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Local grocers help stock food bank

by nan Chalat Noaker, Record editor

It has all of the hallmarks of a small scale military operation.

Every morning a steady stream of trucks and cars pull into the tiny parking lot behind the Christian Center to unload a ton (literally) of groceries donated by local markets. Volunteers pop their trunks to reveal stacks of bread loaves, pastries and produce. Another pulls in with a trailer laden with milk and cereals.

The scene is replayed Monday through Sunday and according to volunteer coordinator Joyce Rogers, none of it goes to waste. On average the Christian Center’s Food Pantry which is affiliated with the Utah Food Bank, serves 50 to 60 families per day. In fact, many of those who use the pantry are waiting already waiting patiently when the cars arrive.

"Now that the snow is coming down the international workers are arriving and a lot of the seasonal workers who staff our hotels are here," says Rogers by way of explaining the growing need for assistance in the community. Rogers has been volunteering at the center for more than a decade and now helps to organize the food deliveries. Her troops include 27 volunteers who pick up donations from five local markets, seven days a week.

Despite the generous contributions from established grocery stores, Rogers says it is a constant challenge to keep the shelves stocked. Additional donations of canned goods are always appreciated, she said. Center Director Tim Dahlin added that people can help by participating in any of a number of the local food drives preceding the holiday. "Whatever is donated here in Summit County will be distributed here," he emphasized.

Donations for the food pantry can be dropped off at the center which is now located at 1283 Deer Valley Drive.