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Letters to the EditorBrown or Lofft? It’s an easy choice


When my taxes go to support schools, roads and necessary health programs, I don’t mind. When my District 53 representative sponsors a bill (HB 466) that gives ultimate control to developers who want to create their own cities, I mind.

Multiple times during this campaign season, Mel Brown has claimed he didn’t understand the implications of passing HB 466. Brown sponsored the bill. If he didn’t read it, he is irresponsible as an elected official. If he did read it, support it, understand it and help pass it, he is a liar. Take your pick irresponsible or liar. Neither is what I would hope for in my representative.

I lived in an apartment complex that was commandeered after this bill passed. My rent went up twice in 18 months after that happened. I can’t prove the rent increase was a direct result of the bill being passed, but it seems fishy since my rent hadn’t increased one cent in the year before the bill’s passage. Also, there are dozens of homes between the Hideout Canyon development and the apartments that are included as part of the township. I thought townships were supposed to create a sense of community. I guess Brown doesn’t care about that. If he did, he may have included some kind of provision that required elections when a township was created. Instead, the developer of the land submits a list of residents he/she deems worthy to be members of the town’s council. Nice form of due process, don’t you think?

We weren’t the only ones left to fight this battle. The south side of Wasatch County is dealing with this as well. If individuals and families wanted to create townships out of the places in which they lived, they could have found a way under previously existing laws. How else would they have done so in the last 112 years? Who was this law supposed to help, Mel? It didn’t help me or my neighbors, and so I can’t find a reason to vote for you on Nov. 4th.

Finding a responsible leader for the next term will be as easy as selecting Kathy Lofft when I’m standing at my touch screen on Tuesday. Thanks for making this an easy decision for me.

Ryan Jensen

Deer Mountain

Transparency or cover-up candidate?


If Commissioner Sally Elliott is really the transparency candidate, why can’t she disclose five simple documents at a precise location, so that the public can judge for themselves? Certainly if she has nothing to hide, she could quickly defuse this controversy swirling around her by making these documents available! It is interesting that Commissioner Richer claims to have given a copy of the ‘secret map’ to KPCW, but in fact has not or provided only an incomplete copy. The five documents that the public should see are the "Secret Map;" the "Coyle Report;" full TDR accounting; appraisal of public TDR assets sold in 2006; arbitration award showing millions in losses to the County. It is her choice whether she is the transparency or cover-up candidate in this election.

Greg S. Ericksen

West Bountiful, Utah, and The Canyons

Steer-raising experience pays off


I’d like to thank The Canyons resort for buying my market steer at the Summit County Fair this year. Many hours went into training and conditioning my steer for the fair. For nearly nine months I fed him morning and night so he could grow into the desired size. As fair time grew nearer, I also had to teach him to lead like a horse and behave around crowds and loud noises.

All my hard work was rewarded when The Canyons bought my steer. This money will mostly go to my college education, so it is greatly appreciated.

Cooper Feild


Another candidate for county queen


A letter to the editor in this paper recently described the wrong candidate for County Council as our would-be queen. In my view, it is Sally Elliott who aspires to be queen (or, perhaps, empress) of Summit County and, based on her statements and conduct, I think voters should be wary.

At a recent County Commission meeting, Ms. Elliott voiced her disapproval of private trail systems in subdivisions like Pinebrook, Moose Hollow, and Glenwild. She would apparently like all private trails to be made public and residents should be concerned that, if elected, she might find a way to accomplish that end. She recognizes that citizens enjoy private property rights, but seems to find their exercise a dreadful inconvenience. She is the commissioner who most often suggests an inappropriate use of government power and who has to be reminded that the laws and Constitution must be followed. She is the commissioner who makes inappropriate statements that must later be withdrawn or explained away and the one who most often interrupts presentations at commission meetings with asides or her own monarchial conversations.

It also would appear that Ms. Elliott recently tried to get her good and loyal friend Anita Lewis appointed interim county manager. Ms. Elliott voted against appointment of Brian Bellamy to that post, but the creation of a job for Ms. Lewis as assistant county manager looked to me like a consolation prize offered by the other two commissioners. In my view, however, that appointment was not legal. It was not identified as interim — which is all it could be — and should have been filled by the manager through the normal personnel process. I have written to the County Attorney expressing my concerns about it. I fully anticipate that Ms. Elliott will try to punish me for doing so. It’s happened before.

