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Letters to the Editor, November 3-6, 2012

Historic Park City needs serious improvements


As the Historic Park City Alliance president, I am fortunate to work with and represent an incredible group of business owners on and around Main Street. We’re a diverse group, but we all want the best for our town. Every year we do our best to draw locals and visitors to our district. But serious improvements are necessary for Historic Park City to compete with other outlying areas, and to draw our favorite guests — our locals. That’s why I voted yes for the Resort Communities Sales and Use Tax. If you love Park City, you should too.

The revenue generated from the proposed 0.5% sales tax levy (that means $0.50 per $100 purchase) will be used to fund open-space acquisitions and capital-improvement projects, and not the city’s general funds or operations. And it won’t affect your bill at The Market — the increase will not be included in grocery-store tax. The city estimates that it will generate $3.2 million in annual revenue from the tax, but as it affects the resort communities (mostly tourists), it will not overburden our permanent residents (you and me). All of these benefits add up to a "yes" from me.

Please join me in supporting the Resort Communities Sales and Use Tax.

Maren Mullin

Gallery MAR

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Max will be advocate in halting suburban sprawl


Before the adoption of our present development code, the Basin had been ruled by various growth management systems for 30 years. That gave county officials a wide discretion in the amount of density that could be granted. It was extremely stressful to residents because they had no idea what could pop up in their neighborhoods.

In 2004 our community persuaded the Planning Commission to adopt the hard-zoning approach we have today in residential areas. That approach seeks to preserve pristine hillsides and meadows by only allowing low, rural densities clustered in the least sensitive areas of a development site. As chair of the Planning Commission, Max Greenhalgh oversaw the formulation and adoption of our general plan and development code. He will be our advocate in halting suburban sprawl and preserving the qualities what make this place special.

Please join us in voting for Max in the November 6th election.

Richard Thomas

Old Ranch Road

Ethical, thoughtful and a skilled tactician


I’ve lived in Summit County for over 15 years and I am extremely concerned about the changes we have encountered over the course of the past 10. The schools are crowded, traffic is getting worse, and now our air quality is a big concern. However, it’s the development of our quaint town that concerns me the most.

Our town needs to be managed by someone who brings a wide range of experience, vision and leadership. That is why I am voting for Roger Armstrong. He’s a skilled tactician and negotiator and has extensive experience with complex budgets as an executive at major corporations and nonprofit boards. He has a solid relationship with the governor’s office, which is significant in light of the state legislature’s aggressive stance on Summit County’s zoning power.

I’ve known Roger for several years on a social and a professional level. He is one of the most ethical and thoughtful people I have come to know. We need someone who is skilled and qualified to take on all these challenging issues. For me it’s an easy decision. Vote for Roger Armstrong.

Cindy Levine

Park City

Committed to securing a fair and just Utah


Equality Utah endorsed statewide and local candidates who care about our state and their local communities, and in Summit County, our endorsed candidates are no exception. Moe Hickey, Nancy Garrison, Tania Knauer and Roger Armstrong are all Equality Endorsed; they care about equality for all Utahns, and are committed to securing a fair and just Utah.

Because no child should be bullied for any reason, Equality Utah endorsed school board candidates who are dedicated to being advocates for all Utah students. We endorsed Moe, Nancy, and Tania because they are committed to being a voice for all Utah children, regardless of background, family dynamics, or actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity. We endorsed Roger for Summit County Council because he is committed to protecting the policies already in place that prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing and the workplace.

We believe Moe Hickey — Park City School Board District 1, Nancy Garrison — Park City School Board District 2, Tania Knauer — Park City School Board District 3, and Roger Armstrong — Summit County Council Seat A, are the right people at the right time to serve the people of Summit County. Their commitment to equality for all Utahns speaks to their character and we are confident they will serve and continue to serve with dignity and sincerity.

Max Green

Advocacy coordinator, Equality Utah

A responsive voice for his constituents


If you are seeking experience, integrity, and responsiveness from your State House Representative, then vote for Kraig Powell for District 54. Mr. Powell has consistently demonstrated commitment to the needs of his constituents in the bills he has introduced in the House and in his voting record.

First, Mr. Powell is an attorney serving Summit and Wasatch County individuals and organizations. He has master’s and doctoral degrees in government and political theory and teaches at the college level. In addition, he has served in the House since 2008.

Second, Kraig Powell is the only member of the Utah House who does not accept money from lobbyists, special interest groups, or corporations that lobby the legislature. Therefore, he is not beholden to special interests and can put the voters first. In contrast, his challenger, Mr. Robinson, has stated that he does accept campaign contributions from corporations registered as lobbyists and will continue to do so.

