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Letters to the Editor, September 12-14, 2012

Impartial journalism would be a good start


I realize that we are fixated on partisan politics and are a long way from bipartisanship and an era of good feeling. At the very least, however, for a mode of moral decency and professionalism, the fourth estate news media and press should be an impartial, fair branch, not biased on liberal or conservative interest, but good honest reporting. What an injustice to our values and a detour for truthful and unprejudiced news.

Writers and reporters these days present stories, editorials and current events with an air of prejudice that is nothing pure but tainted with yellow journalism, biased-distortion and corrupt politics. I move we work on covering news stories that aren’t politically or ideologically sided but filled with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, from an honest middle-ground perspective.

A high road should be taken in this era of cynicism and filibuster/stalemate Congress. Impartial, moderate journalistic coverage would be a step in the right direction for this country’s strong moral fiber and a model for the world to follow.

Zach Haskins

Cooper City, Fla.

She set campaign aside to walk for a cause


Another successful and fun Miners Day! The running of the balls, the parade, the park festivities, mucking and drilling all contribute to this great community event.

The Miners Day parade is practically mandatory for anyone running for office.

As someone who has been in the parade as a candidate, I can say that I personally have struggled with the choice of having a campaign entry or walking with one of the many organizations I support in the community. I want to point out how proud I am that Tania Knauer, candidate for school board, chose to walk with a group rather than in her own entry. Tania is one of the founding members of the Park City School District Anti-Bullying Coalition, formed to end bullying in our schools. Tania put her campaign aside for the day to walk in support of this important issue. Good job!

Liza Simpson

Park City

How to change Utah’s political landscape


If you are among the approximately 49 percent of Utahns who do not identify themselves as conservative, you probably are constantly frustrated with our governor, state legislators, congressmen and senators. Since your views are rarely represented by these politicians, you may wonder why vote and end up apathetic about the whole system. I would like to encourage you to consider the 49 percent solution to change Utah’s political landscape.

According to the 2010 census report, only 53.1 percent of eligible Utahns voted in the 2008 presidential election. If 80 percent of you voted, we could end up with much better representation at all levels. Here is the math: 80 percent x 49 percent = 39.2 percent of eligible voters choosing more progressive candidates; 53.1 percent x 51 percent = 27.08 percent of eligible voters choosing conservative candidates. The bottom line is that if we want change, we must be much more proactive, vote in greater numbers, and make sure that all of our friends and family members are registered and vote for progressive candidates. Get fired up and make Utah a better place to live!

Rick McConnell

Park City

Kudos to organizers of Triple Trail Challenge


On Saturday I was privileged to complete the Triple Trail Challenge put on by the Mountain Trails Foundation with the help from numerous sponsors and other co-organizers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charlie Sturgis and his dedicated crew of staff, board and incredible volunteers who made this annual event such a pleasure to be a participant in. In all three events (Jupiter Peak Steeplechase, Park City Marathon and the Mid Mountain Marathon) there was an abundance of enthusiastic racers, spectators, volunteers and staff.

I live in Salt Lake City but work in Park City, and participating in this event made me feel part of the community. Events like these truly put Park City on the map and showcase our world class trails. Kudos to all involved and I look forward to participating next year!

Happy Trails,

Jon Paulding

Salt Lake City

Glass recycling benefit concert was a smash


I want to thank the almost 250 people who joined us last Friday night for Recycle Utah’s first ever "Uncorked" concert at the center in support of glass recycling. Huge thanks go to Bryon Friedman and his band for amazing music, the Gateway Grille for a tasty BBQ, and Top Shelf bar for mixing up some creative concoctions.

We know that many Parkites drink libations packaged in glass. Thanks for coming out to bring us your glass and support the only glass recycling program in the county.

Let’s do it again,

James D’Angelo

Recycle Utah

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