We need a County Council with balance between the political parties as well as the areas of the county and with no single individual who thinks she deserves to be in charge. If elected, Sally Elliott will use her experience and influence as an argument to be elected chair, and will then do her best to transform the chair into a throne. Bill Miles is a competent, humble man who seeks only to serve as a member of the new Council. He deserves your vote.

Bruce Margolius


If you are tired of politics as usual


I am Gary Shumway and I am campaigning for your Summit County Council, Seat "D." I am offering you a choice this November 4th. You have a choice of continuing politics as usual or you can elect a member of the Constitution Party who will actually represent you, not just the party. I can guarantee that statement since I am also the Summit County chair of the Constitution Party. With no political debts to repay, with no close ties to any specific industry, special interest group, or political entity, I can represent all the citizens of Summit County.

I have three master’s degrees and have attended the University of Utah and Utah State University. Back in 1847 my great-great-grandfather, Charles Shumway, was one of the first pioneers in this area. I am a husband, father, and grandfather and, with my wife, live in the Jeremy Ranch area. I am the owner of Ernest Hill Publishing and am a contract computer programmer. I have written two books, published scientific papers, and maintain several Web sites including my campaign web site, http://www.voteshumway.org and http://www.tellshumway.com . I ran as a Libertarian in 2006 for your state representative. Politically, I would feel comfortable in either the Libertarian or Constitution Party or even as a Ron Paul Republican, or possibly a blue dog Democrat.

I ask you to vote for me if you agree:

1. that our existing two-party system does not give us the choice in candidates that we need for healthy debates and informed decision-making.

2. that you want a council member who will listen to you and not have conflicting agendas and will not have to recluse themselves from doing the county’s business.

3. there should be growth in the county limited by available resources, both natural and county-provided, and the desire to maintain our standard of life, mountain lifestyle, and agrarian heritage.

4. that government must be more open and efficient with meetings open to the public in the evenings when you can actually attend them.

5. that we need a council member who will communicate with the citizens and have a web site (www.tellshumway.com ) available as a public on-line forum and polling place.

6. we must have a smooth transition to our new form of government and have a council who are able to select the best county manager candidate.

In short, I am a viable third-party candidate offering you a choice. Please consider voting for Gary Shumway this November 4th. I am not asking you to change parties, just your vote.

Gary Shumway Constitution Party candidate for Summit County Council, Seat "D"

Skatepark needs a dome


My name is James Thornburg and I am a senior at PCHS. I must admit I never watch the news or PCTV but I was hoping you guys could make an announcement about the petition going on to dome the skatepark. The website for the petition is http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/dome-our-skatepark-park-city It is really easy to sign up and only takes about 30 seconds.

Another way to find the site is to Google "dome our skatepark park city". There are currently about 400 signatures and we need 1,000. If you could make an announcement, that would be greatly appreciated.

James Thornburg

Park City

Choose him for what he is and what he’s not


It seems what we are all looking for in a candidate these days is a little compassion, a lot of integrity and someone who isn’t a career politician. I’m honored to support John Hanrahan for County Council because he is all of this and more.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with John in a variety of groups. Whether it’s trying to breathe life into our local political party or put on a school spelling bee, John’s common sense and calmness are always present and often what pulls everyone together. As a doctor, John is a problem-solver. I know John will look at every county issue with the same depth he does in making a diagnosis on any patient. Founding and running non-profits have also given him to the ability to work with a limited budget and know where best to use scarce resources. John is always the listener at the table and, most importantly, the moral compass with a sense of humor mixed in. He is the one who cuts though the rhetoric to get things done. His life experiences and character are truly different from any other candidate on the ballot Democrat or Republican and I know he will represent everyone of us on our new five-member council.

Please join me in voting for John Hanrahan for County Council, seat C on November 4th.

Tania Knauer

Park City

What has Brown done for you?


I am writing in response to Lisa Kirchenheiter’s letter "We can’t afford to lose Mel Brown" in the Saturday, October 25, edition of The Park Record. I normally wouldn’t give over my own time to answer a single letter to the editor, but I believe this one merits a personal response.

Before I get to the substance, understand this: Ms. Kirchenheiter does not know me and has not taken any opportunity to get to know me. She has not approached me personally, on any occasion, to discuss my background, experience or objectives, or any topic including education, funding for education or state tax policy. When I approached Ms. Kirchenheiter at a recent event with my hand out in good faith, she snubbed me.