Last, Kraig Powell has demonstrated responsiveness to the needs of his constituents. He is an independent thinker — voting with the Democrats as often as with the Republicans depending on the issue. For example, he voted against the 2012 bill to change sex education to abstinence-only instruction because his constituents expressed satisfaction with the current policy.

Mr. Powell carefully considers the effect of each bill on the residents of the counties he represents and seeks the best outcome. He introduces bills that are direct requests from constituents and finds the support among his colleagues to get the vote passed. Most important, Kraig Powell continues to fight to preserve the rights of local schools to develop their own approaches to educational excellence and to retain their tax dollars in their local districts.

Support Kraig Powell — a responsive voice for Summit and Wasatch counties.

Kathryn Zwack

Park City

Why this tree hugger voted for Greenhalgh


I am a registered Democrat, away at college, filling out the absentee ballot, and as I went through my ballot I came across the candidates for County Council Seat A. I have never paid much attention to local politics and was planning to vote straight for Democrats. However, I decided to research both candidate platforms before deciding.

As I read through what Max stands for, I especially noticed his commitment to preserving the environment (I would be what you call a "tree hugger") and I was greatly relieved and pleased by the stance he has taken on the subject and reassured that voting for him would be the right choice.

I just wanted to let you know I voted for Max because of what he has done in the past and what he promises to do in the future to preserve our environment.

Katie Landis

Park City

Chris is dedicated, hard-working, intelligent


I have had a working relationship with Chris Robinson for the last six years. I have worked with him in his capacity as a businessman working in Tooele County as a county official. We have worked together on several of his projects in our county. I know him as a dedicated, hard-working man. He has his head on straight and uses a lot of good common sense in all of his dealings. He is very intelligent and thorough in his planning and execution. He will make a great state representative for the state of Utah. I know Chris to be a very honest man and I have a lot of faith in his ability to lead the state in the proper manner. I am in full support of Chris Robinson as a legislator.

Jerry Hurst

Tooele County Commissioner

Tania has experience, stick-to-itiveness


I am writing this letter in support of Tania Knauer for the Park City School Board. Tania, as a parent of a 9th and 12th grader, has been an active member of the PTOs at every level for the past 10 years. She has served for the last seven years on the schools’ Community Councils. She was one of the founders and is still a driver of the district’s innovative Science Fair and has been selected to serve on several important committees including those on comprehensive teacher evaluations and redistricting.

Her greatest strengths are her ability to listen and to work tirelessly to build a consensus. Her stick-to-itiveness, experience in our schools and her desire to be open to public input will make her a great asset to our board.

With the unexpected departure of the superintendent and the re-assigning of four principals prior to this school year, it is essential that we elect someone strong and knowledgeable like Tania Knauer to this term’s School Board. With three dedicated, incumbent men returning to the board, Tania, along with newly elected Nancy Garrison, a highly trained and experienced educator herself, could make this the strongest school board we have ever had. And it is my opinion that a woman like Tania will insure that we move toward a more open governing process. One in which the great human resources of Park City are welcomed back into the inner circle of our community’s educational governance.

Tommy Tanzer

Park City

Tania has demonstrated her passion for programs


I was a McPolin parent along with Tania Knauer. We were on McPolin’s School Community Council together and accomplished some great things during our tenure. The Community Council funded McPolin’s first art specialist as well as an after-school program to help our school’s at-risk students. Both of these programs have expanded and continue to offer wonderful things to the McPolin community. The after-school program grew with the help of PCEF, narrowing the achievement gap at McPolin, and this year was been expanded to all four elementary schools.

Tania has continued her passion for programs as our children have gone through Ecker, Treasure and into the high school. She has been instrumental in getting parents together to promote science, math, spelling and other academic opportunities to all our students in the district.

Tania will hit the ground running the day she starts on the job. She already has the knowledge about how the process works. Tania has attended board meetings for years as a parent and for the last months as a candidate. Tania has belonged to every PTO at every school her children have attended K-12 in four schools total and, if she hasn’t been on each school’s community council, Tania has attended many of the meetings and knows most of the members.

Tania’s knowledge of the written budget and the budget process is solid, and her ability to retain information and relay relevant facts in a concise and understandable manner to both expert and layperson is a gift. Tania is unselfish and honest. She supports programs that help the community, not only programs that help her children or their individual interests.

Lastly, Tania genuinely understands what it means to be a good steward of the taxpayers’ money.

I strongly endorse Tania Knauer for Park City Board of Education District 3.

