Linda Dugin’s 3rd grade students, McPolin Elementary |

Linda Dugin’s 3rd grade students, McPolin Elementary

August Orschel

I picked green.

Green feels like a frog.

Green tastes like a sour candy.

Green makes me feel calm.

Green smells like a stem of a flower.

Green sounds like a crocodile bellowing.

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I love green!

Ryder Krassner

Yellow is like a lemon in water on a sunny day.

Yellow is like the sun.

Jay Hartman

Red is like the pain of a sunburn on your back.

Red is like the cinnamon in an atomic fireball.

Red is like biting into a jalapeño pepper.

Quinn Dymalski

My favorite color is blue.

It is the color of the sky.

Blue is a light color.

Blue can be bold.

Blue is a primary color.

Blue is cool.

Noah Band

Green sounds like a Christmas tree falling down.

Green feels like a rough lime.

Green tastes like a yucky brussel sprout.

This is green.

Charlie Barth

My favorite color is yellow.

It feels like the sun’s heat on you.

It sounds like happiness and cheering.

It tastes like sweet bananas and sour lemons.

It smells like flowers blooming in the spring.

Andrew Castellanos

Orange is my favorite color.

It’s bright.

It is a very happy color.

It is very sunny.

Orange feels like a pumpkin.

I love the color orange.

Patrick Schloesser

Green tastes like a kiwi.

Green smells like green beans.

Green sounds like leaves rustling.

Green feels like laying in the grass.

Green looks like the leaves on trees.