`I don’t take it personally, but I believe this suggests Ms. Kirchenheiter is not the right person to represent my positions or my ability.

Ms. Kirchenheiter claims that Rep. Brown is the "only thing standing between our taxpayers and the Utah legislators who are anxious to increase Park City’s tax burden." Really?

Unlike Rep. Brown, I live, work and pay taxes on property in Park City. I’m not sure I need lessons or lectures from Ms. Kirchenheiter, or anyone else, about the importance of protecting Park City’s tax dollars.

Ms. Kirchenheiter apparently hasn’t taken a close look at Rep. Brown’s record when it comes to protecting taxpayers. For example, ask the people in Daniels, Utah who are reportedly fundraising to buy a new snowplow or in other affected communities how they feel about their tax dollars being spent to defend against unwanted incorporation attempts under HB 466, sponsored by Rep. Brown.

Ms. Kirchenheiter argues, essentially, that Rep. Brown should be re-elected primarily because he is an incumbent. She suggests we need to be pragmatic, and elect someone with the experience and clout to get things done. So let’s examine whether Rep. Brown who re-entered the House only in 2006 actually has clout in the state legislature. At least a couple of clear examples (and there are others) suggest he does not:

In a September interview on KPCW regarding the special legislative session to address the state budget deficit, Rep. Brown admitted that one of his Republican colleagues would not tell him where certain "one-time" funds being used to fill holes in the budget were going to come from, saying that Rep. Brown was not entitled to the information.

At a candidate event last Monday evening at North Summit High School, Rep. Brown indicated that when he attempted to have a reform measure placed on the agenda for the interim ethics committee, he was ignored by his own colleagues, who kept the measure off the agenda.

Does this sound like someone who has leverage with the Republican leadership?

Ms. Kirchenheiter further asserts that a freshman Democrat would be invisible in the legislature. Consider Rep. Christine Johnson (District 25), who entered the House as a freshman Democrat in 2006. Despite being new to office and an unabashed progressive, Rep. Johnson has been anything but invisible during her first term. Among other things, she sponsored and secured passage of two major pieces of environmental legislation that will greatly benefit Summit County and its key industries.

Ask yourself: What has Rep. Brown done for you in the past two years? I have been to numerous candidate events, and have had the opportunity to hear Rep. Brown speak on a number of occasions. I have yet to hear Rep. Brown cite a single example of a productive legislative achievement from the past term.

Rep. Brown has, however, recently made claims not necessarily supported by the record. For example, Rep. Brown says he favors ethics reform, yet he has not signed the Utahns’ for Public Schools ethics reform pledge, which I and many other representatives and candidates have signed (see http://www.utahnsforpublicschools.org/policycenter/good-government.php ).

I urge you to do you own homework. Visit my Web site at http://www.votelofft.com to learn more about me and my campaign, and consider casting your vote for me on November 4th!

Katherine (Kathy) Lofft

Park City

Report any voting problems you see


Utah’s voting system is inaccurate, hackable, and not subjected to valid independent post-election audits to check accuracy. Utah’s election procedures are extremely secretive. Even touch-screen vote counts are kept secret and Utah State Election Web site fails to publicly post statewide precinct results. During poll closing procedures in 2006, in violation of my civil rights, a policeman was called to evict me from the poll upon the advice of Summit County Attorney’s office because I took pictures of summary vote totals that virtually all states publicly post at the polls when polls close. Utah statutes do permit cameras inside polling locations but prohibit public display of your own voted ballot.

Utah election officials may keep virtually any election record secret by labeling it an "election return" and Utah statutes require "election returns" to be secured during polling closing and then "destroyed without opening" [unless ordered by a judge] after 22 months." Utah officials violate this statute to tally the votes but enforce it against the public. We need to pass legislation to obtain public election oversight. See http://utahcountvotes.org or contact kathy.dopp@gmail.com

Utah poll workers and election officials are not required to record and to publicly report voting problems. PBS and YouTube are asking voters to record and upload their voting experiences to http://youtube.com/videoyourvote . Record problems when you vote, respecting others’ privacy.

