License a ‘game changer’ |

License a ‘game changer’

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Main Street entertainment venue Park City Live, the former site of Harry O’s, has been granted a club license by the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The liquor license was transferred from the Claim Jumper in Vernal, UT and attached to Park City Live, allowing owner Kathryn Burns to expand what the business is able to do. It will allow the venue to open more regularly rather than just for concerts or special events.

"We can be open any day of the week now," Burns said. "We can offer more shows I hope to expand what music is offered in this venue."

"We couldn’t have club nights before," she added. "They’re fun, but the problem is that they’re not considered a community event of something special, so we had to hold off on the typical club nights. We were more of a concert venue."

State law allows one club license per 7,850 people in the state, keeping a tight lid on the distribution of club liquor licenses. When Burns and her team managed to find someone willing to transfer the liquor license to her establishment, she called it a "game changer."

According to the DABC website, a club liquor license may be issued to an equity club such as a country club, a fraternal club such as a mutual benefit or patriotic association that is organized under a lodge system, a dining club that maintains at least 50 percent of its sales from food along with dining facilities, or a social club such as a social drinking club that does less than 50 percent of its business from the sale of food. Hard liquor, wine and heavy beer may be sold from 10 a.m. until 1 a.m., an additional hour compared to special-use or full-service restaurant permits.

"If we didn’t get a liquor license, people may not have their allegiance with us or become loyal to us because they didn’t know if we would be around next year," Burns said. "Now that we are going to be around, we can have a consistent club night and they will know they can look to Park City Live for what they’re doing that weekend."

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