Nicky Lecher

Park City

Tania will not be a passive board member


I have been involved with the Park City School District for over 10 years. During that time, Tania’s name has come up under multiple situations. She is known throughout the area as a tenacious, educated, reliable person. She researches issues and figures out a way to tackle them. She is the founder of The Park Record Spelling Bee — a bee that not only includes all of the Summit County schools, but all of Wasatch County as well.

Tania has been an active volunteer at the school level and a member of every school PTO her children have attended and also at the district level. Her expertise has been tapped over the years for several committees, the most recent being the Teacher Assessment Committee. When the district or the Park City Education Foundation needs educated, skilled input for assessments, Tania is one of the first volunteers they call on. She has served on multiple School Community Councils and has helped our district comply with the rules set by the legislature. Tania has addressed the legislature on many occasions over the years and has working relationships with several legislators.

Tania’s biggest passion currently is the improvement of STEM in the PCSD. The top college majors for students to find a job and earn a living wage are STEM. Science and technology are the future and our district needs to get with the program and increase the number of college and career ready students we are graduating in these fields.

Tania knows the ropes of this district. She is on a first-name basis with almost everyone in the district office and also with the bulk of the administrative and teaching staff in most of our schools. Her reputation precedes her and it is a good one. I have yet to see Tania commit to a project and not follow it through 100%. She will not be a passive board member, but an incredible asset to our community and we need her on our school board.

I could go on and on about the budget issues, but suffice it to say that with Tania on board we won’t ever see another overspending budget approved. She has a degree in finance and an MBA.

Please join me in voting Tania Knauer for school board. She is one of us.

Julie Eihausen

Park City

Kim Carson is pragmatic, not dogmatic


Summit County voters are facing some tough choices on November 6th. However, the vote for Seat C on the Summit County Council is not one of them.

Kim Carson is clearly the person who should occupy Seat C.

During my 39 years in Summit County, I have covered local politics as a newspaper owner/editor, served on the Park City Council, and benefited from time spent on a wide variety of committees and nonprofit boards. I’ve interviewed and served with good public officials and not-so-good. Effective and ineffective. Altruistic and self-serving. We’ve been fortunate that the collective wisdom of the electorate usually gets it right and we continue to live in one of the most desirable communities in America. I think we will get it right this time, too.

I’ve known Kim since before she moved to Summit County 25 years ago. I’ve seen her raise a wonderful family while selflessly serving our community as Park City School Board president, overseeing a $50-million budget and achieving district goals without raising taxes.

Kim’s agenda is simple — do what’s best long-term for the majority of county residents. She’s pragmatic, not dogmatic. She’s conversant in all the important issues. She gathers information, evaluates and decides. She is well connected and respected by elected officials, and well liked by those smart enough to stay out of politics. Kim knows how to listen, plan, budget and implement.

If you don’t know Kim, ask around. You’ll like what you hear. If you know Kim, I know she has your vote.

Steve Dering

Park City

Claudia has the ethics, experience and integrity


As an incumbent running for the County Council, Claudia has the experience, ethics and integrity to lead our county for the next four years. She makes well-reasoned, thoughtful decisions keeping in mind the best interest of the community — always. She’s smart, she’s fair, and she always operates with the highest degree of integrity. I am also happy to have an astute legal mind like Claudia working for all our interests.

Claudia is one of the biggest advocates of open space but also has a balanced view of development, making sure that local concerns are always considered. She has been a leader regarding long-term planning, recycling, and animal care.

Claudia was integral in the transition to the new council-manager form of government that went more smoothly than could be expected. Now she is in the best position to refine that model for improved effectiveness and efficiency. That transition occurred in the midst of the most severe recession in decades. Yet our county has come through that difficult period in much better shape than most, partially due to the work of Claudia McMullin and other county and municipal officials.

I salute all the candidates running for office as public service is a difficult, often thankless task. However, the choice is clear in the Council Seat B race as Claudia McMullin represents the best in background, experience and intellect.

Donna Gruneich

Park City

Intelligent, honest, and willing to take a stand


I have the privilege of working with Roger Armstrong on the Motion Picture Advisory Committee for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, as well as serving with him on the Government Committee of the Utah Advisory Board for the Sundance Institute, and I am confident that Roger would do an excellent job as Summit County Council.

Roger is intelligent, articulate, honest, and willing to take a stand for what he believes in. I have witnessed firsthand Roger’s genuine desire to serve both his county as well as the state of Utah. I believe that Roger’s strong leadership skills and his amazing talent for respectfully negotiating a win/win in any situation will make him a fantastic representative for the people of Summit County.

