Library Quilt is raising money for new library in Coalville |

Library Quilt is raising money for new library in Coalville

In September, Coalville resident Jo Garver introduced the Library Quilt to the world.

The quilt, which sports 50 autographs of best-selling authors such as Eileen Goudge, Clive Cussler and Dean Koontz, among many others, is helping Garver raise money for a new library in Coalville.

People can make donations through and, in doing so, will have the opportunity to win the quilt.

"When you donate to Jo’s Library Quilt, 100 percent of the donations goes to the Coalville Branch Library," Garver said. "And it’s tax deductible."

The quilt, which was created by Coalville librarian Yvonne Judd, is on the display at the Summitt County Library, Kimball Junction branch, said Garver. "It will be for a few weeks in December."

A few days after the quilt was completed in October, Garver received more autographs in the mail.

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"I thought, what am I going to do? I can’t return them, that wouldn’t be nice," Garver said. "I thought about making pillow cases, but then I decided to create a signature collage."

The Framed Author’s Signature Collage, which is designed to feature 27 autograph blocks, currently sports 12 signatures, including Michael Lewis, author of "The Blind Side."

"His signature is one that showed up out of the blue two months after I wrote him," Garver said.

In addition to the quilt and collage, authors are also donating autographed books to the cause.

Fern Michaels, Jessica Seinfeld, Roseanne Cash, Jane Green and Tess Gerriston are among the book donors.

"Each of the books come with a certificate of authenticity," according to Garver. "We’re up to 40 books."

In addition to the Library Quilt, donors will have the opportunity to win the collage and book collection as well, Garver said.

"I am amazed at how generous the authors have been," she said. "They have been very supportive."

When she first ventured out for autographs for the Library Quilt, Garver learned author Eileen Goudge, who lives in New York, was going to appear at a library fundraiser event called "Between the Pages" in Seattle, Wash.

"I flew to Seattle and attended the fundraiser and met Eileen," Garver said. "She helped get the other authors who were at the fundraiser to sign the quilt, and some of the authors donated books for the collection.

"Eileen has been one of my biggest supporters and has helped me from day one."

The next trip took Garver to Phoenix, Ariz., to the Friends of Erma Bombeck authors’ luncheon. There she met Adriana Trigiani.

"Adriana has been very instrumental in getting me other author signatures Roseanne Cash, David Baldacci, John Searles (deputy editor for Cosmopolitan)," Garver said. "Adriana also lives in New York and I didn’t know if I would ever meet her."

But once Garver told Trigiani about the quilt, the author became a supporter.

"Adrianna said, ‘Come on over, and we’ll rustle you up some more signatures,’" Garver said.

Garver has kept an eye out for authors visiting Utah as well.

"During Utah Humanities Day, on Oct 19, I was sitting at tmy computer and an email came through from Kings English Book Store," she said. "It said Tess Gerriston was going to be in town in three hours.

So Garver shot an email to the Kings English and jumped in her car. She also grabbed the quilt, which was on display at the present Coalville Library, and drove to Salt Lake.

"I thought I’m going to take a chance and see if I could meet Tess Gerriston," Garver said.

the time Garver arrived in Salt Lake, someone from Kings English had read her email and visited her website.

"When I walked in, I was asked to tell everyone about the quilt project," she said. "And I told them I just so happened to have the quilt with me. And they went crazy."

Since then, Garver has sent a video to Ellen DeGeneres and invited to Ellen to be one of the authors on the collage.

"I also asked her to do the drawing for the quilt on her show in December," Garver said. "That’s probably not going to happen, but it still gets the word out."

To date, Garver has raised $2,000.

"My goal is to raise $100,000 or more," she said. "I just think Coalville deserves a new library."

To donate and learn more about Jo’s Library Quilt, visit