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Local artists will display at B-Frame

Bri Klug, owner of B-Frame Studio and founder of the non-profit group Locals Supporting Locals, loves Park City.

She loves the quirkiness of the local businesses. And, being a local business owner herself, she wants to give back to the community.

That’s why Klug is holding a local artist Christmas visual arts show where all the money from purchases go back to the artists.

"A lot of time the studios will take a percentage of the profits," Klug said during an interview with The Park Record. "The unique thing about this show is if the artists make a sale, they keep the money. They make 100 percent of their sales. I’m not taking a dime from the artists."

Klug, a tri-athlete. Conceived the idea while taking a break after she suffered a serious accident during one of her competitions.

"The idea came from a lot of different things," she said. "But during the time my business was closed, which was almost a year, I had a lot of time for thinking. And I realized that I was tired of not doing as much as I wanted to do for this community. I thought to myself, ‘Life is too short and you need to do more.’"

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Those thoughts were also the impetus of starting Locals Supporting Locals, she said.

"The goal is to bring people back around to supporting the local small businesses that make Park City unique," she said. "The big-buck stores do not make us unique. They’re everywhere.

"They’re all over the country and people don’t come to Park City because of them. They come to Park City to go to places to get custom perfumes, or they can go to Dolly’s Bookstore. The list is endless of the unique small places that have been here for years.

"I do art restoration as well as picture framing," she said. "I have clients from the 20 years I’ve been here that come to me specifically for what I have to offer. And I think we need to do what we should be doing to keep these small businesses here."

Klug has been in the visual arts business for nearly 20 years. She started with Park City Frame. After the recession and her accident a car ran her off the road and left her for dead she closed her shop for nearly a year, she said.

A few months ago, she reemerged with B-Frame Studios.

"But the show is not about B-Frame," she said. "It’s Locals Supporting Locals a non-profit organization putting on this show to get people back in touch with these local people and to keep their dollars here to support these small businesses.

"The bottom line is: your dollar spent here votes for who stays here," she said. "If you’re not going to support these people, they are not going to be able to stay in town."

Participating artists include sculptors Dennis Duce and Jack Helton; painters Robin and David Cornwell, Janet Johnson, Nikki Keye, Jan Massimino, Melanie Nogawski, Jan Perkins, Greg Ragland, Brenda Thomas, Don Weller, Matt Wolf and photographers Willie Holdman and Timothy Thimmes.

"There was a selection process," she said. "And the works that these artists will bring in are wonderful."

In addition to the art, there will be food from local restaurants Jean-Louis, Spencer’s and Shabu during the opening reception Friday, Dec. 3, Klug said.

"Everyone participating is local," she said. "We even had Rikka Floral doing our decorations. And there will music as well.

"Everyone has been wonderful to work with,’ Klug said. "We’re all local businesses coming together to support these local artists.

"These people live here. They need support from the community to be able to do what they do. It’s a tough life being an artist."

On Saturday, Dec. 4, the artists will be on hand to show and sell their works.

"This art show, which we’re planning to be an annual event, is the first of several things that will take place under the Locals Supporting Locals umbrella," Klug said. "We will be continually looking to find those small, unique nooks and crannies in our community who need support."

The Christmas Art Show will take place at B-Frame Studios, in the Summit Center, 2750 Rasmussen Road, Friday, Dec. 3, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday, Dec. 4, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission and parking is free. For more information contact B-Frame Studio at 649-3810.