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Letters to the Editor, September 26-28, 2012

Lack of courtesy will come back to haunt them


It’s a funny neighborhood.

You leave your home (Jeremy Ranch) with all the good intentions of driving to Park City to do your thing. So, you figure, that’s my home. I am surrounded by my neighbors.

Not only that, they are all of the opinion you should love your neighbor as yourself.

That will be mistake number two: "Don’t assume."

OK, OK , I’ll get to the point already! I get to the left turn to get onto I-80, direction Kimball Junction. I need to make a left and the corner in front of me has three stop signs, each dispensing a car one after the other and not giving enough time to turn unless you’ve got chutzpah and rush it. To top it all, your good neighbors, instead of going a little slower as in letting a car turn from time to time, oh no, they accelerate instead to make sure you wait for ten minutes before you can safely turn.

So what’s so funny? Well, just about every single person doing it to you has a big advertisement on his door. He may be a local plumber, electrician, lawn mower, painter, landscaper, you name it. And their phone numbers are printed on their vehicles as well. Big letters! Just about every car is doing it, to tell the truth!

I guess when I need a service I will remember whom not to call. That’s what’s funny.

Jack Karmel

Jeremy Ranch

Brand Park City as an ‘old wooden barn’?


RE: The Park Record, Sept. 15-18, page A-1 article, "Kimball has some opponents"<

It is totally incomprehensible that the most prominent location in Old Town would be highlighted by stacking up some old used lumber. This exhibit doesn’t portray any design expertise.

Park City is famous for world-class skiing. Shouldn’t it consider world-class architecture for an addition to the Kimball Art Center?

Some examples of world-class are glass by I.M. Pei at the Louvre in Paris and titanium by Frank Gehry at the Guggenheim in Balboa.

Those who favor "stacked timber" should realize that it will become a symbol branding Park City, forever, as an "old wooden barn."

Whatever happened to good old American innovation and ingeniousness?

Rudy Lang

Park City

Eighty-foot structure would loom over Zoom


I wish to make my opinion understood of the proposed Kimball Art Center addition: I do not want the proposed addition due to several reasons:

1) I do not approve of the permission being granted to break the codes and regulations of our Historic Park City.

2) The proposal to allow an MPD change even in this one case sets a precedent that could be used by other developers.

3) The height of the building would be more than 40 feet over the height of Sky Lodge and would be much more obvious at the end of the Main St.

4) The building overshadows Zoom and Easy Street. I, for one, will not wish to sit there and look at a skyscraper-studded intersection. I feel this proposed structure is completely out of compliance with our historic designation.

I, for one, spoke at the public hearing of the city council. I feel that the article published about our opinions stated at that meeting were not made quite correctly. The byline stated we opposed the design. That is not quite correct. I don’t love it … but some of our group do. What we do not want is stated in the previous paragraph. We do want the Kimball Art Center to be able to have a larger facility. As a former art teacher, I am totally in favor of the center and its desire to expand its horizons … just not over Main Street.

My worst nightmare would be to see an 80-foot structure in our historic Park City and the possible future buildings of anywhere near this size.

Marilla Magill

Park City

Tania Knauer puts our children first


Tania Knauer has her priorities right: first, our children; next, their education. She’ll be a superb member of the school board!

The daughter of an exceptional public school teacher, Tania comes by her interest in education naturally. She has long been interested in and knowledgeable about the economic, social and political factors impacting public education. On a personal level, she pays strict attention to what her children (and yours) are doing at school. While Tania is quick to express appreciation, she does not hesitate to offer improvements – but always coupled with reasoned and constructive recommendations. This is what a school board member ought to do!

I have worked with Tania Knauer for several years. She has an acute sense of fairness and the possible. She has excellent judgment. Tania is selfless in her desire to be helpful and to make a positive contribution in our children’s education. There can be no better candidate for the school board. And if you truly want intelligent and forward-thinking decisions to be made as the school board deals with the challenges facing our schools, you’ll vote for Tania Knauer!

Billie Gay Larson

South Jordan, Utah

Brewery crew rocks; so does medical staff


On Tuesday, Sept. 18, I was having a birthday lunch with my mom and some friends at Red Rock Brewery in Park City. After we had finished eating, my mother became non-responsive, unconscious, and scared me to death. My friend called 911, while another friend yelled for medical help from anyone dining at the restaurant. Immediately, a young lady (who happened to be a former kindergarten student of mine 22 years ago), Blair Rajamaki (who is a nurse), came over and helped my mom by asking her questions, calming my nerves, and staying attentive until the paramedics arrived.

After being in the E.R. for a while with my mom, I realized we had never paid for our lunch – so I called my friends who were with us and they said that Red Rock "insisted on paying our bill."

I just wanted to extend my thanks to the manager, our server, and the staff of Red Rock for being so helpful. This just another reminder of why I have loved teaching and living in Park City for the past 22 years.

P.S. My mom was in the Park City Medical Center for a few days, had two more "episodes," and we are still unsure of the cause – she has an appointment to see a neurologist. Thank you also to their wonderful staff and Clare Kranstover for all of her help!

Kathy Anderson

Park City


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