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Local poet vents frustrations with new book

Michelle Huggins will appear at the Spotted Frog Bookstore on Sunday, Dec. 11 for a poetry reading and book signing at 5 p.m. Photo courtesy of Michelle Huggins.

Michelle Huggins new book looks like a collection of poems. Slim and red-leather bound with gold-embossed letters, the work would look at home on any stately, old bookshelf.

Inside though, the work has a more modern look. A single poem sits on each page, with an occasional black and white photograph complementing the written words. The poems offer intensely personal visions, experiences and thoughts. They chronicle a person’s a woman’s experience.

The title? "Confessions of an Angry Woman."

"The poems are written from a woman’s point of view and it’s obvious that it comes from the point of view of the trials and tribulations I go through in my life," said Huggins.

"It’s about being self-made," she added.

A Park City resident, Huggins isn’t exactly the typical poet. She has an MBA from Westminster College an is the owner of Deer Creek Title Company, but her literary works offer a different side of her personality.

Some note moments of vulnerability, while others chronicle triumphs, small points of wonder, moments in a relationship, hints of defiance, strengths embodied. As a whole, they seem to sketch out the outlines of a person.

"They kind of all lace themselves together in a coherent theme," said Huggins.

Contained within those dozens of poems are several topics, although Huggins pointed to one above others.

"It’s going to be much more heavily laden on just the dynamics of males and females and, in an imperfect world, the struggles of the guy-girl thing with family spread in," she said.

Several of the poems in the book are as much as six years old, although, according to Huggins, most of the pieces in the book come from the past year or two. She said she compiled the book from the works she had on hand, not focusing on any specific thread or subject matter, but simply piecing the works together.

"It just kind of took its own shape," said Huggins. "As you do anything, it kind of unfolds."

The book starts with its title poem, "Confessions of an Angry Woman," and then continues in alphabetical order, from "100% Missed" on page three, to "Your choice" on page 159.

Huggins said she started writing poems about eight years ago.

"I’d kind of done some journaling and decided that I wanted to channel it more into poetry," she said.

That began her poetic career, but she said she never expected it would grow into a whole book of poems. Huggins said her collection only found its way into the book after years of sharing her works with friends and family members who urged her to compile the pieces.

The book, she said, started as a project for those closest to her,

"I kind of just thought I’d do it as something I’d give to friends and the people I wrote about," said Huggins.

But the project continued to grow at the urgings of her supporters, and she eventually decided to release the work.

Now, with the book in stores, she’s moving on to the business of promoting it. She’ll host a reading and a book signing this Sunday, Dec. 11, from 5-7 p.m. at the Spotted Frog Bookstore, where readers will have an opportunity to hear some poems and ask questions.

Huggins said she’s also happy the project is finished.

"It feels good to have it done and have it out there," she said.

"There are so many things that get three-quarters [of the way] done in our lives," she said. "It just seems great when you get something done."

Now she can move on to a whole other chapter of poetry.

The poetry reading and book signing at the Spotted Frog Bookstore is free and open to the public. For more information about the event, call 575-2665. To order a copy of "Confessions of an Angry Woman," email confessionsofanangrywoman

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