Linens ‘N’ Things closing in Park City |

Linens ‘N’ Things closing in Park City

Greg Marshall, Of the Record Staff

One of Park City’s largest furniture and bedding stores is going out of business.

Linens ‘N’ Things plans to close its Park City location within the next several months, according to Rich Tauberman, a spokesman for the Delaware-based corporation.

Others Linens ‘N’ Things stores in Utah will remain open, he said.

The chain store made the announcement Friday.

Tauberman said he expects the store to close midsummer. "It will be an orderly wind-down over the next several months," he said.

The manager at the Kimball Junction Linens ‘N’ Things, who asked not to be named, said sales during the winter months were strong. "We’re continuing on with business as usual," he said. "Park City is growing and we’re selling stuff for houses." He said the store continues to receive new merchandise and intends to keep shelves stocked until further notice. "We don’t know anything for sure."

He noted Monday that the store had not received official word of the closure.

The national home furnishing chain’s decision to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy has to do with the current economic downturn and getting rid of a number of underperforming stores to help the company’s bottom line, Tauberman said.

The company did a store-by-store analysis to determine profitability and performance and intends to close 120 underperforming stores, Tauberman said.

Linens ‘N’ Things has 598 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

"In restructuring, we looked at where we could find savings," Tauberman said. "Unfortunately, Park City was one of those stores."

Customers shopping at Linens ‘N’ Things said they would be sorry to see the store close. "I love it," said Dee Baker, a resident of Park City and Southern California. "On the plus side, if they’re going out of business, they should have some good sales." Tauberman said Linens ‘N’ Things had no plans to return to Park City.

The store is located near the Newpark Town at Kimball Junction.

The corporate closure bears some similarities to the 2002 Kmart closure in the same space when the mega-retailer filed Chapter 11 and shut down 284 underperforming stores.

The monolithic space sat empty until a 2005 redesign divided the space to allow three new anchor stores, World Market, T.J. Maxx and Linens ‘N’ Things.


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