Report any voting problems you experience to the County Clerk, to Utah’s Election office, to local press, and to: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (which makes the data publicly available), 1-866-My-Vote-1 (which has attorneys that may help but may not publicly report), 1-888-SAVE-VOTE, and 1-877-GOCNN08. Voters collaboratively describe problems on wikis http://www.votersuppression.net and http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Portal:Election_Protection_Wiki

Avoid voting on a provisional ballot because it may not be counted, but do request a regular paper ballot from the pollworker that you know is cast correctly.

Kathy Dopp

Park City

Community service is no small commitment


The Meet the Candidates event for the Summit County Council race sponsored by the Park City Chamber of Commerce was excellent. I learned three things Park City has an outstanding Chamber board; attending a well-run event like this is vital to get first-hand knowledge and a feel for the candidates that the ads and leaflets can’t provide; and individual accountability to participate in such events is critical to understanding what is going on, thinking for yourself and voting. I left feeling proud of the community I live and work in and in deep appreciation of everyone who takes the time to volunteer as a Chamber board member and candidate for public office. Whether I agreed with what I heard or not, there is no denying everyone’s intention is to serve the community they have grown to care about and be accountable for.

Linda Galindo

Park City

Brown brings experience, wisdom, stability


Returning Mel Brown to the Utah House will serve you and the state well. Please know how much the legislature needs the experience, wisdom and stability which he brings to that body.

Of late, there has been too much of division, too much of incivility, too much of power politics and too little statesmanship. We need to reverse that trend before it seriously impairs the quality of public discourse and debate in our state.

I have watched Mel for many years. His sound judgment, even-handedness and common sense help his fellow legislators stay on course and avoid the unproductive sideshows. Keep Mel working for you and for the common good.

Kay McIff

Representative, House District #70

Richfield, Utah

Discounted lift tickets are still available


Many thanks to Jans and ColeSport for selling the discounted Park City Mountain Resort lift tickets to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

The $25 lift tickets are valid opening day through December 19, 2008. There are still some available at Jans and ColeSport. Get yours today before they are sold out.

Thanks to Jans, ColeSport, and Park City Mountain Resort!

Julie Bernhard

Executive director, Habitat for Humanity, Summit & Wasatch

PCTV to rebroadcast state soccer finals


I would like to congratulate the Park City High School girls’ soccer team for their terrific performance last weekend in the 3A state championship game. In spite of dominating play they came up short in the final score, but to all of us at Park City Television who were involved in the shooting and editing of the game, our Park City girls were champions. Double-overtime double-shootout games are what we call "good television".

Park City Television will rebroadcast the game twice on Sunday, Nov. 2 at 8:30 a.m. following the Mountain Weekend Show, and then again at 1 p.m. Hope for a snowy day and stay inside to watch the game. We hope you all enjoy the broadcasts of this terrific team!

Stanton D. Jones

Park City Television

‘Welcome’ volunteers stepped up again


We would like to extend our sincere THANK YOU to all the volunteers who assisted us in making the 28th Annual JANS Winter Welcome another huge success. Your support for the Youth WinterSports Alliance and all our young athletes reminds us again and again why we live and play here, Great friends, great community and great winter sports! It takes hundreds of volunteers to set up, run, and tear down the event in an incredibly short period of time. Each and every year we are amazed at the tremendous amount of individuals who step up to make this event happen. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Hope to see you next year!

Julianne Rosen-Carone

Gwen Dudik

Volunteer coordinators, Jans Winter Welcome

Aguilar offers perspective, experience


It is time to bring balance to the school board.

Gerd Holmsen Aguilar is the best choice for the school-board position for District 3. She is extremely qualified and her knowledge and skills will bring a greatly needed balance to our existing members seated on the school board. She is an educator by profession and spent her entire 40-year career in public education. Her resume is perfect for this position as it includes not only many years in the classroom but also extensive administrative experience. She has been trained in interest-based bargaining and has chaired a teacher association political action committee while living and working in California. Gerd has the practical and very needed perspective of an educator and the hands-on problem-solving skills as an administrator. Gerd has grandchildren in the Park City School district and has spent countless hours as a volunteer at McPolin. She has a realistic understanding of the pressing issues we face in our school district.

Because Mo Hickey is running unopposed for District 1, he will enhance the balance of skills and experience of the members of the school board with his extensive financial expertise. What we need to round out the skills set of our board members is a qualified educator like Gerd who understands the practical issues of teachers and administrators. It is time to bring some balance to our school board by electing a person with Gerd’s teaching and administrative experience. We can’t afford to not have Gerd on our board of education. Please vote for Gerd for the district 3 seat on the Park City Board of Education.

