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Letters to the Editor, November 7-9, 2012

Museum crowd knows how to throw a party


Friday evening (Oct. 26), the Park City Historical Society & Museum held its annual Dungeon Party at the Elks Lodge and once again, it was an enormous success!

The decorations were incredible and even included a cemetery; the Haunted Museum Tours were a huge hit; the live music by Ralph Morrison, Alan Domonoske and Nat Grainger was fabulous; the live slot machine ladies were a riot; the beverages were tasty and the food was out of this world.

We so want to thank the wonderful restaurants that generously provided our delicious buffet feast: Butchers, Blind Dog, Blue Iguana, Cows, Kumbaya Kitchens, 350 Main, Shabu, Riverhorse, and Main Street Pizza & Noodle. And thank you, Moab Brewery, too.

Our biggest thank you always goes to our loyal members who year after year attend the party and renew their memberships, who don hilarious Halloween costumes in the spirit of the evening, and who support us throughout the year in so many ways.

If anyone missed the party, please go to parkcityhistory.org or call the museum at 435-649-7457 to renew your membership.

Sandra Morrison

Park City Historical Society & Museum

Cop frisking gorilla was our first impression


We moved to Park City in 1972, arriving late evening on Halloween night. A gorilla being frisked by a Park City police officer late that night at the Park Avenue 7-11 was our first impression. It has been a wonderful 40 years.

Jim Whitteron

Park City

Egyptian is thriving, thanks to supporters


Once again, the Egyptian Theatre’s fundraiser at the Montage Deer Valley did usher in the winter’s first blast. We would like to thank our key sponsor, the Montage Deer Valley, for a wonderful event. Other sponsors include: Southwest Airlines, Pam and John Carroll, Paul Crowe and Therese Flaherty Crowe, Bob Proeschel, Maura Robbins, Greg and Debbie Schirf and Wasatch Beer, Paul and Peg Tan and Wells Fargo Bank, Lisa Wishnick, Mike and Nan Worel, our Emcee Hope Woodside, and our special musical guest Melissa Manchester.

The Egyptian Theatre is thriving, thanks to these sponsors and the many other supporters of the theatre.

Randy Barton

Executive director,

and the board of trustees of the Egyptian Theatre

A cornerstone of our Park City community


Among all of the mean-spirited and vicious political rhetoric, Teri Orr provides a welcome respite with both the Park City Performing Arts Foundation and her column.

On Friday, Teri invited the Treasure Mountain Junior High School leadership class to attend, free of charge, the Alvin Ailey dance concert. Sitting next to my students on the front row, I heard a unified gasp as the dancers took the stage.

Through Teri, entire families saw the show together, free of charge. As a class, we study some of the great African American leaders. Seeing the choreography provided another level of understanding.

But there’s one more thing about Teri that this town loves — her writing. My former neighbor, Rona Andrews, came back to town this weekend for the rug show. On Saturday, she said to me, "You know what I really miss? I miss reading Teri Orr’s ‘Sunday in The Park’ articles. She’s a beautiful writer."

Teri is a cornerstone of our Park City community. She brings art, love, laughter and compassion.

I am grateful to Teri for her gracious generosity that crosses political, socio-economic, and racial lines.

Julie Hooker

Park City

Consider volunteers to assist paid officers


Re: your article Saturday regarding Sheriff Edmunds’ budgetary crisis and manpower shortage.

Many law-enforcement agencies across the country, including agencies in Utah, utilize volunteer citizens to assist agencies. These programs are different from the traditional "police reserve programs." The training is done through short programs. After training, citizen volunteers, usually working in pairs, take minor reports (theft, non-injury fender benders, dog bites, loud music, etc.). They also are available to assist with traffic control, assist with emergencies, disasters or searches, assist with the filing of documents in the office, answering phones in the office — the duties are endless.

The handling of these routine matters by trained volunteers, instead of assigning them to a regular deputy, frees the deputy for more urgent calls. The volunteers save a substantial amount of manpower hours per year. Just check the communities online and most will reflect the thousands of man-hours their volunteers have saved taxpayers. These programs cost virtually nothing to implement because they are staffed with volunteers who have the time or interest to assist the sheriff’s office. Google "volunteers in policing" to see the long list of communities that have similar programs. Those in Utah include Sandy, Brigham City, Orem, West Jordan, St. George, Provo, Draper City and Salt Lake City.

Might be worth looking into.

Thomas (Tom) Hauser

Park City

Dance concert was opportunity of a lifetime


We are ninth-grade students from Treasure Mountain Junior High and participate in the Leadership class/Student Council. Ms. Teri Orr provided tickets to Alvin Ailey II at the Eccles Center for Leadership and Latinos in Action students and their families. The show gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. She gave a lovely speech at the beginning of the show. The dancers presented themselves in the best way possible. The audience, including us, gasped as they noticed their strength, gracefulness, and flexibility. The passion of the dancers was looking the audience in the eyes. The event ran like butter, all thanks to Ms. Orr.

Along with writing a column in The Park Record and holding a leadership role at the Eccles Center, Ms. Orr works with Leadership students to provide opportunities for the community.

On 11-16-12, we encourage the community to donate to the Park City Performing Arts Foundation. On behalf of all TMJH Student Council members, thank you, Ms. Orr.

Micaela Berglund

Laney Marsella

Park City

If you live here, give here on November 16


Every day I am thankful I live here. It’s beautiful, active, friendly, and people care.

I listen to the radio to find out what is going on. I love the history and the Park City Museum on Main Street, the mining artifacts on the mountains, and the well-preserved mining cottages and buildings in Old Town. I go to the concerts, plays, and fabulous performances offered all year. I bike and hike on the trails right from my house.

I love the panoramas and the pristine land and open space around our town. People who are in trouble can find help in Park City.

The nonprofits in Park City make it a place where I loved raising my three kids and a place I can’t wait to watch my two grandsons thrive.

I am away on Nov. 16 in the warm weather, but I have already registered and will be logging in on my computer to donate to those organizations that have enriched my life. I hope, if you are away, you will sign on too and keep in touch at http://www.LivePCGivePC.org.

Syd Reed

Park City