Live, Give PC exceeds goal |

Live, Give PC exceeds goal

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Park City pulled together to donate nearly $600,000 to non-profit organizations during the Nov. 16 Live PC Give PC campaign.

The Park City Foundation set a goal of raising $500,000 during the 24-hour fundraising campaign for community non-profits a high number compared to the $332,000 raised last year. But contributors topped the goal by over $95,000.

Park City Foundation Executive Director Trisha Worthington said the big difference was in the number of unique donors. This year, there were almost 1,200 more donors than the 1,500 who donated last year.

Worthington had hoped to reach 2,500 donors this year.

"In my mind I felt like that was a really big stretch, but we had almost 2,700 donors," she said. "I was a little concerned about the goals but there was a lot of enthusiasm around them. I’m very motivated by goals and we have a pretty competitive community, so it was great to see us beat both of them."

Mountain Trails Foundation Executive Director Charlie Sturgis said the foundation’s success is unbelievable. "I think the entire community came out nicely."

Mountain Trails Foundation led the list for most donors, with 412 donors contributing a total of $34,000. The Hope Alliance and Friends of Animals Utah followed closely on their heels, with 341 and 317 donors, respectively.

"I’m super psyched to be part of it, and the highest overall recipient, but I was really excited to see how it went overall for everybody," Sturgis said.

Last year, the foundation didn’t do any marketing, and still came in second highest on the list of donors. "It blew us away. In one sense, I realized I’m fortunate to work for a foundation that is truly loved, and we certainly provide a service to the community that people are truly excited about."

This year, the Mountain Trails Foundation did market the effort, making a pitch for non-motorized recreation and a healthy lifestyle, Sturgis said. The resulting donations are essential to the foundation’s operations, making up one-third of the foundation’s revenue source.

"And I’m extremely humbled by the show of support for what we do," Sturgis said. "We recognize the public needs are not only increasing, but the expectations. So we’re trying to meet both of those going into the future. We’re going to continue to try to meet, manage and exceed the public’s expectations as we can."

Although they came in fifth highest on the list of donors, Youthlinc brought in the most money, with $41,158 in donations.

This was the first year that Youthlinc has participated in the Live PC Give PC campaign. About 150 participants go through the Youthlinc program every year. The students helped to get the word out by telling family and friends, Youthlinc Local Service Director Julia Rametta said.

"We also reached out to all the participants who have gone through the program to let them know we are participating. So there’s a few that give every year who decided to help out on that day," Rametta said.

The group asked for $25 donations, but many donated hundreds of dollars instead, causing the numbers to add up quickly.

The donations help to sponsor students, who volunteer over 60 hours locally and internationally.

"We cannot accept a participant if we don’t have a sponsor," Rametta said. "In cities and schools where there is a high concentration of students, like in Park City, it’s always really hard to find enough sponsorships for that many students."

Youthlinc pairs local and international service with the aim of creating lifetime humanitarians. "It lets the students see they can help out as much at home as they can internationally. So the sponsorships keep them doing the local service. If they don’t do the service, they don’t get the sponsorship and they’re not allowed to go on the trip."

Rametta said they plan on participating in Live PC Give PC again next year. "We didn’t know what to expect, but it ended up being really successful for us and a really fun day."

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