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submitted by Valley Mental Health

Valley Mental Health, located at 1753 Sidewinder Drive in Park City, offers several types of substance abuse counseling. The costs are based on a sliding fee schedule that reflects the patient’s ability to pay. For more information call (435)649-8347.

Some of Valley Mental Health’s ongoing programs include:

For Adolescents:

Risk Alternative Program
This program consists of four 90-minute sessions that meets on an as-need basis. RAP is a juvenile program for 1st time, court-ordered or self-referred substance use/abuse clients or who may be involved in other illegal or risky activities.

Adolescent Standard Outpatient Program
This program is for young adults: 18 years of age and under. It meets for 90 minutes per week for a minimum of 16 weeks.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program
This program is for young adults 18 years of age and under and incorporates two 90-minute sessions during the week. There is also a weekly family session with the adolescent and family member(s) and participation in the school group as well. This group is open to clients in the juvenile court system and those who want to attend on their own or at the request of their parents or guardians.

For Adults:

Prime for Life
This is the state-mandated group for first time DUI offenders. It consists of 4 classes over 4 nights totaling 16 hours. It is taught in both English and Spanish when needed.

Trauma Recovery and Empowerment
TREM is a women specific group with a focus on developing skills to help with current life problems which may be related to trauma. Some topics discussed in the group are self-esteem, calming influences when one is upset and how to set limits with people. This group is taught on an as-need basis and requires a minimum of 6-8 members to be effective. The group meets once per week for 1 hour for 16 weeks.

Strength in Numbers
This is a voluntary group for those not in the court system or who have completed court-mandated treatment and would like to continue to receive group therapy. This group meets weekly for one hour.

Choices consists of meeting 1 hour every week for a total of 12 weeks. Clients are usually 2nd time DUI offenders or have been charged with other crimes such as burglary or theft.

Standard Outpatient Program for adult clients
This is for clients with multiple DUIs, or with other drug and alcohol charges. It is a process oriented group utilizing Motivational Interviewing while focusing on Pre-Contemplative clients to explore how substances have influenced their lives in addition to relapse prevention. The group meets 1 hour per week for 16 weeks. This group is for court-ordered clients.

IOP and Aftercare: Intensive Outpatient Program
This group is the most intensive program provided at Valley Mental Health in Summit County. It meets 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 hours each day. There is also a requirement of a 1-hour individual therapy session with an assigned therapist and family therapy is encouraged. At the completion of 16 weeks clients move to the aftercare portion of the program is determined by client and therapist. Clients can be either court-ordered or voluntary.

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