Amy Rees Anderson

Sandy, Utah

‘The most ethical man that I have ever known’


I decided I needed to give a perspective of Roger Armstrong that no one else will have. I can do this because I’ve been married to him for more than 20 years.

Roger is the most ethical man that I have ever known. He was raised by a Marine/fire chief, which I know early on molded the person he is. I also know, from the many weekends of knocking on Summit County doors, that the most important thing to many voters is honesty in government.

I can guarantee without hesitation you’ll never meet anyone more honorable. I am absolutely confident that he will set a very high bar with respect to ethical conduct among the Summit County Council and the individual staff members. There is no gray area for Roger; there is right and wrong and wrong is never accepted. Summit County deserves a leader like my husband and I hope you will give him the opportunity to serve each one of you.

Fill the voting halls on Election Day and cast your vote for Roger Armstrong for Summit County Council Seat "A".

Beth Armstrong

Park City

Sue will meet every challenge with aplomb


Sue Pollard is without a doubt one of the greatest individuals to walk into my life. Twenty-five years ago, Sue was the first person I met when I moved to Park City; immediately I gravitated towards her passionate and vivacious nature, her love of the outdoors, her open and adaptable disposition, and her highly ethical character. Today, nothing has changed about Sue’s strong moral fiber and I consider Sue Pollard as one of my dearest friends.

I have known Sue in many contexts: We were roommates living in Old Town together, and she was incredibly responsible with her money, showing me the importance of creating a budget. We worked together as swim instructors at PC Racquet Club. She took her position seriously, expecting what I, too, would expect of my employees: act professionally, arrive on time, if not a bit earlier, show interest in your surroundings and always be prepared. Sue demonstrated this through her actions, and she continues to show these important traits in all she does — whether it’s making decisions as an HOA board member, or volunteering to be on the mosquito abatement committee, or opening up her own company

As an educator, I tend to vote more towards the Democratic ticket, but what impresses me most about Sue is that we’ve always been able to discuss ideas openly, even if we disagree. She listens, she reflects before she responds, and if she doesn’t have an answer, she will research it and find one. She deeply cares about people and what is best for our county.

Sue Pollard has what it takes. She is intellectually curious and diligent in a way that ensures that she will meet each and every challenge with complete aplomb.

Andrea Juskaitis

Park City

Send Army veteran Donna McAleer to Congress


I am a WWII veteran and I had the pleasure to visit with Donna McAleer at my home in Coalville this week. I have long believed that America would be better off with more veterans serving in Congress, and I urge Utahns in District 1 to send Army veteran Donna McAleer to Congress. In the wake of two major conflicts overseas, we need to make sure our heroes receive the benefits they earned and deserve when they return home.

In 1995, I moved to Coalville, Utah. Previously, while living and working as a banker in Mackay, Idaho, I served as chair of the Republican Party in Custer County for several years in the early 1960s. In my 85 years I have been a banker and a rancher. I have seen so many of the Republican policies and witnessed how they have been harmful and detrimental to this country and our families. We are fighting two wars on borrowed money and by lowering taxes. No country should go to war unless we the citizens are going to support a draft and taxes are raised to pay for it. Less than 1% of our population has served or is serving.

I have researched Rob Bishop’s record on supporting veterans, and it is less than impressive. He received a "0%" rating from the Vietnam Veterans of America in 2011, and a "D" from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in 2010. His record includes votes against a pay raise for deployed troops, job assistance for returning vets, and increased funding for educational opportunities.

In his long slog in Congress, Bishop has demonstrated clearly his inability to work across the aisle. He voted in lockstep with President Bush and Vice President Cheney. And now he is hoping to get reelected on the coattails of Mitt Romney. Let’s send someone to Congress who is actually willing to work and fight for veterans, seniors and students.

McAleer took an oath of service to this country long ago, and I know having worn the uniform that she will honor the service of our men and women in uniform when they return home.

I urge you to send Donna McAleer, a proven leader and military veteran, to Congress this November 6th. She will fight for us, focus on the mission, and put Utah first.

Semper Fi,

Victor Rainey

Coalville, Utah

Mel Brown unopposed? A sad commentary


I agree completely with the editorial of October 31 that it is truly a sad commentary that Representative Mel Brown would face no opposition in House District 53. I didn’t realize Mel Brown was my new representative until I early voted. Shame on me and shame on the Democratic leadership of Summit County. No one should get a free ride in this day and age.

Try to get a response from Rep. Brown when critical issues affecting our county come up in the legislative session. Good luck, voters.