Carolyn Frankenburg

Park City

For County Council, vote for experience


I am writing to support Chris Robinson for Summit County Council Seat D. I feel Chris is a shining example of a great leader. Chris possesses solid leadership skills and has years of experience which will benefit Summit County. Chris has extensive experience in property rights, water rights, renewable energy and conservation. This experience will help Summit County as it continues to develop.

I encourage you to join me in supporting Chris with your vote!

Andy Wheeler

Park City

It’s time for all of us to be represented


I urge everyone to vote for Kathy Lofft for House District 53. Kathy has traveled the district, from Rich County to Daggett County to Morgan County and here in Summit County. She has listened to all of our concerns about clean air, education, health care and land use. She is smart, articulate and will not only represent us well, she will respond to our issues by legislating intelligently and working hard.

It is past time for ALL of us to be truly represented in our State Legislature.

Liza Simpson

Park City

PCEA endorses Hickey, Aguilar


I am writing to you as president of Park City Education Association and on behalf of the 250 teachers in the Park City School District that PCEA represents. Last week, our executive board met with the three candidates who are running for seats on the PCSD School Board. All the candidates answered questions from us for a little over an hour on the direction each of them would like to see the school board and other various topics that the PCSD faces.

PCEA executive board voted unanimously to endorse and support Mo Hickey and Gerd Holmsen-Aguilar. Mo, who is running unopposed for District 1, received our endorsement because he believes that the school board needs to continue to promote better communication with staff and community members. He also shared some creative ideas to help teachers with the high cost of living in Park City. Mo believes that the school board should be more transparent and involve all stakeholders in decisions.

Gerd Holmsen-Aguilar, who is running for District 3, also received our endorsement and support. Gerd is a former teacher from California. PCEA thinks it is critical to have someone on the board who has "been in the trenches." Her experience as a teacher and labor-union president can only help round out the board with direction and perspective the next three years.

Whether you are voting early or on November 4, PCEA encourages Park City residents to vote and support Mo Hickey and Gerd Holmsen-Aguilar. They can definitely make a positive difference and contribution to the Park City School Board and District.

Mike Holland

PCEA president

Anne Bransford gets it when it comes to people


I have had the privilege of working with Anne Bransford on two separate occasions. The first time was six year ago selling real estate at The Canyons and now as a Destination Host for a high-end club in Upper Deer Valley. Anne gets it when is comes to people.

I have seen her take the most challenging clients with high demands and expectations and put them at ease within minutes. She is amazing to watch when confronted with a difficult situation. She usually makes angry people laugh and readily offers them a couple of solutions to their problems.

She is a delegator who doesn’t ask anyone to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. Anne will represent the entire PCSD community. Please join me in supporting Anne Bransford for School Board District #3.

Lynn Pinyan

Park City

Bransford will support our children


Anne Bransford and I first met 52 years ago in the maternity ward at Holy Cross Hospital, now Salt Lake Regional. We both grew up together in Holladay, Utah, often having joint birthday parties. Our ancestors were miners in Park City in the late 1800s. Both of us are 5th-generation Parkites.

I was delighted when I heard that Anne was moving to Park City ten years ago with her then three young children. I didn’t see much of her in those early years since she was busy raising her children as a single mother, chairman of Field Day for five years in a row at PPES, and running her kids to lessons and activities. She once told me that she was in five carpools at the same time. I did see daughters often since they were involved in our Arts-Kids program where I volunteer weekly.

Anne is a natural leader. She motivates others to join her in dedicating their time and energy to better of the community. It was no surprise to me that Anne decided to run for school board last March. She is one of the rare individuals who wants to give back something to the community where her children have been deriving some benefit: in this case, 40,000+ hours in the PCSD classrooms.

She is passionate about being on the school board and I know she will serve you and our children well.

Whitney Wallace

Park City

Hanrahan has walked the talk


I am excited to endorse Dr. John Hanrahan for County Council. John first impressed me when we met at a neighbor’s card game about ten years ago. I found him friendly, engaging and thoughtful. He and my neighbor Todd, a fireman and HOA president, encouraged us to get involved and serve the community. They were graduating classmates of Leadership Park City 2000. And John has certainly walked that talk in many ways over the past ten years, especially with his long-held dedication to the health needs of Summit County’s uninsured, through The Peoples Health Clinic, and serving the poor, through the Hope Alliance, in countries like Peru after the 2007 earthquake.

