Library still looking for more space |

Library still looking for more space

Sarah Moffitt Of The Record Staff

A place where people can come, hang out and enjoy books: a description that North Summit residents are hoping will soon fit the new library in Coalville, which is nearing completion.

Expected to be completed in early September, the building is on track to be open for the new school year, said Summit County Library Director Dan Compton.

"The old library was described as small and cramped, with rows of books in a less-than-inviting manner. We want the library to be somewhere people will come and enjoy the space," Compton said.

Plans for the new library include a separate teen section, a user-friendly categorization system and an area just for small children.

"We got money from the state to put in early literary stations for children learning to read. There will be computers for kids to play educational games and learn in their own space while their parents look around," Compton said.

North Summit Librarian Yvonne Judd said she is most looking forward to having actual workspace.

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"The new place isn’t much larger, but we will have a work area, storage in the basement, and a break room. We will finally have two circulation computers," Judd said.

"The city government was expanding into the space where we were. We had to go somewhere and the city had that building sitting there," Compton said. "Ideally we would like a new building, but the old one is being restored really nice and we are just glad to have the extra space," Compton said.

The new library will be in the old hospital one block East of Main Street, sharing the space with the Summit County Health Clinic. According to Compton and Judd, there has been talk of the health clinic leaving the other half of the building at some point, allowing the library to expand even more.

"A bigger space would be nice, but at least it is more than the 900-square-foot room we are in now," Judd said.

"It is a step up," said Compton. "But we would ultimately like more space and think it may be possible a couple years from now."