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Letters to the Editor, September 29-October 2, 2012


I read, with absolutely no surprise, that the Sundance debate over schedules is in the news again and the same dusty old excuses are being offered to counter any suggestion that dates be changed. Now we add to that debate the confluence of the MLK holiday on top of the festival for the next three years.

Let’s look at the facts again. Yes, the world is full of film/video festivals some important, many not so significant. In the rhythm of festival life, claiming your position in the queue is important. So Sundance’s argument about its lock on dates does carry some weight. But that does not mean Sundance must also have a lock on Park City.

Let’s explore the blasphemous idea that Sundance has grown too big for Park City. It is a big event that draws significant media attention. Maybe it’s not film anymore, and maybe it’s not so "independent" anymore, but it is a player in the world of video/cinema and showcases new talent. But must it overwhelm little Park City every year?

If we paid attention to the news reports last year, we would have read that the festival has not been helping Main Street. The festival is not the cash cow it used to be. My wife and I are skiers and spend the month of January in Park City every year. We have endured Sundance for the last 12 years. I avoid $20 parking fees and Main Street restaurants like the plague until the festival is over. You don’t see me and you don’t see my money. And I guarantee you I am not alone.

What’s wrong with Sundance moving the bulk of its events to Salt Lake? Sundance purists would argue, "What about the Park City "look?" The "film" vaults are full of iconic footage of PIBs huffing and puffing their way up Main Street. Give the festival the room it needs and allow Park City to serve the skiing community.

Robert F. McCleary

Lothian, Md.

SkiLink won’t happen without local approvals


I want to give Peter Cooke, Democratic candidate for governor, the benefit of the doubt that he has truly read up on SkiLink, but that doesn’t come across. For purpose of clarity, specifically his comment that SkiLink has not been reviewed in a manner that is acceptable to him and has not gone through any open hearings or through the process, it’s real simple: That’s not accurate.

Congress is an open public process and conducts hearings seeking public input before they take action. If approved by Congress, SkiLink will not be built until it gets approvals from local jurisdictions, including Salt Lake and Summit counties. Both will have a very rigorous open public process.

So Peter, perhaps following those hearings and realizing there is a local process, you will find it in your heart to support SkiLink for what it truly can deliver to the vitality and growth of the Park City area and Big Cottonwood for years to come. Don’t vote along party lines, but rather for what constituents really want. Many would like to see SkiLink built. Sooner rather than later.

Tom Richardson


Brown would fend off raids on our tax base


Please join me in supporting Kristen Brown for school board.

With Park City’s superintendent, Ray Timothy, leaving to preside over the UEN, and certain legislators looking to raid Park City funding in the name of "tax equalization" again, it is imperative that we elect a school board that knows the numbers stone cold and can defend them.

In the past school year Kristen served on the budget advisory committee. She has a degree in finance. She has worked in the private sector as an analyst. She understands the financial issues facing the district. Unlike willing but less-prepared rivals, she isn’t mystified by complex spreadsheets. More importantly, she has developed critically important relationships with key legislators crucial to defeating raids on our local tax base.

Can we afford to elect anyone with less preparation?

When the school board is seated in January, the first order of business is hiring someone who knows the ropes like our past superintendent did. Ray was incredibly effective at keeping our interests protected. He knew the back passageways and trap doors in the state school system. Kristen knows how he worked. She can help us find someone like him while helping interim leadership moving forward and keeping all the balls in the air.

But she’s not just a financial analyst with well-placed friends.

She’s served in the trenches. As an involved parent (eleven years as a room mom and former dinner mom for the football team) she knows our teachers and loves their dedication. She feels pain when positions are lost. Her son, Tommy Brown, is the 2012-12 student-body president at PCHS, giving her unique access to high school issues. Her daughter moved up from elementary at Parley’s and is at Ecker.

In short, she’s one of us. She has our interests at heart. She has the background, the training and education to hit the ground running. She is the right person for the job.

Please vote Kristen Brown for school board.

Art Brothers

Park City

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