Lisa Kay Farmer – South Summit District 4 |

Lisa Kay Farmer – South Summit District 4

South Summit District 4, Lisa Kay Farmer

What are your qualifications and why are you running?

I am running for South Summit Board of Education because I want to help shape the way that our children are educated. As a mother of 12 children I have a vested interested in our schools. I am an active member of our community and schools and I feel like I can bring some new eyes to the table. I have many different learning styles in my home and realize that there is not a one size fits all approach to education. I work well with others and am willing to go the extra mile to do what is necessary to get the job done.

I believe that we are at the beginning of a great time in education where we can and should provide opportunities for our students to have choices and options for individual excellence. I would love to be a part of our communities educational team by working with the superintendent, administrators, teachers and parents to create the best learning opportunities possible.

What is your top priority and what changes would you like to help implement? Please be specific in your answer.

My top priority is to help improve the resources that our schools and teachers have. So our schools can lead in the way that they teach and train our children. To embrace new ideas and technologies that will enable our teachers to do the best job that they can. My goals are to help keep students and staff motivated and aware of their capabilities and potential. To help provide a safe caring environment for all students as well as work with the administrations to promote excellence. I want to help establish educational programs that are designed to help each student excel on an individual level and ultimately create life long learners and productive human beings.

In light of the shift in population around the district’s borders, what are your views on potentially changing the district boundaries?

I would be willing to look into the possibility of changing the district’s boundaries if it becomes necessary. There are many factors that would go into that decision and I would be willing to work with the administration as well as the community to get their input before implementing any changes.

What is your long-term vision for the district? Please be specific in you answer addressing areas such as growth, curriculum and district performance.

My long term vision for our district is seeing it become a leader in the way that we teach. I hope to see teachers, administrators, parents, students and community members work together to ensure that our children are not only educated but inspired. Where our schools are places of safety and security where individual talents are celebrated and individuality encouraged. Where teachers look for the potential in each student and help them learn to shine.

I don’t believe that any student has a common core, but believe that they are extraordinary and should be taught as individuals. I think that we know best who our children are and how best to teach them. The only way for no child to be left behind is to teach them how to keep up. To inspire them to want to learn and improve themselves and excel in their area of interests.

With limited financial resources, how can the district improve the education it offers students?

I hope to use the resources that we have to pay our teachers the best that we can and then inspire them to use their creativity to teach in the best way possible. I think that there are many creative ways of funding our schools needs to make them successful. There are also things that may be done for less or done away with to free up money for the things that are most important. I am willing to work with educators and administrators as well as the community to come up with a plan to get the biggest educational bang for our buck.

How does your platform differ from that of your opponent?

Steve Hardman is a good person and I appreciate his service. I am not running because I have anything against him. I am running because I want the opportunity to help improve our schools. Steve just happens to be the one I must run against to get there. I would like to work with our teachers to create schools that inspire our students to be the best that they can. I want to help untie our teachers hands and let them be more in charge of what and how they teach. To help free up their time from teaching information to be regurgitated on a test, to inspiring their students to learn. I want to work with the teachers and administrators to develop a plan that will prepare our students to be lifelong learners and contributors to the communities in which they live. I am open to new ideas and am willing to work with others to achieve the best result and would appreciate your vote this November.

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