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Letters to the Editor, November 6-9, 2010

Immigration forum was insightful


I would like to thank the Greater Park City Area Project for Deeper Understanding for the excellent presentation last Thursday, October 28. Elizabeth Clement, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Utah, provided insightful and factual information on the history of immigration in the U.S. Her style was educational and entertaining.

This sponsored forum provided an avenue through which the issues that are being so hotly debated our country could be discussed in a rational, non-partisan and civil manner. The diverse backgrounds of the panelists (education, health, economics, law and police enforcement) provided an excellent platform for voicing different perspectives.

Although I thought my opinions on immigration were firmly set, the panel discussion caused me to realize that the issues are much more complex than they are often portrayed in our current media environment.

Susan Row

Houston, Texas

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Voters recognize value of open space


The quality of our lives is based on the choices we make for ourselves. I would like to say thank you and congratulations to the voters of the Snyderville Basin for making an excellent choice in approving Proposition 2. This proposition will allow for the issuance of a general obligation bond of $20 million to preserve land as open space and construct trails for maximizing the enjoyment of that open space. All of this for a small investment of approximately $10.58 per $100,000 of assessed value in their home.

The large victory of this proposition (72% of the votes) demonstrates that the voters in the Snyderville Basin truly understand their priorities. Apparently a good quality of life that embraces the outdoors is a high priority and they are willing to invest in that. I believe the voters understand that this bond is truly a reinvestment in their backyards and property values. It also appears the voters are savvy to the concept that now is a really good time to have funds available to maximize the amount of land we can purchase. It seems the accomplishments made with the last open-space bond of $10 million approved in November 2004 were able to earn the trust of the voters. The SBSRD has proven its ability to create and maintain world-class trails. All of these factors contributed to a big victory for the residents of the Snyderville Basin and greater Park City area.

Thank you also to the sponsors that helped fund our campaign. A list of these sponsors can be seen on our web site, Yes4OpenSpace.org. I would also like to say a special thank you to the volunteers that served on the Yes4OpenSpace committee that made the publicity for the bond happen. The Park City area is fortunate to have such passionate and dedicated people willing to put the time and effort to make a difference.


Chris Donaldson

Chairman, Yes4OpenSpace.Org

Park City

Seven youth teams in football playoffs


This is an open letter to all Park City youth football families.

Congratulations to everyone on another great season of youth football, especially our Gremlin Globals who were victorious in their "sudden death" three-way tie-breaker with Judge and South Summit! We hope all players have learned and grown in this sport the past 3+ months.

Thank you to the coaches and parent volunteers who have given countless hours to teaching our players the game and the meaning of teamwork.

We should all be proud of the PC Ute Conference and the accomplishments of our youth. Seven of our teams will face off this weekend and represent our community in the Ute Conference Playoffs. Park City is the host of the Global playoffs at Ecker Hill Middle School

Please be aware that not every district in the Ute Conference is chosen to host playoff games. Park City was chosen to host the Global playoffs because we have a reputation for great fields and putting on a safe, orderly, and enjoyable day of youth football. Many hands will be needed to pull the day off, and it’s a big fundraising opportunity for our district with concessions, spirit wear, and gate admissions. All districts that host playoff games will be charging the same admissions — $2 ages 5-11; $3 for 12 years and older; under 5, coaches with badges, or players in uniform are free. Please make sure you have some cash on hand as you arrive at Ecker Hill, and we thank you in advance for your donation on this big day of youth football in our backyard.

See our website for more information regarding the games at Ecker this Saturday, including game times and field locations.

Best of luck to the teams still practicing and working hard this week to bring home a victory, and earn a spot in the Nov. 13th championship. We know you will make Park City proud — win or lose.

You can visit our site at http://www.pcminers.com

Dawn Molinaro

On behalf of the PC Ute Conference Board

No way to record precious memories


I am calling upon the good, honest citizens of Park City for the hopeful return of my Kodak Easy Share Z1275 12mp digital camera. Our soccer club played the Park City Soccer Club U18 team on Thursday, September 9, 2010, at the Park City Sports Complex, 600 Gillmor Way, at 6:45 pm. It was quite chilly that night and I was in a hurry to get to the car. My arms were full of chairs, blankets, jackets, and snacks. I thought for sure I had my camera, but I have looked everywhere here and it is not to be found.

The camera was stored in a black Samsonite camera case with an embossed circle design on the front and two broken zippers due to use. I shot some video of the game that night before running out of battery power. I want my memories back. It is very important to me that this camera be returned along with the SD cards (Kodak, 2GB; Lexmark, 8GB; San Disk, 8GB). It was a Christmas gift from my husband and it means very much to me and our family. I feel totally lost without it, and with the holidays upon us, I have no way to record precious family memories. I am offering a reward for its safe return.

I have contacted Park City Soccer Club, Park City Recreation and the Park City Police. It has been posted on KPCW radio’s free Lost and Found page. Perhaps the finder is thinking I have forgotten about it, or do not care to have it back. This is not the case. Perhaps they just don’t know how to make contact with me.

Please, if you know where my camera is, contact The Park Record as they have my contact information. Thank you.

Nancy Jones

Payson, Utah