Frank Brusa

Park City

Kim Carson has been proven under pressure


Kim Carson became president of the school board in 2007. In December, the Great Recession started. Between then and when she left in 2010, Kim worked tirelessly to ensure that our children received a good education while lowering taxes. This happened with no layoffs of teachers or staff.

Kim reaches out and works with everyone in the entire county. Having managed a budget the same size as the county, she has the working experience to help move the county forward. We encourage you to vote for Kim Carson, Summit County Council, Seat C.

Bruce & Linda Fryer

Park City

Smith is a positive, passionate professional


There are many personal qualities to a strong leader. There are two that stick out in my mind: a firm understanding of the problems we face and how to proactively solve them, and being an independent voice in hopes of solving those problems. I’m writing to you today to express my experience with Jacqueline Smith.

During my tenure in the State Senate, I was proven to be the most independent voice and I understand what it takes to accomplish that. I have found Jacqueline Smith to have these same qualities, a firm understanding of the issues and a high level of independence so that we are able to communicate and work with all groups to solve them.

It is imperative that Summit County elect leaders who won’t be a lone voice in the forest, but leaders who have the attention of state and local officials. Jacqueline Smith has already built strong relationships and a deep respect amongst the State Legislature because we always knew that she was in it for the right reasons.

This year, ensure that Summit County maintains a good working relationship with the State Legislature by writing in Jacqueline Smith for County Council Seat C. Jacqueline will ensure that Summit County has a respected and independent voice.

Jacqueline Smith is a positive and passionate professional. Jacqueline Smith has our attention and you will have hers.

Casey Owen Anderson

Cedar City, Utah

Write in Smith for County Council


Jacqueline Smith, a write-in candidate for Summit County Council Seat C, has years of experience that will be very beneficial to the Summit County Council.

Jacqueline has worked in the private sector with multimillion-dollar corporations and is an active leader in several nonprofit organizations, including serving as secretary of the Summit County GOP, working as adjunct faculty for Monticello College, and founding The S.T.A.R. Forum, where she has organized community education events on topics such as Re-valuing America with Self, Marriage, Family and Community; Economics from an Austrian Perspective; Foundations of Liberty courses; and the Cycles of History. She has also led several charitable events, including Sub-for-Santa, sandbagging in Coalville, and a Flash Mob of Kindness for the Peace House.

Jacqueline Smith has already proven she is willing to work hard for the people of Summit County. She, along with other concerned citizens, helped to put a hold on three major tax increases in Summit County and saved about $10 million for our citizens. She expects the County Council to be fiscally responsible with the money that is collected from our taxes and should be used first and foremost for our roads, public health and safety.

Jacqueline is a strong individual with well-thought-out positions, but is always willing to listen to reason and look at things from all sides. She has often said to me that the right/left paradigm is false, and we need to move past the rhetoric and govern well. When Jacqueline wins, it will be a breath of fresh air, because she will tell it like it is, and I believe we will have the most transparent County Council possible.

Please join me in writing in Jacqueline Smith for Seat C.

Jennifer Castelli

Park City

Two candidates who will represent us well


It struck me while voting that, on a national basis, my vote has very little effect. My wife and I cancel out each other’s presidential efforts, and even if we agreed, it is pretty clear where Utah will fall in the Red/Blue column nationally.

Locally, however, my wife and I find common ground on two people that also cross parties. Kristen Brown for School Board in District 3, and Chris Robinson for House District 54.

Our current School Board and our remarkable teachers have created the best-in-class schools Park City has come to expect. However, there are new macro challenges threatening the degree of educational excellence we have come to expect. Addressing these issues will require a level of seriousness and focus that Park City has never faced. I was ecstatic to discover Kristen Brown had elected to run for the School Board in District 3.

And while I still don’t really know what his campaign slogan, "the Power of And" means, Chris Robinson is one of those rare human beings uniquely qualified for any task he engages. He has been a powerful and positive force in local Park City politics for years, and continues to stand as the smartest person in any room he walks into. Park City has been incredibly fortunate to have Chris keeping our best interests protected, and will do even more for us in the House. If you have not had a chance to meet Chris personally, make the effort. It is a hand worth shaking.

Being one of many entrepreneurs in Park City, I believe our school system has the ability to inspire and prepare our students for creative, adventurous, productive lives. Kristen Brown has that vision, and Chris Robinson will continue to make this town the greatest town on earth.

I’d like to thank all our community volunteers working tirelessly at the polling stations. They’ve been at it for days, and lots more to come! Rock the early vote, Park City.

Rick Alden