John has shown the character, community values, and skill set to improve community relationships and services. He has demonstrated management and budgeting skills providing quality medical care with limited funding. During Dr. Hanrahan’s career, from his medical education, training and experience, to his nonprofit executive leadership, he has cultivated a decision-making discipline where he gathers the right information to make the best decisions in a timely manner. He has produced most of the results with the help of others, demonstrating his ability to inspire, motivate and team up with residents, patients, business owners, employees, donors, volunteers, supervisors, and managers to accomplish goals. I will expect similar positive results as John focuses his talents on using community resources as a County Council member to improve affordable housing, growth planning and management, open space, environmental stewardship, alternative energy, and water resources. Please join me in supporting Dr. John Hanrahan for County Council.

Joe Kernan

Park City

Weinstein would use common-sense approach


Steve Weinstein has my vote for Seat E on the Summit County Council. I have known Steve for over 20 years and feel confident that his intelligence, his ability to think creatively and his absolute fearlessness in standing up for what he believes will make him a valuable asset to the County Council. Summit County faces huge issues regarding growth, traffic and development. I believe Steve Weinstein will use a common sense approach to steer Summit County in a direction that will benefit all of us. Please join me in voting for Steve.

KK Heslop

Park City

School district needs Aguilar on board


As a frequent volunteer in the Park City School District for the last 10 years, I have witnessed Gerd Holmsen Aguilar’s dedication to our schools and our kids. I have seen her often tutoring students at McPolin or helping out in the teacher workroom. I appreciate that she uses her experience as a retired educator to help make our wonderful school even better.

Now we have the opportunity to put Gerd’s knowledge and experience to greater use. Before she became a school volunteer, Gerd was a public school teacher for 40 years, teaching K-8 and ESL. She’s also been a principal and directed a district home school program. And if that’s not enough, she has 25 years of legislative education experience as a representative for the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association. As much as I love having Gerd at McPolin, we need to share her throughout our district. Having her on our school board would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Please let’s not waste this valuable resource. Join me in voting for Gerd Holmsen Aguilar for Park City School Board. She’s the best choice because we need an educator on our Board of Education.

George Dymalski

Park City

Whatever your choices, be sure to vote


As a 36-year, loving and caring and concerned citizen of Summit County, I am thankful that so many people have offered to serve all of us through the issues facing our beautiful county.

Sally Elliott is a military wife, standing by her husband and son who have served us all. Sally has served the community in many ways through the years, and more recently has shown through her efforts as a County Commissioner that she cares about ALL issues of Summit County cares about ALL of us, East, West, North or South. She knows we are one county, and we all need each other to keep the magic of Summit County, Utah! Sally has shown that she works tirelessly, listens from all sides on any matter before she decides and then carefully deliberates, before making any decision. I will vote for Sally!

John Hanrahan is one of the "good" people (possibly one of the best) I have ever had the opportunity to know. He and Sally both are past presidents of Park City Rotary a group that meets and exists to SERVE. As a doctor, John is the founder of our local People’s Heath Clinic, as well as the Hope Alliance, and assists in local, nationwide, and worldwide efforts to give medical attention to those who need it, including the fundamental factors of food, water and education. He knows how to work with budgets, to make services happen. If you do not know him, I urge you to spend five minutes with him, to know that he is a great soul with a great mind, and a sense of humor, and that we should be thankful for his offer to serve us all. I will vote for John!

Claudia McMullin is a person who has proven her dedication to the county through her service as a Planning Commissioner and chair, trying to balance all of the issues of growth vs impacts of that growth, in context of the entire county. As a caring citizen, but also as a knowledgeable land-planner, she is able to explore all sides of every issue both public and private and she will serve us greatly. She cares about controlling traffic and congestion, protecting wildlife, maintaining water quality, and preserving our way of life. She always comes to the table completely prepared with a review of all the facts, listening to both sides, withholding any decision until she hears all public comments one of the most important factors needed in an effective elected official. I will vote for Claudia!

VOTE, whatever your decision (I will also vote for Chris Robinson and David Ure) but mostly, just VOTE!

Donna VanBuren

Park City

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