LiVe Well Center treats lifestyles |

LiVe Well Center treats lifestyles

Another new year and our resolutions lay in front of us, as immaculate and unspoiled as a blanket of fresh snow. Many people take this time of year to promise to be healthier, to put forward a better version of themselves whether that means quitting smoking, losing that last 15 pounds or eating more veggies. But the question nags: How long will this New Year’s Resolution hold? A week? A month? The Park City Medical Center LiVe Well Center is here to help, making a point to inform those who walk through its doors on every facet of their body composition, health and, most importantly, where they need to improve. Renamed starting this year, the LiVe Well Center, formerly ProHealth Lab, offers services to community members and employers that extend far beyond the typical annual physical. From analyzing nutrition to measuring body fat to a full blood work analysis, the center serves professional athletes and grandparents alike. "This center combines complementary and traditional health care practices," said Vanessa Laurella, the director of the LiVe Well Center. "That includes nutrition, fitness, emotional and mental wellbeing, even sleep. Our focus, when we go in and do an extensive health-risk assessment and thorough evaluation, is we look at all components of nutrition, cardio vascular and pulmonary health, body composition, sleep patterns and the level of both mental and emotional health. We look at the whole picture." The center recently started accepting health insurances rather than having patients pay out-of-pocket expenses, meaning most health insurance companies will claim the center as an annual wellness check-up by a healthcare provider. Employers from around the area and as far as the Wasatch Front are signing employees up to use the center. "Without a doubt, preventing disease is far, far cheaper than trying to treat it," said Amy Roberts, the public relations director for Park City Medical Center. "This center looks at preventing high cholesterol, diabetes, heart attacks, and even some types of cancer. It is less expensive to instill a healthy lifestyle, so we need to move away from a disease management healthcare system. That does not work, and changing it starts with educating people." The center provides a full work-up, including a consultation with a nutritionist, healthcare provider and an exercise physiologist and wellness coach who are available through the LiVe Well website portal for a free, month-long period of training and consultation following the examination and initial session. Patients simply log on to the LiVe Well Center website where they can access videos, tutorials, nutritional and medical advice and more that will take them through the process, all of which is included in the cost of the first visit. Whether it is working with star athletes or those medically diagnosed as morbidly obese, the center has changed lives. Former patient Deanna Carter came to the center in June 2011, she was severely overweight and was on 13 prescription medications, the extra weight the cause of her health issues, according to her doctors. Since she first went to the center, she lost more than 70 pounds and reduced the number of prescriptions to just two, one for her allergies. "This is not just an assessment," Laurella said. "We work with teams to develop wellness programs and education. We want to change the culture of healthcare." "This is a holistic approach rather than just working with individuals the one time," she added. "Especially in our country, healthcare has been focused on acute care, meaning if you are sick, then you go to a hospital. But that late medical intervention doesn’t always provide the best long-term outcome. We are intervening before that, empower the individual with education and a wellness plan before people get sick.

"When you start looking at the trajectory of chronic illness of children and adults, you realize you have to provide support up front. What we’re finding is having a support system for education, fitness and nutrition, people can change the trajectory of their illnesses." In less than two hours, the LiVe Well Center can complete a full diagnostic work-up, outlining strengths, ways to improve and a complete look at a person’s current state of health. Serving people from as far away as Wyoming, the center is only one of three in the state provided through Intermountain Healthcare. For more information or to find or if your healthcare provider covers the service, call 435-333-3535 or visit

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