Liquor license, city approval sought for Memorial Building space |

Liquor license, city approval sought for Memorial Building space

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

City Hall and state alcohol regulators have received paperwork by someone wanting to operate a restaurant or bar in the Memorial Building on Main Street, a high profile location that has housed some sort of entertainment establishment for years.

There was little made public by midweek, and it is unlikely that there will be a significant amount of additional information available before next week. The Park City Planning Commission and the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, though, could both begin processing applications for the location on consecutive days next week.

The Planning Commission on Wednesday is scheduled to hold a hearing, but the panel is not anticipated to discuss the matter. Another hearing is tentatively scheduled on Jan. 9. There will likely be a detailed discussion by the Planning Commission at the January meeting.

The establishment is seeking a conditional-use permit from City Hall, a common sort of permit needed by property owners who must show a development or a type of activity will be compatible with the surroundings and impacts can be minimized.

Kirsten Whetstone, the City Hall planner assigned to the application, said space was previously excavated underground and is now being used for storage. The application asks City Hall to allow the storage area to be refitted into restaurant or bar space. The underground area covers 1,200 square feet. No exterior work is under consideration as part of the application.

Whetstone said the underground space would support a year-round bar or restaurant somewhere else in the Memorial Building, 427 Main St. The bar or restaurant would be new to the building and in addition to the Park City Live space that occupies the main room and the space where O’Shuck’s operates. The name of the place that could open was not known.

A detailed City Hall analysis of the request will be prepared prior to the Planning Commission meeting in January.

A restaurant or bar would create a critical mass at the location alongside Park City Live and O’Shucks. The crowds at the building are sometimes the biggest on Main Street when a major act is performing at Park City Live.

A person listed as a contact on the paperwork declined to comment on Monday.

The state alcohol regulators said on Monday an application has been submitted for a liquor license at 427 Main St. The application by Monday was not complete. A spokesperson for the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, though, said it was nearly finalized. The spokesperson was not sure what sort of liquor license was being sought and declined to provide details about the person who submitted the application. It was not clear whether the Alcoholic Beverage Commission would consider the application at a meeting next week.

The upcoming Planning Commission meeting could draw interest from people who live on nearby upper Park Avenue, one block west of Main Street. The underground square footage where the restaurant or bar space would be created sits in a residential zone where commercial uses are not typically allowed. Whetstone said since the space is enclosed and below the Park Avenue street level, a commercial use could be approved by the Planning Commission.

Some of the people who live on Park Avenue south of Heber Avenue have long been leery of the Main Street hubbub stretching toward the residential street. They were most recently worried about the redevelopment of the Claim Jumper building on Main Street and the impacts it could have on Park Avenue.

Whetstone said she had not received public input by Tuesday afternoon. The applications to City Hall and the state alcohol regulators had not been widely publicized through the early part of the week.

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