance volunteers who worked so hard and shared in this remarkable event. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated and for your support!

Melissa Caffey

Executive director, The Hope Alliance

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